How to Highlight Your Own Hair – 5 Simple Steps to Follow

Easy steps to highlight hair by yourself

Having highlighted hair has been in fashion for a very long time. This is one fashion hair color trend that has never got old with time.

So making your hair highlight can be a wise decision to pace up with the trend. And you can make your hair highlight by yourself at home.

Just know the simple steps of how to highlight your own hair from the section below and be a trendsetter.

how to highlight your own hair

How to Highlight Your Own Hair

Get Your Bleach Kit

There are many types of bleach available in the market. So choose according to your desired bleach color from the stores.

Alongside get brushes to apply the bleach to your hair. Get the right brushes that suit bleach coloring.

Make sure that you pick the favorable size of the brush to treat your hair right.

Apply Bleach to The Hair

Next, get a mixing bowl for the bleach and add the developer along with the bleach. Mix them well to ensure that you have a perfect blend of the bleach for your hair.

Start bleaching your hair with the mixture you have made. Apply the bleach to small strands of hair.

Starting from the bottom to the mid-length of the hair. This is the perfect method to apply bleach to highlight hairs.

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Rub the top portion of bleached hair with hands to create a soft blend to the hair.

Let The Bleach Rest

As you are done with applying the bleach to the hair, let it rest according to the instructions on the label given.

The time will vary on the color pattern you want for your hair highlight. But mostly 30 minutes is the time duration for standard hair bleaching.

Wash The Hair

After letting the bleach rest, wash off the bleach using a mild shampoo and cold water. Make sure you wash off properly to avoid any damage to the hair.

Don’t forget to check if there is any color in your skin and clean your skin after dyeing your hair. After washing the hair, let the hair dry up.

Apply Color

Lastly, complete your look with applying your desired highlight color to your hair.

Using this process will help you to get a beautiful looking highlighted hair. But be logical while highlighting your hair.

Otherwise, you may end up having a disastrous hair color.


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