How to Hang Plants From Ceiling – Follow This 5 Steps Guide

Having pets and plants all together in a house can be a difficult task to do. Pets are likely to eat plants.

And to stop them from eating those, you can use the hanging plant procedure.

So knowing how to hang plants from the ceiling can help you to save the plants from the pets and also save space.

Check out the section below to know the procedure.

how to hang plants from ceiling

How to Hang Plants From Ceiling

Gather Around All The Tools

Making the plants hanged from the ceiling does not require a lot of tools to deal with.

All it needs is swag hook, adjustable hanging chains, drill, drill bit according to the swag size, and the plants you want to hang from the ceiling.

These are a few tools that can help you to install the plants from the ceiling.

Knowing The Appropriate Swag Hook to Install

Next, you need to know what kind of swag hook is appropriate for which place. There are two kinds of swag hooks in the market.

One comes along with a hinged clip and the other one comes together with just a screw.

The hinged clip swag is for the drywall system and the screw swag is for the cement walls. So, know your wall at first to start with the process.

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Drill In For The Swag

After that, you need to take your driller and choose the place where you want to hang your plant. Drill in the driller to the ceiling to make a hole.

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Make sure that you drill in a straight line. This is a must.

Install The Swag

Now according to the type of your wall, choose the appropriate swag hook and install it in the hole.

Make the screw tight enough so that the swag sits strong on the wall. Keeping it loose will make the swag fall off the ceiling.

Install The Plants

Lastly, install the adjustable chains and place your plants in those. And your installation is complete.

Follow this process to make your home look different and also save the plants from your pets.

This way, you can have both of them at your house staying together.

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