How to Install Cotter Pin – 4 Quick & Simple Steps to Follow

Cotter pins work as the lock of any bolt assembly. It helps to keep the bolts and nuts stay in one place and avoid slipping off.

So, to prevent any accidents of slipping nuts and falling off parts on different places, how to install cotter pin is very important to know.

Knowing and selecting the perfect cotter pins to ensure the lock of the bolts is very important for the safety of the workers.

There are plenty of cotter pins variations in the market. The variations are placed for different diameters and sizes.

It is always recommended to use a cotter pin only once. Because reusing a single cotter pin may weaken up the metal and cause accidents.

To install a cotter pin properly, one has to maintain a set of rules. The below section will talk about the installation guide to help you install the cotter pin properly.

How to Install Cotter Pin in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Choose the right size of the cotter pin

From the plenty of variations of the cotter pins in the market, choose according to your bolt hole. See the size you need first and then buy the pins to install in your bolts.

Step 2: Insert the cotter pin in the bolt hole

As you have bought the required cotter pins for installation, now you need to insert them into your bolts.

After you have installed the pin inside, spread the two pins to the two different directions of the bolt to secure the lock.

You can use piler to do the job as the pins can be hard to move with hands only.

Step 3: Cut the extra length of the pins

After you have placed your pins properly and bent the pins in the appropriate directions. Now you need to cut off the extra length of the pins.

This is to maintain the safety of the workers. But be careful while cutting. The pins should be long enough to bend to create the locks.

If you cut it too small, then it might slip away and make the lock gone forever.

Step 4: Place the V area alongside the bolt

Make sure that you put the V shape area alongside the bolt. This will help to hold the bolt in place and prevent the pins from slipping away.

Always keep in mind that, leaving extra pin length can cause injuries to the workers.

So, try to keep the pin to the right size to ensure the lock and safety of the place.

Following the process, properly will help you to install a cotter pin in the right place and also in the perfect way.

Because safety comes first in terms of doing anything. Besides, the usage process of a cotter pin should be known to the person who is intending to work with one.

You can take a look at the below section to know more about cotter pins to use them properly while you are working.

How to Install Cotter Pin

How to Install Hairpin Cotter Pin?

Hairpin cotter pins are designed to give a good and a strong grip to the material. Hairpin cotter pins are like R in shape.

The curved portion helps to reuse the pins and gives a strong lock.

The curved portion stops the pins from sliding down from the bolt hole and ensures maximum safety for the people around the heavy weighted machinery.

Installing the hairpin cotter pin is more like the normal installation. But the major difference between the two is the curved side.

So, for a hairpin cotter pin, you can only insert it by only one side as it has only one plain pin of the two.

All you have to do is to insert the pin into the bolt hole and bent the pins according to the need in the opposite directions.

And then cut off the extra length of the pin. By doing this, the hairpin cotter pin is installed successfully to your bolt.

How to Use Cotter Pin?

The cotter pins help to secure the bolts from sliding down off the heavy machinery.

The cotter pins are inserted in the bottom section of the bolt to hold up the bolt and nut strong.

This way, the bent pin creates a lock at the bottom, which prevents the accidents of falling off the parts of machines.

And the bent made by the cotter pins is the actual mechanism of creating the lock for the bolts and nuts used in the machine to stay together and strong.

No matter if you are doing a DIY project or using cotter pins in the heavy-duty machinery work area, it is must to ensure the safety of the place and the workers.

So, knowing the importance and the usage of the cotter pins accurately is very much needed to ensure workplace safety.

Because those people are the ones who actually should matter to you.

As they provide you the profit through their work, you have nothing left other than some machines without those people.


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