How to Hang a Tapestry on a Popcorn Ceiling – 6 Easy Steps

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Have you ever wondered how to hang a tapestry on a popcorn ceiling? If you have this type of ceiling in your home and an artful piece of tapestry, then you probably have a decorating dilemma: hang it or not?

Many people like tapestry because it’s easy to install and full of decor character. But, who can to hang it on a popcorn ceiling? Well, it may look good if you know how to set it up the right way.

Tip: Use ceiling hooks or tapestry clamps

Once you prep the spots for hanging the tapestry, as seen in Step 5 of the guide, you can use ceiling hooks. Be sure to check the weight rating of the ceiling hooks as it corresponds to the weight of your chosen tapestry. Large wool tapestry can weigh around 100lbs.

In this blog, we will walk you through the process of hanging a tapestry on popcorn ceilings. So take the time to check this step-by-step guide.

How to Hang a Tapestry on a Popcorn Ceiling

How to Hang a Tapestry on a Popcorn Ceiling in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose Your Tapestry

The first question you’ll ask yourself when choosing a tapestry is probably “What do I need this tapestry for?” For example, do you need it to cover up the ceiling or wall in your living room? If so, you should look into buying a rectangular tapestry.

If you’re using it to cover up the area in your bedroom, you should get a tapestry of an appropriate size for your room.

In addition to the correct size, it’s important to choose the right design for your room. Tapestries add a lot of character for decoration and they can depict anything, from nature to flowers or your favorite book. They’re versatile and can be used for decoration for any season or holiday.

Step 2: Preparation

Once you’ve chosen the design and size, you need to get the necessary equipment and tools like:

Things that will help with hanging the tapestry are:

Step 3: Prepare the Desired Area on the Ceiling

Unless you want to cover the entire ceiling, you will need to choose the tapestry location. If the tapestry is smaller than your ceiling, then make sure it’s positioned in the section you want.

This raises the need for the next step – measurement.

Step 4: Measure Your Tapestry with a Measuring Tape

Before you choose your tapestry, it’s important that you have all your measurements ready. That said, use a measuring tape to get the dimensions of the ceiling and your tapestry.

For a smaller space, you can use a ruler. Measure both the length and width of the tapestry you plan to hang. Needless to say, the dimensions of the ceiling match the floor, so this makes it easy to take the measurements.

Mark the four (more or less) corners of the tapestry that you wish to attach directly to the ceiling. Measure the width of your ceiling hooks or adhesive, so that you know how much of the popcorn ceiling you will have to prep.

Step 5: Prepare the Popcorn Ceiling

You will now prepare the area where the attachment hooks or strips will go. What you’ll want to do here is remove the popcorn texture. Don’t worry, you can reapply the popcorn texture with an inexpensive popcorn ceiling patch when you want to remove the tapestry.

Did you know? The popularity of popcorn ceilings are in part, because it’s so easy to install.

And as we are going to see, it’s also easy to remove when we need the bare ceiling. For example, to attach hooks for your tapestry.

First, take a spray bottle and fill it with water.

Wet the four corners where you will attaching the hooks or strips.

Wait about 15 minutes. Next, use a putty knife to scrape off the wet area. You don’t have to scrape off more than you need, but you need to make sure you have enough of a flat area for your ceiling hook or adhesive installation.

It should scrape off easily! If not, make sure the popcorn texture is thoroughly wet. And wait until it’s soaked through, around 5-15 minutes before scraping.

Finally, let the prepped popcorn ceiling dry overnight so that it is thoroughly dry.

Step 6: Attach the Tapestry

Finally, you are ready to hang your tapestry. Drill and attach the ceiling hooks or tapestry hooks to the flat areas of the popcorn ceiling that you have prepped in the previous step.

If you don’t want to make holes, you can do it without drilling holes in your ceiling or using long nails. Use Velcro tape or command strips instead. They can do the trick, too.

Alternatively, you can use a hot glue gun or glue sticks as well as small nails or thumbtacks. Let’s take a look at the three different ways of hanging tapestries on popcorn ceilings to help you choose the method that works best for you.

Command Hooks for Ceilings and Velcro Tape

This method is suitable for popcorn walls and ceilings without screws or nails.

It can also only be used with lightweight tapestry.

On the bright side, it is an easy method. Simply attach one side of your strip to the fabric and the other one to your ceiling. The same procedure applies to Velcro.

Still, there are some things to consider when attaching your tapestry. They can make the difference between the success and failure of this DIY project. Here are a few tips on how to hang the tapestries on popcorn ceilings:

  • Dealing with a larger tapestry? It is best to start from one side of your ceiling and slowly make your way toward the other end, bit by bit.
  • If you use Velcro, make sure the surface is dry and clean before application. After peeling the tape from the fastener, press it firmly into place. For the wider and/or longer tapestries, you will need more strips.
  • Whether you use command strips or Velcro, the texture of your ceiling should be scraped away beforehand (see Step 5). That will make it easier for the tape or strips to attach to the surface.
  • Hang them onto a few clothespins before attaching the tapestry directly to either the tape or strips. This will make mounting it to the ceiling much easier.

Small Nails or Thumbtacks

Although we don’t recommend this method, many people use it because it’s an easy way to hang items on the walls and ceiling. So you may consider using small nails or thumbtacks. If you’re one of those people who don’t mind poking holes in their tapestry, go ahead.

All you need to do is get small nails or thumbtacks and attach the fabric starting with each corner. To make it tight so that there are no unsightly falling folds, tack the wrinkled areas along the sides and the top while hanging your tapestry.

A Hot Glue Gun

When it comes to lightweight tapestries that you don’t mind having to glue, you can also use a hot glue gun. Get the Velcro tape and put some glue to the back before applying your tapestry.

Make sure the velcro is flat against your ceiling. That makes the tapestry hold tighter and prevent it from falling when you least expect it.

Enjoy a Completely New Ceiling Décor

Have you hung the tapestry? Is it well stretched? Well done! Now, it is time to admire the fresh decor of your ceiling.

Tapestry is a nice accessory for just about every home décor that can add a new texture and color to rooms. This could make interesting visuals in any room or create a relaxed atmosphere when lying in bed.

FAQs About How to Hang a Tapestry on a Popcorn Ceiling

Is It a Good Idea to Hang a Tapestry on a Popcorn Ceiling?

Yes, it is. A popcorn ceiling is a perfect place for hanging tapestries. They’re useful in giving you a relaxing, calm atmosphere that is perfect for an evening or afternoon of relaxation or sleep. It’s a great way to add a pop of color to your room and enhance its aesthetic. Follow the guide above and find out the many options for hanging tapestry on a popcorn ceiling.

How Do You Hide the Tacks When Hanging a Tapestry on a Ceiling?

Liphontcta FITULABO Rose Gold Push Pins Thumb Tacks, Transparent Plastic

If you want to hang a tapestry on your ceiling, you’ll need to hide the tacks. Put the tapestry up with push pins or thumbtacks or use a drywall saw to cut the tacks. You may also use a steamer to remove the “popcorn” and then seal the patches with a drywall compound.


We hope that you enjoyed our blog post about how to hang a tapestry on a popcorn ceiling. Many people love the look of a tapestry but don’t know how to install it. As you can see, it’s not a big deal. With the right tools and some minor prep work, anyone can do it.

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