How to Grow Grass Under Pine Trees

Growing grass under pine trees can be a tough task to do if you don’t know the right technique.

If you are passionate about trees, you should definitely know how to grow grass under pine trees. The technique is not as simple as it sounds.

To grow grass under pine trees, you will need constant attention. Also, you will find a hard time to grow grass under pine trees even after being careful.

how to grow grass under pine trees

There are several reasons for which it is so hard to grow grass under a pine tree. Usually, the soil beneath a pine tree is usually very acidic.

Also, sunlight cannot reach the grass as the pine tree will block it. Another important fact is that large pine trees absorb a lot of water.

So, the grasses beneath it often don’t get enough water.

For all these reasons, it is very difficult to grow grass beneath pine trees.

As nothing is impossible, with the right technique, you will be able to grow grass under a pine tree.

Below, we have provided a step by step guide, which will help you throughout the process.

How to Grow Grass Under Pine Trees

Step 1: Get rid of the dirt around the pine tree

At first, you will need to remove the dirt around the pine tree. You can use a rake to remove the dirt. Rakes usually have multiple teeth, which will help to remove the excess dirt.

Step 2: Dig up the soil with your hand

The easy method to dig up the soil with your bare hands. You can also use a garden fork. Cut and remove the smaller roots of the pine tree.

Make sure you don’t cut the larger roots. Cutting the larger roots increases the possibility of damaging the pine tree permanently.

Step 3: Use limestone to increase the pH level of the soil

You will need to spread lime over the area you have to dig with your hand. Every 1000 feet of soil will need around 10 to 15 pounds of lime.

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Lime will help to make the ground neutral. Lime can be great for the soil as the lime will provide calcium to the soil.

A pH level of 5.5 to 6.5 can be optimal for grasses to grow. Using lime will help to decrease the pH level of the soil.

Step 4: Use around five pounds of grass seeds

After using the limestone in the ground, you will need to scatter around five pounds of grass seeds. Also, cover the ground with starter fertilizer.

An important decision is to choose the right kind of grass that you will want to grow under your pine tree.

Try to choose the kind of grass that lives well in a shady area. As you will grow grass under the pine tree, the grass will not get enough sunlight.

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So you will need to choose the ones that survive well in shady areas.

Step 5: Choose the right kind of grass to grow under your pine tree

You will need to choose the right kind of plant and trees to grow under your pine trees. The grass that you will grow under the tree will not get enough sunlight.

As a result, plants that need more sunlight will not survive under a pine tree. Also, the soil is usually very acidic which can cause death to many plants.

You can use zoysia and tall fescues to grow under your pine tree. These grasses grow well in shady areas.

Otherwise, if you use grasses that need sunlight, these grasses will not be a good choice.

Also, these grasses are particularly good for summer or warm season. You can plant the grass seeds in the early spring.

On the other hand, if you live in a place where winters are long and cold, and summers are not that hot, fescues can be a great choice.

If you live in a cold area, always seed in the early fall.

Step 6: To protect the grass seeds from birds, use potting soil

After preparing the area, you will need to scatter around 90 to 100 pounds of potting soil. It will cover an area for around 10 feet diameter.

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If you don’t cover the grass seeds with the potting soil, you won’t be able to keep the birds out of the area.

Step 7: Water the grass seeds regularly

In order to grow the grasses fast, you will need to water them regularly. It is a great habit to water the grass seeds every morning.

You can also water early in the evening. The number of times you will need to water the grass depends on the climate.

If you live in an area that has hot climate, you will need to water the grasses two or three times per day. Otherwise, water 1 or 2 times will be enough.

The pine tree will absorb a lot of water from the ground. As a result, the grass or plant beneath it might not get enough water.

So, you will need to water the plants regularly.

Do Pine Trees Kill Grass?

Yes, pine trees can kill grass if you don’t take proper care of it. It is not completely true that a pine tree will kill the grass.

Grass needs proper nutrition, sunlight, and water. When you are growing two different plants in the same place, both plants will try to absorb the same resource.

For example, a pine tree will absorb a lot of water. As a result, the grasses will not get enough water.

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Also, the shades from the pine tree will deprive the grass of getting sunlight.

If you stay careful while seeding the grass seeds, you might stop this from happening.

Also, taking proper care of the grass and watering them regularly will decrease the possibility of their damage.

Everyone might discourage you from growing grass under pine trees. But you can maintain grass under a pine tree if you can take proper care of it.

Follow these steps, and you will have a healthy pine tree as well as a beautiful green surrounding.


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