How to Get Wrinkles Out of Pleather in 6 Easy Steps

Many people prefer pleather over leather as it’s cheaper and doesn’t contain animal products. Artificial leather is also way easier to clean and maintain. As a result, pleather is used in a range of costumes, clothes, bags, and accessories. 

However, faux leathers are sensitive to getting wrinkles when they are stored in a box or a small space. When this happens, they no longer look as good and you can tell that the material isn’t really leather.

Tip: You can use an iron on low or medium setting. Protect the pleather by placing a thin sheet of cloth, like a bedsheet, on top of it.

With that in mind, you should know how to get wrinkles out of pleather, in order to keep your favorite items in tip-top condition. Luckily, it’s not too tough a task. 

how to get wrinkles out of pleather

There are different ways to get wrinkles out of pleather. Want to know how? Follow our step by step guide below, to learn exactly how to get wrinkles out of pleather.

How to Get Wrinkles out of Pleather Clothing

Place the pleather in the dryer and set it on a medium heat for 1 minute.  Wait for 2 minutes then warm it up for another 30 seconds. Hang the pleather using a hanger to remove the wrinkles naturally. Ironing pleather on the lowest heat setting will also help to remove any remaining wrinkles.

Step 1: Put the pleather item in your clothes dryer for 1 minute 

The first step to getting wrinkles out of your pleather jacket or pants is to warm them up. 

Whatever item you’re working with, turn it inside out and place it in the dryer for about 1 minute on a medium heat.

Make sure that you don’t heat it for more than 1 minute, as overheating can cause the faux leather to warp. Even the slightest smell should be cause for concern, so take it out immediately if you’re at all worried.

You can insert a few towels in between the folds to prevent it from being exposed to too much heat.

Step 2: Take the item out of the dryer and let it cool for several moments 

After warming it up for 1 minute, you’ll need to let the item cool for a few minutes. You can do this by hold it up for 2 minutes or laying it out flat.

Next, put it back in the dryer and warm it up for another 30 seconds. Again, keep an eye on it at all times to prevent any issues with overheating. 

Step 3: Straighten up the leather with your hands

Remove the item from the dryer and use one hand to hold it up. With the other, smooth the item over to remove any excess wrinkles. 

Don’t use too much pressure, as this can stretch the pleather and permanently ruin its quality and shape. Use just enough to gently flatten any creases.

Step 4: Let the pleather hang to get wrinkles out naturally

After you’re done heating the item, it’s time to hang it. The purpose behind this is to let the wrinkles fall out naturally, which is ideal for a sensitive material like pleather.

During hanging, the weight of item will generate a natural gravitational pull and any remaining wrinkles should drop out.

Step 5: Iron the pleather if there are still wrinkles

After heating your pleather item and hanging it, there’s a high chance all of the wrinkles will be gone. But if there are still some visible creases, you will need to iron it. 

To iron the item, you will need to turn it inside out and place it on an ironing board. If the item is a piece of clothing, then it should be relatively easy to work with. However, it’s still best to place a towel on the pleather and iron over that, rather than the item directly. 

Ensure the iron is on a low setting and avoid using steam so that the pleather doesn’t get too much heat. Also, give it some time to cool down after ironing to avoid warping.

Step 6: Hang the item overnight

After you’re done ironing your pleather item, you will need to hang it up again in a warm room.

For example, you can hang it in the washroom so that it gets the steam. This will help to get the last of the wrinkles out of them item naturally.

How to get wrinkles out of pleather furniture

If you’re trying to get wrinkles out of furniture made of pleather, the process will be a bit different.

As you cannot use an iron here, you will need something else to heat the pleather. You can use a hairdryer as an alternative.

Hold the dryer a few inches away from the furniture and blow it for 1 minute. Let it cool down for a few minutes and smooth the creases out by hand. Then reheat it for 30 seconds.

Don’t hold the dryer too close or for too long. Pleather is a delicate material, and you need to treat it with care. Here are a few more tips related to getting wrinkles out of pleather.

Can you use a steamer on faux leather?

Yes, you can use a steamer on faux leather. Before buying a fabric steamer, always read the reviews and try to buy from a well-known brand.

The benefit of using a steamer for getting rid of pleather is that you can use it for everything from clothes to faux leather furniture.

Set the steamer on a low setting to prevent the pleather from getting damaged and be sure to steam both sides of the cloth to get all of the wrinkles out. 

Can you put faux leather in the dryer? 

Yes, you can put faux leather in the dryer, and it will help you to remove the wrinkles.

Just remember to use a low heat setting and not to put it in the dryer for too long or you might damage the material. Let the leather cool down for a moment afterwards and then hang it up.

How do you press faux leather?

To press artificial leather, you’ll need to lay a cloth or towel over the surface of the material. As faux leather is a type of artificial leather, you’ll need to put extra care while working with it. Otherwise, the direct heat will cause damage.

Don’t steam the faux leather and press it on low heat setting. Always give it some time to cool down before you wear it. 

It is always a better idea to hang your pleather items to remove the wrinkles naturally if you have the time.

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