How to Hide a Propane Tank – 5 Easy Ways

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Propane tanks can be unsightly whether they’re hooked up to your patio fire pit, patio heater or firing up your barbeque. Read on to find out how to hide a propane tank.

There are a few simple tricks to flip the switch and get your propane tank in disguise and even more at-home DIYs to beautify your propane tank.

Hiding smaller propane tanks can be as easy as getting a table hideaway.

If you’re looking to hide a large, horizontally placed propane tank it can take a little bit of work and creativity to hide. We’ve found all the best ways to beautify the space around your propane tank including the use of trellises, plants, and more.

how to hide a propane tank

How to Hide a Propane Tank

Hide your propane tank, big or small, with quick tricks and at-home DIY solutions.

DIY Hidden Propane Tank
A DIY easy and fun fix for hiding your propane tank is to hide it in plain sight by painting your propane tank. Using outdoor paint, either paint your tank a more pleasing color or get creative.

Painting your propane tank can be a great project to complete with friends and family. Paint a picturesque mural of your favorite landscape or have fun with it. Transform your propane tank into your favorite animal or car.

If things don’t go as planned, you can always hide your propane tank with one of the following methods instead.

1. Table Hideaway

This idea is one of the most tasteful ways of concealing an unsightly propane tank.

The hideaway gives you a usable table top space while hiding the tank inside.

Its sleek design fits into many types of outdoor styles. And it can hold up to a 20lb propane tank, which is the right size for a fire pit.

You can use the table top as a side table or as a plant stand.

2. Trellis Hideaway

Tuck away your propane tank big or small behind the cover of trellises. Pick up a few trellises from Amazon or your local garden supply store and install them surrounding your propane tank. Install the trellises on one to three sides to screen off the propane tank.

Be sure to measure the length and width of your propane tank before going to the store and always buy at least one extra trellis just in case.
Depending on your trellis you may need to attach stakes to the feet of the trellis before driving the trellis into the ground. Always use a rubber mallet to gently hammer the trellis into the ground.
Even easier options include trellises with built-in raised garden beds. This will provide an even more aesthetically pleasing cover for your propane tank.

Get creative with this one. Trellis screens can be left as is or decorated with plants and garden scenes. We recommend incorporating trailing plants and vines in addition to the trellis.

Or enhance your garden with a seating area and decorations in front of your new trellis screen. No one will be any the wiser about your hidden propane tank.

3. Fully-Fenced

A more permanent version of the trellis hideaway requires fencing in the propane tank entirely. We recommend fencing in for hiding larger propane tanks. Be sure to install a gate to allow access to the propane tank as needed.

Similar to trellis installation, a quick DIY fence will require measuring your space and driving fence posts. Alternatively, call up your local handyman or fencing company for a quick install.

You can also purchase your own small fence pack online with easy installation – these are a great size for hiding propane tanks.

4. Plant a Garden.

There are a few ways to go about hiding your propane tank with proper gardening. Use a variety of blossoming flowers to add some color to your display or plant small trees and larger hedges and bushes in front of your propane tank.

We also recommend using native plants and evergreens to hide your propane tank as they will hide your propane tank best throughout the year.

Our Plant Picks

  • Butterfly Bush – a colorful way to add to your screen and attract butterflies, too.
  • Arborvitae – a classic evergreen that provides ample privacy and cover.
  • Bamboo – An interesting addition to your garden that will add a pop of green and look amazing against your new trellis screen.
  • Morning Glory – This trailing vine will grow quickly and colorfully.
  • Wisteria – Another purple or white trailing vine will add a romantic and whimsical look to your garden. You can easily find artificial wisteria for a maintenance-free beautiful look.

  • Bougainvillea – Available in a variety of colors, this beautiful and exotic plant will add a touch of Spanish and Californian color.

5. Propane Tank Covers

For smaller propane tanks for your patio heaters and grills, try out a propane tank cover. With a variety of options, you are sure to find one that suits your style and needs.

Propane tank covers can even be multi-functional. If you’re a frequent user and go through multiple propane tanks before refilling, this is a great way to hide your propane tank in plain sight as part of your outdoor furniture arrangement.

The right propane tank covers can be used as stool-style seating or even small side tables in your current outdoor seating area. Other propane tank covers are suitable for plant stands. Some tank covers even come with garden beds for planting directing onto the cover.

We recommend enhancing your propane tank cover furniture by integrating it into your current seating setup.

Is it Safe to Cover Your Propane Tank?

Yes. Small tanks that are used for grills and patio heaters can be covered by propane tank-specific covers. Find these online at Amazon or your local garden supplies store, as well as faithful standbys like Target, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. Your propane tank cover should not rest directly on the tank unless it is a built-in metal cover that comes with your grill or patio heater.

When hiding your large propane tank, be sure to leave at least a foot of space between your propane tank and how you hide your propane tank. It’s best to leave your propane tank uncovered behind whatever method you choose to allow easy and continued access to the propane tank.

When measuring your propane tank before purchasing materials, always include any additional space required to maintain one foot of distance between your screening materials and the propane tank itself.

Propane tanks absorb heat from the sun and require direct sunlight to warm up. Don’t cover your propane tank with a tarp or fenced roof. Leave your propane tank uncovered on top so that it can retain warmth. Do not insulate your propane tank instead.

What About Underground Propane Tanks?

Another way to seriously hide your propane tank is to put it underground. It may sound strange but lots of people bury their propane tanks in their yards. Many professionals even recommend burying your propane tank if you live in an area with harsh winters or hardy environments.
Burying your propane tank underground provides proper insulation and keeps temperatures more reliable throughout the winter. If you live in a temperate or warm climate, this is likely overkill, and the other methods listed previously will solve your problem and revamp your garden all in one.

With your propane tanked now tucked away safely and secretly behind a trellis, fence, or flowering garden, you can enjoy your yard without the eyesore of an old propane tank. It’s time to start planning that barbecue or garden party – your guests will be amazed at how you hid your propane tank.

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