How to Install Laminate Floor on Concrete

Most people prefer laminate flooring over wood flooring because of the easy installation process.

Also, you cannot install wood flooring on top of concrete.

It is crucial to know how to install laminate flooring on concrete if you want to make the floor long-lasting. It is an excellent alternative to wood flooring.

how to install laminate floor on concrete

Once you install the laminate flooring on the concrete slab, it will last for a long time.

You need to know the right techniques and the right tools you will need for this project.

Also, the ultimate secret of being successful in making laminate floor long-lasting is a dry and clean laminate floor.

We will show you a step by step guide through which you will be able to install laminate floor on concrete successfully.

How to Install Laminate Floor on Concrete

Step 1: Use a hammer and pry bar to remove the baseboards from the concrete floor

You will need to remove the baseboard at first.

You can use a pry bar and a hammer to remove the baseboards, which reduce the chance to break the baseboards while removing.

Step 2: Make sure that the concrete floor is leveled

You can use a long level to compare. You can use a marker to mark those places which need to be leveled.

If the floor is not leveled, you will find a hard time to install laminate floor on it.

If there is an upper level on the floor, you will need to make it smooth. You can use a concrete grinder to fix this problem.

Step 3: Fix the lower areas with leveling compound

After you are done smoothing out the upper levels, you will need to fill the smaller areas. To do this, you can use a leveling mixture.

After you are done filling those weaker areas, you will need a trowel to make the area smooth.

Let the floor dry and check if there are any uneven areas with the level.

As the final step, you will need to place the vapor barrier on top of the floor. You can use a plastic sheeting of six mils.

It will help to get moisture into the laminate flooring. Use a vinyl tape so that they stay in the right place.

Step 4: Place the laminate floor on the concrete floor for at least three days

Wait for three days after placing the laminate floor on the concrete. It will help the laminate floor to cope up naturally with the temperature and humidity of the room.

Step 5: Place the laminate flooring

Now get the boxes of laminate flooring and place it. You will need to maintain the expansion gap as well.

You will find all these instructions on the manufacturers’ guide. Assemble the pieces of laminate floors. Use a circular saw to cut the end pieces.

Always use the back of the plank to cut the laminate. Otherwise, it will cause unwanted chipping.

Now you will need to insert the tongue into the groove. You can use a hammer and a tapping block to enter it.

Step 6: Repeat the process for all of the rows

You will need to do this for the rest of the laminate rows. After you are done with the final row, you will need to measure the distance of the whole thing.

Don’t count the expansion gap in the calculation. Finally, you will need to install the transition trips on the laminate floors. Then, place the baseboards back in their place.

Preparing Concrete Floor for Laminate

Concrete floors are quite sturdy, so these are great foundations for laying a laminate floor. But you will need to prepare the concrete floor first.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the moisture reading of your concrete floor cannot be more than 5%.

Before installing, you will need to be careful about the moisture level. You can use a moisture meter for this.

You will need to cure your concrete floor at least 2 months before you laminate the deck.

Before installing the laminate floor over concrete, make sure the concrete floor is leveled evenly.

If there are any ups and downs on the floor, the laminate flooring will not sit correctly.

There shouldn’t be any gap or void. You can fix this with compounding agents like cement or latex.

Do You Need Underlay for Laminate Flooring On Concrete?

Yes, you will need an underlay for laminate flooring on concrete. Laminate flooring needs to underlay as these are not as sturdy as solid hardwood.

These are made with fiberboards, which are lighter weighed. Nowadays, many laminate floorings come with a layer underneath.

In that case, you will not need extra underlay. Usually, the concrete floors are not even.

There will be gaps in places. So, you will need to cover these areas. An underlay helps to cover these gaps.

Also, the underlay will help to make the surface smooth and more comfortable to walk.

Laminate floorings are made of fiberwoods, and these are not as strong as hardwood floors.

So, these floors don’t have sound absorption ability. If you install an underlay beneath the floor, it will help to absorb sound.

An underlay will help to protect the concrete floor underneath from moisture.

How Do You Install a Floating Floor Over Concrete?

To install a floating floor over the concrete floor, you will need to lay a moisture barrier on the floor.

Make sure the moisture barrier covers the whole area. Then, you will need to put the pad over the moisture barrier in the same way.

Start from a corner of the room to lay the board.

You will need to lay a wedge on the side of the boards, as well. Lay another board and slide the grooves of the board together.

Measure how much you want to cover and cut the rest with a saw. Now, remove the wedges and install the baseboards.

Installing laminate floors and preparing underlays are not difficult tasks to do if you know the right technique.

Follow these steps and you will have a beautiful laminate flooring over your concrete floor.


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