How to Get White Towels White Again – 7 Easy Ways

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How to get white towels white again is something that many homemakers often find themselves wondering. Getting a soiled white towel back to its original color and form may not be easy, but it’s definitely possible and completely worth the effort, because, well, it’s white! It’s not just a color— it’s an emotion.

However, the flip side to it is the fact that anything white always gets dirty easily and is difficult to maintain. When your fluffy white towel begins to have specs of brown or turns grey, it’s heartbreaking to see the stain stick to the towel relentlessly.

In this article, you will learn some easy and effective hacks to get rid of those nasty stains without having to rely on professional help. Read on to find out how to get white towels white again.

how to get white towels white again

How to get white towels white again — 7 Effective DIY Methods

There are several quick hacks to get the white color back on your towels. These tricks also work on bed linen, hand towels, pillow covers, and so on. You can try these methods first before getting a professional laundry service into the picture.

1. Baking soda

This is a very effective method used even by housekeeping staff in luxury hotels. There’s no reason why it wouldn’t work for you.

Mix 1 cup of baking soda for every 4 liters of warm water and pre-soak your towels and sheets in a large basin.

To this, add the usual amount of detergent you would for the number of clothes and leave it soaking for about 2 hours before putting them away in your machine for washing as usual.

2. Vinegar or lemon juice

Wash your white clothes in the machine as you normally would. Towards the end, when the machine is ready to rinse the clothes, add about half a cup of distilled white vinegar, in place of your fabric conditioner.

If you dislike the smell of vinegar in general, you may add scented vinegar. This works better than fabric conditioners and removes any residue left behind on the clothes by your detergent powder and also makes your clothes softer.

3. Bleach

If you think that your detergent and baking soda mixture doesn’t quite do the trick you may use oxygen bleach, which is an effective answer to your question on how to get white towels white again.

We recommend oxygen bleach over traditional bleach because it is a non-toxic alternative to the typical bleach. This chlorine-free whitener can safely return to the earth. The benefit is that it whitens and brightens while being safe for most colors and mixed fabrics.

If your white towels have got a bad stain, do a pre-treatment by soaking them in hot water with 2 scoops of oxygen bleach. Alternatively, apply a wet paste of oxygen bleach directly on the stain and allow it to dry. Then launder as usual.

For this method to work better, you will wash your clothes in very hot water — set your machine to the highest temperature setting that can be handled by the clothes, add the detergent along with the clothes and start the machine.

Let the wash cycle run for about five to ten minutes until the towels and sheets have soaked pretty well to take the bleach solution. Now stop the machine, mix about a cup of oxygen bleach in a cup of warm water and pour this solution directly into the machine before closing the lid. Resume washing as usual from this point and make sure to rinse the clothes two or three more times before drying them so that they lose the odor of the bleach solution and any detergent residue.

4. Borax Sodium

Borate, popularly known as Borax, is a chemical compound that comes in a white powdery form. This is often used as a detergent booster.

You may add about half a cup of borax to your white clothes right after the detergent powder goes in, to make your white clothes a little extra white.

However, make sure you do not add too much of it, and you do not keep it within reach of children.

When consumed internally, borax could cause an array of health hazards. If you are unsure if you can handle it with care, you may use oxygen bleach, or vinegar, or baking soda, or lemon juice, which are much safer alternatives.

5. Sun drying of clothes

When you hang your clothes out to dry in the sun, the result is fresh, crisp clothes that smell great and look a little whiter than you last saw it.

The sun provides a bleaching effect, naturally, and you get this for free, so you can consider the traditional method of sun drying clothes for a few hours, once in a while.

6. Separate whites from colors

This is something moms are quite obsessed about, however, not without reason. It makes a lot of sense and is downright simple.

You don’t want to spoil a fluffy white towel just because you forgot to separate it from a red top that bleeds, making your white towel red, too.

So, as a preventive measure to keep your white towels white, separate them from colored fabric. Wash the whites separately in your machine.

7. Artificial sweetener

If you have food stains on white fabrics, immediately dust a spoon of artificial sweetener over the stain, covering it fully with the powder. The fine white powder is said to quickly absorb oil and prevent it from damaging the material further.

These tips on how to get white towels white again will make those ugly stains disappear, and make sure your white fabric continues to portray hygiene and cleanliness, as it rightly should.

How can I get my white towels white again without bleaching?

To get your white towels white again without bleaching, empty a cup of baking soda in a basin full of warm water and presoak your clothes for a couple of hours in this basin before you wash them as usual in your machine with detergent.

Also, an alternative to traditional bleach is oxygen bleach. This chlorine-free bleach is

How do I get my dingy towels white again?

To get your dirty towels white again, you may use a wide range of DIY hacks including the use of baking soda, oxygen bleach, vinegar or lemon juice, and borax.

Each method involves a small learning curve, however, these are all effective options for you to get your towels to gain back their lovely white color.

If you have accidentally spilled ketchup all over your white kitchen towels or got ugly stains on any white fabric for that matter, it’s understandably heartbreaking.

However, before rushing to get help from professional laundry services, you can try a few quick and effective methods yourself. Here are some quick tips on how to get white towels white again.

The easiest methods involve the use of baking soda, vinegar, or lemon juice along with detergent powder in your washing machine. To remove food stains, you may use artificial sweeteners and let the powder absorb the oils from the fabric.

Other effective methods include using chemicals such as oxygen bleach.

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