How to Install A Carriage Bolt – Follow These 5 Simple & Easy Steps

A carriage bolt is the type of bolt that has the threading to the top and also has a square shoulder under the dome head to prevent the bolt from spinning.

It is easy to install and gives the best hold up for the wood.

But how to install a carriage bolt is something that has to be known before installing or dealing with a carriage bolt.

5 Steps to Install A Carriage Bolt

Digging a bigger hole for the bolt installation will result in a loose bolt hold up, which will end up to spin while you try to tighten up the bolt.

Which means, knowing and following the installation guide for the carriage bolt is must to achieve the best and desired outcome.

The installation guide is given below to help you out with the installation of a carriage bolt.

How to Install A Carriage Bolt in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Measure your carriage bolt

At the very first, you need to measure the carriage bolt you have chosen.

For that, get a measurement tape and determine the diameter and length of the bolt you are using.

Step 2: Get the bolt sized drill bit

Getting the same sized drill bit as the carriage bolt is very important. If the size does not match, then you might not be able to install the bolt properly.

If you choose a larger bit for the drilling, then it will result in a loose bolt.

And if you choose a small bit, then you will not be able to put the carriage bolt inside the hole to fix. So, fix the accurate size of the bit to drill up the hole.

If you are making a hole in the metal surface, then you should coat the drill bit with cutting fluid. The coating will help to make the hole a lot easier way.

Step 3: Dig a hole with a drill machine

Next, you need to dig a hole into the material you want your carriage bolt to be installed. It is recommended to run the drill at a slower RPM.

The slower RPM helps to dig the hole smoothly in the harder surfaces. Besides, slowing up the drill will help you to get control over the drilling.

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Step 4: Set the bolt into the hole using a hammer

You can slide down the carriage bolt into your drilled hole. The hole you have made by drilling can be slightly congested.

So, to avoid the problem of sliding the bolt into the hole, you can use a hammer to force the bolt in.

Just slightly tap the bolt with the hammer, and that will do the rest of the work.

Step 5: Put the washer and tighten up the bolt

After you have put the bolt into the hole, now it is time to complete the installation of the carriage bolt.

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A washer needs to be placed on the opposite side of the bolt and the material. The bolt dome and the washer must be placed on the different sides of the material.

As you have installed the washer successfully, it is time to put the nut on it. Roll over a nut on the bolt and tighten that up using a wrench.

The square shoulder on the bolt will prevent it from spinning on the material.

The shoulder helps to make the carriage bolt stay strong on the elements and draw a strong bond.

The installation guide needs to be followed accurately to install the carriage bolt to any surface and to get the stronger bond between the different parts of the element.

Besides, the carriage bolts placement should be determined before drilling the hole out.

This way, you can ensure the perfect hole and also make the perfect joint in between the woods or metal parts.

Knowing how to install a carriage bolt may help you to install it properly. But first, you need to determine if you really need one to install or not.

Or even know how to use it. The given information below will help you out with the decisions to make.

How to Install A Carriage Bolt

How to Use Carriage Bolts?

Using a carriage bolt in the making of different types of furniture or machines are common. These bolts need perfect placement and installation to work properly.

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So, the use of the bolt is more likely to fasten up the process and make the things come together in a stronger manner.

Thus, the use of the bolt should be predefined if you need that or not.

How to Countersink a Carriage Bolt?

Sometimes, many of the element joinings requires countersinking.

The countersink may sound like a word from the world, but it is about kneeling the carriage bolt into the surface without letting the head dome stay on top of the surface.

To do so, there has to be a bigger hole cut on the surface to accommodate the head dome of the carriage bolt and then install the bolt as the way as prescribed above.

This way, the interaction of the bolt with skin will be less, and there will be less chance to occur any accidents due to the head dome of the bolt.

When to Use Carriage Bolts?

The best place to use a carriage bolt is when you want a strong grip on the elements you want to join together.

This type of bolt is specially designed to work on the wood surface and give a steady joint for the wood crafter.

How to Tighten a Carriage Bolt in Wood?

The specialized carriage bolt comes up with a square shoulder in the bottom of the dome head. So, it is better to tighten the bolt with a wrench.

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This way, the bolt will not spin, and it will give a stronger hold on the wood surface. It is always advised to use this type of bolt on softwoods to hold.

The carriage bolt gives the fastest hold on the wood panels and also can be installed very easily.

So, follow the step by step process to ensure the perfect joining and learn about the facts of the carriage bolt before using it.

Because gathering knowledge about a thing before using it helps to get the appropriate result out of it.


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