How to Get Wrinkles Out of Chiffon – 2 Step by Step Methods

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Chiffon is a lightweight fabric with the versatility to give your dress an elegant and romantic look. However, this delicate-looking material is prone to wrinkles. So there is a common question of how to get wrinkles out of chiffon.

This woven, sheer fabric can be made with material that is sensitive to heat and rough handling. So, the solution depends on the type of chiffon you have.

Getting wrinkles out of chiffon can be done in two different methods. Both of them are easy to do, and you can do it at home.

2 Methods to Get Wrinkles Out of Chiffon

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Chiffon: Ironing Method

Wash the chiffon with cold water and dry it up with a towel to remove wrinkles out of your chiffon. Place a towel over the piece of chiffon to prevent heat from getting directly on the cloth. Turn the iron in the lowest setting and remove wrinkles easily out of your chiffon.

To make your chiffon cloth wrinkle-free with this process, all you need is an iron on low setting and a towel.

Step 1 – Wash the Cloth

As heat can ruin the delicate chiffon, it is recommended to wash your chiffon fabric first with cold water.
Always hand wash gently.

Step 2 – Dry While Leaving it Slightly Damp

Dry up the fabric using a towel. Just wrap the towel around the chiffon cloth to remove the excess water from it. Leave the fabric slightly damp.

Step 3 – Get Your Iron

Next, you need to get your iron and put water in it.

Step 4 – Set the Iron Low

After that, set your steam iron setting to its lowest because excessive heat can damage your beautiful chiffon dress.

Step 5 – Smooth Your Fabric

Smooth your fabric with your hand and place it on the iron board.

Step 6 – Use a Damp Towel to Prevent Heat

Place a damp towel on top of the chiffon cloth. This prevents the heat of the iron from directly coming in contact with the chiffon.

Step 7 – Iron It Out

Now, gently move the iron over the cloth. Do this continuously to iron out the wrinkles, making the fabric wrinkle-free.

Make sure you do not place the iron over one place for too long. This might damage some types of chiffon from overheating.

Step 8 – Repeat The Above Steps

Continue the same process on the other sides of the chiffon dress to make your chiffon free from wrinkles.

This is one easy way to make your chiffon dress ready to wear.

But what if you do not have an iron nearby or you are on vacation, and away from home? No need to panic.

Because the next process will help you to get the wrinkles out of your dress even if you do not have an iron with you.

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How to Get Wrinkles Out of Chiffon

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Chiffon: Hot Steam Method

The process requires only two things. Those are a steaming bathroom and a towel.

Step 1 – Start a Hot Shower

Turn on a hot shower.

Step 2 – Keep the Place Airtight

Close the doors and windows you have in your bathroom so that the steam does not go out. Cover the gap below the door with a towel.

Step 3 – Steam the Place

Let the shower steam up the bathroom.

Step 4 – Hang Up the Chiffon in the Bathroom Steam

Hang your chiffon cloth for about 15-20 minutes in the steam heat in the bathroom. The heat will slightly straighten your chiffon cloth.

Step 5 – Run the Chiffon with a Towel to Remove Wrinkle

Lastly, wrap a towel around your hand and run it up and down to the length of the cloth to make the chiffon smooth and wrinkle-free by the time it dries.

With these simple techniques on how to get wrinkles out of chiffon, you can make your dress wrinkle-free whenever and wherever you want.


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