How to Hang a Pennant Without Screw- 6 Easy Steps to Follow

A wall pennant shows the support for your favorite team. It can also be used as decoration for festive days.

Colorful pennants add some texture in your room and give it a personality. Pennants come in different fabrics and color.

We will show you how to hang a pennant in your wall correctly. Follow these tips so that the pennants don’t harm your wall as well as they stick on the wall for a long time.

You can hang different kinds of pennants in your wall.

Supporting your favorite team, decorating birthday parties or just making your favorite quotes hanging on the wall is fun.

Sports pennants are the most common ones as people show their love and support to their favorite team by hanging pennants.

However, these pennants are temporarily hung on the wall. You can change the design or the location later if you want.

Below, we have provided a step by step guide through which you will be able to hang a pennant banner successfully.

How to hang a pennant

6 Steps – How to Hang a Pennant Without Damaging Your Wall

Take some putty and place it on the edges of the pennant. Hold one corner of the pennant and press it firmly against the wall. Make sure to mark the wall beforehand. If the putty doesn’t go with the fiber of the pennant, use poster strips to hang the pennant.

Step 1: Collect the necessary tools for hanging the pennant

You will need a few things before you start working. It is important to get something strong which will hold the pennant in the perfect place.

You will need adhesive putty, poster strips, cleaning rag, feather duster, rubbing alcohol, scissors, etc.

You can use either adhesive putty or poster strip to hold your pennant in your wall.

They are made with sticky components which will prevent the pennants from falling off the wall.

Step 2: Decide how you want to hang the pennants

Find a suitable wall and gather the pennants. Find the spots and mark them with a pencil.

If you’re going to support your favorite baseball team, you can arrange the pennants based on your most favorite players.

Don’t worry; you can rearrange the pennants later if you want.

Step 3: Clean the wall with a feather duster

Before hanging the pennants, clean the wall properly. Take a feather duster and clean the whole wall.

To get a better result, use a cleaner and wipe the wall with a cleaning rag. You can also use rubbing alcohol.

Let the wall dry for some moment before hanging the pennant banners.

Step 4: Attach the putty or poster strips on the backside of the pennants

Here you have two options. You can either use poster strips or adhesive putty to hang the pennant. If you want to use the putty, take a small piece of putty.

Rub the putty between your fingers and place it on the edge of the pennants. You can apply the putty on the two corners of the pennants.

However, putty sometimes doesn’t go with all kind of fibers. So before using, make sure the putty will be able to hold the pennants on the wall.

On the other hand, if you want to use poster strips, you will need to remove the red liner from the strips. Poster strips usually have two sides.

One side is with a black liner, and it will go up against the wall. And the red side will be attached to your pennant.

Step 5: Place the pennant on the wall  

It is time to hang the pennants. If you use adhesive putty, place the pennant against the wall gently. Hold one corner of the pennant and press it hard against the wall.

Keep it like this for around 20 to 30 seconds. Next step is to do the same with another edge. Make sure that there is no gap.

If you use a poster strip, remove the black liner and press it against the wall. As the coatings are pretty big, make sure they are not seen from the outside.

You can use a scissor to cut them if you need.

Step 6: Remove the strips if you want to rearrange the pennants

After finishing, if you don’t like the arrangement, you can remove the strips easily.

You can hang the sports pennants on a different wall or a different spot if you want. You won’t have to change the strips for the first change.

If you do this several times, the glue might go weakened.

Tips to hang a pennant

A Few Tips for Hanging Pennants

Hanging pennants seem like an easy task but you should be careful with them. If you don’t hang them properly, they might fall off after a few days.

Here are some tips.

  • Never use pins to hang pennants. It will damage your wall.
  • Avoid using screws as well.
  • Don’t stretch the pennant will placing it against the wall.
  • Always clean the wall before hanging the pennants.
  • You can use bulldog clips as an alternative to putty or strips.

Making pennants and decorating your room with those is a pleasure.

If you follow these steps and tips, you will have a beautiful wall with your favorite sports team’s or movie character’s pennants.

You can also hang the pennants on the den wall. Many students hang pennants on their classrooms to support their friend’s or celebrate a victory.

Follow the guideline above, and you will be able to hang pennants successfully.


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