How to Hang a Pennant Without Screws – 1 Hack and 2 Easy Ways

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A wall pennant is a classic item to hang on walls. You can display party decorations, favorite quotes, support sports teams, festivals, and wizardry magic schools.

You can even get blank wall pennants that you can decorate yourself.

With a clear hook, you can easily hang wall pennants without using a screw that would put holes and damage your walls.

It’s true that wall pennants usually require a screw or nail in the wall. However, you might not want to damage your walls, either by choice or because you’re renting.

Since these quality adhesive hooks can be removed easily, damage-free according to their instructions, you will enjoy having the choice of changing your mind. Move the wall pennant easily to another location. You won’t have to patch up the old hole.

Find out how to hang a pennant without a screw. Find out tips on how to hang pennants without harming your wall and attach securely.

How to hang a pennant

How to Hang a Pennant Without a Screw

These clear hooks can be used for damage-free hanging. This will help you put your pennant on the wall without screws.

The 3M quality adhesives give you a strong, secure hold. It’s easy to apply: simply peel and stick.

Then, press the hook on the wall for 30 seconds. Wait 1 hour for the adhesive to settle.

Then you can start hanging things!

According to the package, you can securely hang pennants that are up to 2 lbs.

You can use larger size hooks that are rated for heavier weights, for even larger wall pennants.

They can be removed easily and damage-free according to their instructions. It’s a simple pull and tug.

Be warned! Don’t try to rip it off the wall in a different direction because it will take off a layer of paint. Follow the instructions — pull down on the tab until the sticker is removed — and you, too, will be amazed at this neat wall hanging hack!

Looking for another way to hang a pennant?

6 DIY Steps – How to Hang a Pennant Without Damaging Your Wall

Take some adhesive putty and place it on the edges of the pennant. Hold one corner of the pennant and press it firmly against the wall. Make sure to mark the wall beforehand.
If the putty doesn’t work with the fiber of the pennant, use hanging strips to hang the pennant.

Step 1: Collect the necessary tools for hanging the pennant

You will need a few things before you start working. It is important to get the right tools that will hold the pennant securely in place.

You can use either adhesive putty or poster strip to hold your pennant in your wall.

They are made with sticky non-permanent parts that will prevent the pennants from falling off the wall.

You will also need rubbing alcohol to clean the spot where you will be hanging.

Step 2: Decide where you want to hang the pennants

Find a suitable wall space and gather the pennants. Find the spots and mark them with a pencil.

For example, if you’re going to support your favorite baseball team, you can arrange the pennants based on your most favorite players.

With this technique, you can rearrange the pennants later if you want.

Step 3: Clean the wall

Before hanging the pennants, clean the wall properly. Take a feather duster and remove dust from the whole wall.

To get a better result, use a cleaner, like rubbing alcohol, and wipe the wall with a lint-free towel.

Let the wall dry for a moment before hanging the pennant banners.

Step 4: Attach the putty or poster strips on the backside of the pennants

Here you have two options. You can either use poster strips or adhesive putty to hang the pennants.

If you are using poster putty, take a small piece of putty.

Rub the putty between your fingers and place it on the edge of the pennants. You can apply the putty on the corners of the pennant.

However, putty sometimes doesn’t work with all kinds of fibers. So before using it, make sure the putty will be able to hold the pennants on the wall.

On the other hand, if you are using poster strips, you will need to remove the red liner from the strips. Poster strips usually have two sides: red and black.

Step 5: Place the pennant on the wall  

It is time to hang the pennants without screws or nails. If you are using adhesive putty, place the pennant against the wall gently. Hold one corner of the pennant and press it hard against the wall.

Keep pressing for about 30 seconds. Next, do the same with the other edges.

If you are using poster strips, first, remove the label from the red side, which will be attached to your pennant.

Then, remove the label from the black side, and that will go on the wall.

Step 6: Remove the strips if you want to rearrange the pennants

After finishing, you can remove the strips easily if you don’t like the arrangement.

A Few Tips for Hanging Pennants

Hanging pennants seem like an easy task as long as they’re attached securely so that they don’t fall off after a few days.

Here are some tips.

  • Never use pins to hang pennants. It will damage your wall.
  • Avoid using screws when possible.
  • Don’t stretch the pennant while placing it against the wall.
  • Always clean the wall before hanging the pennants.
  • You can use Command clips as an alternative to putty or strips.

You can get plain burlap banners to make DIY pennants to decorate for a party, wedding, birthday, and room.

If you follow these tips, you will have a decorated wall with your favorite quotes, sports team, festivity, or themed pennants!

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