How to Grow an Apple Tree From a Branch

Growing trees out from the branches and roots are very common. It is also a method to share the trees with others.

This method has been there for a very long time, and the process has been developed with time with many different do’s and don’ts.

It is also a method of those who want to plant trees from the cutting of the existing ones. You can apply this method to apple trees.

Get a branch of an apple tree and plant it where you want it to be and nurture it well to have apples from it in the future.

With some simple steps, you can know how to grow an apple tree from a branch.

how to grow an apple tree from a branch

Growing the plants out from a cutting of branches may seem very weird and easy at the same time, but it is not.

Plants are grown from the cutting need extra care to be developed enough and adequately. For this, there has to be a set of rules that has to be appropriately maintained.

Otherwise, you will end up having dead trees or plants. There is a step by step process to address the growth of an apple tree from a branch.

Check the below section to find that out.

How to Grow an Apple Tree From a Branch – 6 Simple Steps

To grow an apple tree from a branch, you will be needing is a cutting of an apple tree branch, soil, pot, and a precision knife to cut.

Step 1: Get a Cutting of an Apple Tree Branch

Choose the perfect branch for your planting. Make sure that you choose the branch that has buds on it and has leaves too.

The best time to get a cut of the apple tree branch is in the late spring. This will help you to grow a healthy and flourished apple tree.

And as there were new grown buds and leaves in the spring, so the branch is healthy enough to produce good plants for you.

Step 2: Trim the Extra Leaves and Sow

You need to cut down the extra leaves on the branch.

The standard size of the branch should be off 8 to 10 inches, and 3 inches should be sowed under the soil to get a good plant from it.

Only trim off the leaves that are on the 3 inches to be sowed. Do not cut down all the leaves. It will make the tree dry, and that can cause it to be dead.

Step 3: Sow the Plant in a Pot That is Well Ventilated

Next, you need to sow the branch to a pot that is well ventilated and where water can pass through easily. Dip the end of the branch in the compound of rooting.

This will accelerate the rooting of the branch and flow hormones to grow to the fullest and fastest. Make sure that you fill the pot with moist peat soil.

Peat soil is light and moisty to make the branch grow roots easily. This also benefits plant growth as it passes away the minerals and oxygen very easily.

Step 4: Place the Pot in a Warm Area

You need to keep the branch pot in a warm area where the plant can get enough sunlight and humid. But do not keep the pot in direct sunlight.

This will dry up the soil and make the branch dry out too. The sunlight will cause burn on the leaves of the branch, and that will end you up to have a dead plant.

So, keep it in a place where there it can get sunlight to grow but not that much. And where the plant can be warm to stay.

Step 5: Check Out for Roots After 4 Weeks

Look for the signs of the roots growing Look at the branch after the sowing of 4 weeks. Look out that if the leaves have been dried out or not.

If you see that the leaves have dried up, then it is a sign that your plant has not been developing. Beside, slight pulling will be restricted if there are roots generation.

If it restricts you, then your plant is growing well and is well developing.

Step 6: Transfer it to a Larger Area

After the signs are there of roots, now you need to loosen up the soil and transfer the plant to a larger area of the garden. Dig two feet deep in the ground and plant the cutting into it.

Keep as much as possible of the cutting under the soil to make the plant survive long. Keep 18 inches around the land to give the plant enough space to grow to its fullest.

Take proper care and water the plant on a regular basis to have a healthy apple tree in your garden, raised from the branch.

Growing trees out of the branches are fun. But those needs extra care to grow.

You can easily follow the steps to get your apple tree in your garden or your backyard and enjoy the delicious apples it will bore in years.

But before doing so, make sure that you know every detail of cutting the branches and everything to grow a healthy tree. Follow the below to find those out.

How Long Does it Take to Grow an Apple Tree from Seed

It takes around 3 to 4 years to grow an apple tree from a seed to a small bush. And in another 4 years, you can have apple picked from it to enjoy.

But proper care should be there to make the tree flourish with time.

How Do You Take Cuttings from an Apple Tree

Taking the cutting from an apple tree is not that easy. You need to find the perfect branch that has buds and leaves on it.

You need to trim that branch to a standard size of 8 to 10 inches for a healthy brunch to be sowed to become a tree.

Taking the perfect cutting and also proper care and maintenance can ensure you to have a healthy apple tree to be there in your backyard.

But, make sure that you follow the rooting steps correctly. Otherwise, you will not have the tree grown.


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