How to Get Rid of Robins

Robins are one of the common birds that roam around the places near your house and has a very friendly nature.

They have a very high-pitch tone that helps them to make loud crips, which can annoy you in the early morning or at any time that you are working or relaxing.

And this reason makes all the people conscious about how to get rid of robins from the porch of your house or the top of your house.

But as they are very friendly and social in nature, it becomes difficult to make them go away permanently. But it is not impossible to do.

how to get rid of robins

Robins are small birds that are widely seen around the world.

These birds live on the fruits and worms which you have on your front porch or in your garden.

They are very active in the day time and make a lot of noise. They live in one place in a group.

So, you will not have only one robin visiting you at your home. Rather you will have a whole group of them in your yard.

But you can make them go away if you follow some simple methods. Those methods can help you to get rid of them at once and for all.

Check out the below section to find out the methods to get rid of the robins from your house.

How to Get Rid of Robins: 9 Methods to Make Them Go Away

Get a cardboard and make a reflection of an owl by cutting it. Paint it black and place the cardboard in your garden. Install bird coverings in the fruits, which will prevent the robins from coming. As robins feed on the worms living in the soil, cover the open soil with grass.

There are a lot of methods that can help you to get the robins away from your house. But you will not need all of them to apply to make the robins fly away for all.

Rather choose the best method that you feel easy to do and try to make the robins go away from your house or nearby.

Method 1: Make cutouts of the predator birds

Robins is a small bird that is mainly haunted by the hawk or the owls in the wilder space.

You can get yourself a cardboard and cut the shape of the hawk or an owl to make a mere reflection of them on the board.

Paint the board with black color to make that a silhouette and place it on the top of the house or on any rod beside the garden.

The cutout will scare off the robins from the place and will keep them away.

Method 2: Add bird netting on the fruits

If you have fruit trees in your yard, then it might be the reason for the robins to come. They feed on fruits during the mid-time of the day.

So, if you put bird coverings on the fruits in your yard, then it will make the robins go away to search in for fruits and live there away from you.

Method 3: Keep the curtains down of the windows

The robins get attracted to the reflection made on the windows.

They see their own reflection as their threat and tries to bit that other bird by hitting it.

So, you can keep the curtains down during the day time to make the robins stay away from your house.

Besides, this way, you can keep the window glasses intact and also stop the robins from getting hurt by hitting on the glasses.

Method 4: Move the bird’s feeder away

The bird’s feeder you installed at your house yard also can be the reason for the robins to come in.

They love to get food from there. So, move the bird feeder away from your house to keep your home robins free.

This way, they will not get attracted to the food and come to your home for nesting.

Method 5: Cover the open soil

The robins feed on the worms living in the soil. The open soil makes it easy for them to feed the worms.

Besides, the mud also helps them to build a nest. So, covering up the space with grass can help you to keep the robins away from your home at any time.

But make sure to cover the soil. It will drive the robins away from your house.

Method 6: Apply polybutene gel

You can also go with the chemical products to make them stop coming to your house.

Mark the place where they have been staying for the last few days and apply a few drops of the polybutene gel in those places.

The sticky gels will lead them to fly away from your house as they will get stuck and get annoyed by the gel.

Method 7: Chilli peppers and water solution

You can also use the solution of the chili peppers and water to keep the robins away from your home.

Mix the chili peppers with water and keep it in the sunlight for two days. And then use it to spray the area where the robins have been sitting.

The smell of the solution will drive the robins away from the place.

Method 8: Hang CDs

Hang the CDs around the place to make the robins fly away.

The bright light created by the reflection of the sunlight on the CDs will scare off the robins from your house and make your home rid of them.

Method 9: Scream off

This method may sound a bit weird, but it works. Look for the robins to come in.

When they enter your home area, open up your gates, and scream as hard as you can. The high-pitch of your tone will drive them away by scaring.

And they will never come back to your place again.

Besides, they will not be able to make nesting at your place to make your good mornings turn into a bad one by making sounds.

You can easily use any of the methods to scare off the robins to move away from your house.

As these methods require only a few things to work with, you can do it easily and at anytime.

Just make sure to follow one method properly to get the best output of the process.


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