How to Hang Floating Shelves – Follow These 5 Methods

Decorating your house with furniture makes it look beautiful. But having too much of them can make the look awful at any moment.

Having floating shelves can solve the issue of space.

That is why knowing how to hang floating shelves becomes essential to make the house look beautiful.

Check the section below to understand the process of how to hang floating shelves at your home.

how to hang floating shelves

How to Hang Floating Shelves

Get Required Tools

Getting the required tools to hang one floating shelve at your place is essential. And attaching it to the cement wall is a must to avoid unwanted damages.

The tools you will need are power drill, screwdriver, level, drill bit, and the parts of the floating shelve (One shelf board, one metal plate, six anchors and screws, and two short screws).

These are the things that you will be needing to complete your work.

Place The Backplate

Now, as you have gathered all the tools you will need to put on the floating shelf, you need to identify the location you want it to be.

Place the metal backplate on the wall and mark it with a pencil. Use the level to see if it is placed straight or not.

Install The Metal Plate

As you have measured the place, now you need to make a hole using the driller. Then install the screws of the metal plate to make the installment proper.

Use the anchors for the drywall with no studs. Install all the screws to their position.

The packaging will come along with the instruction guide saying the placements.

Slide The Shelf Onto The Backplate

Lastly, slide the shelf onto the backplate. If the installment of the backplate is proper, then the rack will hold steady.

Otherwise, it may fall off. So check the backplate placement first to ensure no damage takes place.

Install The Things On The Shelf

Last off all, complete the job by placing the desired things placed on the floating shelves of your house.

Follow the steps carefully to install the shelves the way it should be.

It will not only make your place look beautiful but also will allow you to have more space for your things.


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