How to Get Silicone off your Hands

It is very common to come in contact with silicone while you work for filling cracks in your wall or other home improvement related works.

It is not possible to be careful while working. It is important to know how to get silicone off your hands just in case.

Getting silicone off your hands will be a hard task if you keep it untouched and let it dry.

We have provided a few methods which will help you to remove silicone caulk from your skin.

how to get silicone off your hands

How to Get Silicone off your Hands

Step 1: Take action as soon as you can

If you don’t remove silicone caulk from your hand quickly, it will stick to your skin and will be hard to remove later.

So, you will need to take action as soon as possible. If you can remove it as soon as it gets in touch with your skin, the removing process will be a lot easier.

Once you get silicone caulk on your skin, take a paper towel and wipe away the silicone as much as you can.

Use another paper towel too so that you don’t spread the silicone caulk on your skin.

Don’t use any sensitive cloth or towel to remove the silicone because silicone caulk will easily stick to your cloth and will not come off in the future.

If you use tissue or paper towels, you can easily throw away the paper towel.

If you drop a small amount of silicone caulk in your skin, it will dry faster. So you will need to take action more quickly than otherwise.

If you can use water as soon as possible, it will be easier to remove. Our suggestion will be to keep a plastic bag or a paper towel near you while you work with silicon caulk.

Taking preventive measurements will help you to get rid of the problem very easily.

Step 2: Use a plastic bag and rub it against your hand

The paper towel will let you remove the excess silicone stuck in your hand.

But there will be a sticky part which will not want to go away even if you take action at best possible time.

You can use a plastic bag to remove the excess silicone caulk as well. Take any type of plastic bag. You can use the ones that come with from grocery stores.

Also, you can the plastic bags used for trash cans. Take the plastic bag and rub it against your hand. Don’t be too hard so that you hurt your skin.

The material of the plastic will attract the silicon caulk than your hand. As a result, the excess silicone caulk will be removed.

Step 3: Use water and a paper towel to scrub

Using a paper cloth and plastic bag will help to get rid of the excess silicone caulk from your skin.

After getting rid of the excess part, you will need to wash your hands with water. Take a sponge and scrub your hand while you wash it with water.

You can also use a paper towel as an alternative to a sponge.

Make sure to scrub thoroughly so that there is no caulk left in your hands. This method will work if you can take action as soon as possible.

Water will help to get rid of the caulk as long as it is liquid. Only water and the plastic bag will not work if the caulk has dried.

Step 4: Repeat this process if there is any silicone caulk left in the skin

After you have washed off the silicone, check if there is any part left on the skin. Repeat the previous steps if you couldn’t get rid of the silicone caulk.

If there is any small amount of silicone caulk left, it will annoy you later. Use soapy water, which might be helpful as well.

Step 5: Use other remedies for dried silicone

If the silicone caulk has dried off, you will need to use other methods. When silicone caulk dries, it becomes waterproof.

That means, using paper towel and water will not work anymore. Even if you use soapy water, the silicone caulk will not want to come off.

Step 6: Use a hair dry to remove the silicone caulk

A very effective method to remove silicone from the skin is to heat it. Silicone will start to weaken if you can provide it heat.

You can use a hair dry to make it weaker than before which will make the process easier. Turn on the heat of the hairdryer and heat the area gradually.

Don’t hold the hairdryer too close against your skin. If you feel too hot in your skin, turn on and turn off the dryer simultaneously.

Turn on the dryer at the lowest setting. There is a possibility that the silicone caulk will come off on its own once it gets enough heat.

However, if there is more silicone caulk left, use a paper towel and sponge to get rid of it.

As the silicone caulk will become weaker, it will be easier for you to remove from your skin.

Step 7: Use chemical compounds like acetone

Using acetone to remove dried silicone caulk might be one of the most common methods to get rid of dried silicone caulk.

Acetone is such a chemical compound that is used in nail polish remover. As an alternative to acetone, you can also use a nail polish remover.

Take a paper towel and make it wet with the acetone. Then, gently dap the area covered with silicone. Make sure that you don’t use too much acetone.

Using too much acetone will give an unpleasant smell which you will want to ignore.

These are the steps through which you can successfully get silicone off your hands.

It all depends on how fast you can take action after your skin comes in contact with the silicone. And it is very important to keep your skin clean to prevent any harm.

If you didn’t realize that there is silicone caulk in your skin, you could always use chemical compounds like acetone to remove it.


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