How to Install Baseboard Molding on Uneven Floor – 7 Easy Steps

If you follow a few basic rules, you can get a clean and professional baseboard molding on your wall.

Homeowners face problems while installing baseboard molding – especially on uneven floors. We will show you how to install baseboard molding on uneven floors.

You will be able to close gaps on wavy walls. Sometimes corners of the walls are not entirely square. As a result, it is harder to make the crisps join.

If you follow these steps, you will save yourself from hours of frustration and an unfortunate outcome.

How to Install Baseboard Molding on Uneven Floor

Uneven floors usually require baseboards to be cut in such a way so that they fit the walls and floor properly.

You must make the same cut on your baseboard similar to the level. It will help you to scribe baseboard correctly.

Here is a step by step guide to help you install baseboard molding on an uneven floor.

7 Easy Steps for Installing Baseboard Molding on Uneven Floor

Step 1: Find the appropriate tools

Before starting the work, you will need a few tools to install your baseboard molding.

You’ll need baseboard, putty, pencil, carpenter’s level, nails, hammer, circular saw, etc. Also, get some putty to give the baseboard a better look.

To mark the lines across the uneven floors, you will need a pencil.

The hammer will help you to install the finish nails on the holes.

With the help of a circular saw, you will be able to cut the baseboard according to the size of the uneven floor.

Step 2: Figure out how much baseboard material you will need

Before starting, you will need to figure out the amount of baseboard material. To get the result, measure the straight sections of the wall one by one.

You can round up the number so that you can divide the amount by two.

You can add an extra 15% so that you can have a spare in case you need it. Then, fix a date when you want to install the baseboard molding.

Bring the wood inside at least a week before so that it gets enough time to adapt.

Step 3: Place the baseboard on the wall

To place the baseboard properly, keep one-fourth inches of space between the baseboard and the surface of the floor.

Take a carpenter’s level and place it over the board. With the help of the carpenter’s level, make sure that the baseboard is placed in the right way.

Step 4: Draw the cut line

To draw the cutline accurately, mark the spots which have a gap of three to four wall studs. Place your hand on the board.

Otherwise, the board might move while you draw the cutline. Make holes on the spots so that you can place the finish nails later.

Then it is time to set the compass points. Measure one-fourth inches and place the compass points with a gap of one-fourth inches.

Then you will have to put the compass points against the wall. Make sure that they are even on the floor. Then take a pencil and place it on the board’s bottom.

Draw a line with the pencil by the bottom of the baseboard. If the floor is uneven, the line will be bumpy too.

The line will be the same as the unevenness of the floor. Draw till the end of the baseboard.

Step 5: Remove the baseboard from the wall

Gently remove the baseboard, otherwise, you might break it or result in cracks. Take a hammer and gently remove the nails with the end of the hammer.

Step 6: Cut the baseboard with a circular saw

Lay down the baseboard on a plain surface. Now you will need a circular saw. On a 5 degrees angle, set the circular saw.

Then go through the line that you drew earlier and trim the baseboard.

Step 7: Install the baseboard on the wall

After you are done cutting the baseboard similar to the unevenness of the floor, it is time to install it.

After placing the baseboard, you will it has set correctly with the uneven floor. The top of the board will be smooth, but it will correctly set against the uneven floor.

Take a few finish nails and place the baseboard against the wall. Set the pins on the same holes that you have created before.

To give your baseboard molding a better look, you can paint it and add some putty on the holes.

Additional Tips for Installing Baseboard Molding on Uneven Floor

Below we have provided some other tips to successfully install baseboard molding on uneven floors.

You can face different kinds of problems while installing baseboard. You might have a curved wall, tilted baseboard, or a tilted corner.

Based on these various problems, we have found solutions for each of them.

Installing Baseboard Molding on Uneven Floor

1. Fixing tilted inside edges of a baseboard

It is one of the most common issues that most homeowners face. The corners of your baseboard might not be evenly placed.

We have a solution for you. If there is a gap between the joint of the baseboards, take a two inches screw and drive it to drive it above the floor.

Adjust the screw so that the corners get joint properly. After that, you can install the baseboard.

2. Fixing tilted baseboard

If you have a tilted baseboard, you will find a gap between your wall and the baseboard. You can fill in the hole with narrow blocks of wood.

They are usually half to one inch wide. To get the best result use half inches of plywood. Cut the blocks following the size of the gap and place them in the hole.

You won’t have to use glue to attach them. After placing the blocks of wood, you can install the baseboard molding over them.

These are the ways you can install baseboard molding on any uneven floor.

But you have unevenness all over your house; it is better to hire a professional to do the job for you.

Because it needs excellent time and accurate measurement to install the baseboards, otherwise, you will find them unattached from the wall after a few weeks.


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