How to Get Rid of Mold in Car

Mold is one of the most unpleasant things you won’t want to grow in your car. Mold will produce a disgusting smell in your car.

You should know how to get rid of mold in car as mold does not only produce odor but also mold can be harmful to your health.

If mold growth occurs and stays for a long time, it can cause permanent damage to your car. You will need to get rid of mold as soon as you notice.

how to get rid of mold in car

There are different types of mold, and both white and black mold can be harmful to your health.

If there is mold in your car, you will get a stinky smell as you open the door of the car. The smell is like sour milk.

If you are not sure if the smell is coming because of mold growth, you can stop your engine and sit in the car with the windows closed.

You will get a bad smell, and it surely will be coming from mold growth. However, there is a way of getting rid of mold in car.

Here is a step by step guide that will help you to get kill mold in car.

How to Get Rid of Mold in Car

Step 1: Clean your car and throw away the trash

The first step to getting rid of mold is to clean your car. Cleaning has no other alternative.

Mold will not only grow in wet places; it can also grow because of dirt and debris.

Step 2: Use a vacuum to get rid of mold spores

You will need to use a vacuum to clean your car. The vacuum will help to get rid of all the mold spores floating in your car.

Vacuum each corner of the car, starting from the seats to the back. You will find a special kind of vacuum to clean your car in your nearby local car wash.

It is better to use the vacuum from there as they are designed especially for cleaning car.

If you don’t have one, you can also use your vacuum cleaner as an alternative.

Step 3: Use vinegar and color-safe bleach to get rid of mold

You can use vinegar to kill mold from a car. Using vinegar is one of the most efficient methods of killing mold.

Vinegar is an acid that will kill at least 80% mold from your car. If there is excess amount of mold in your car, you can also add baking soda with vinegar.

Step 4: Spray vinegar in your car

Take a new spray bottle and pour vinegar into it. Use white distilled vinegar, which will give you the best result of killing mold from your car.

We will suggest you use a new spray bottle as the older ones can contain germ or bacteria, which you won’t want to spray in your car.

Also, you can mix color-safe bleach with the same amount of water and spray it in your car as an alternative.

Make sure that you have got the right colored safe bleach otherwise you might discolor your car’s interior.

Step 5: Don’t leave any part of the car untouched

Make sure that you spray each corner of your car, starting from the upholstery to the floor mats. Spray on the walls and doors as well.

You can use a rag to clean the surfaces which are not sensitive. To clean the upholstery, take a scrub brush and clean the area.

Check if there is any mold left in the car and clean thoroughly. Now, open the door and windows so that it can dry completely.

As moisture is the main reason for mold growth, you will need to make sure that the car gets dried completely after the wash.

Step 6: Repair if there is any leak in your car

The mold growth in your car might be occurring because of a leak. Seal the leaks. Go to a car repair center and do the necessary work.

Otherwise, mold will occur again, even after your thorough cleaning.

A suggestion for you is to keep your car as much dry as possible.

Open the windows and doors of the car once in a while so that your car can stay in the natural atmosphere.

How to Get Mold Out of Leather Car Seats?

Make a solution of one cup of water and one cup of rubbing alcohol. Take a clean cloth and wet the cloth with the solution.

Wring the cloth and rub it on the area with a circular motion. Don’t be too hard while rubbing otherwise you will cause damage to the leather.

Now take a dry towel and press the area so that it absorbs the water. Now let the leather seat dry off completely.

What Causes Mold in Cars?

Mold occurs mainly from moisture. For example, mold growth occurs the most when it rains.

If you keep your window open while raining, rainwater will enter your car and cause mold growth.

Then, if you spill anything like coffee or juice, it will also cause mold in cars. If you keep any wet cloth or towel in your car for a few hours, it will also cause mold growth.

In short, leaving anything wet will cause mold growth in your car. You should keep your car clean, which will not attract mold growth.

Also, make sure your car windows are closed while raining, and you don’t spill any water or juice in your car.

How to Prevent Mold in Stored Cars?

You can use a car cover to prevent mold growth. Stored cars can be the source of mold as it doesn’t get in touch with natural light or air.

However, before you store your car, make sure that it is dried off completely and then cover the car. It will help to prevent mold in stored cars.

These are steps through which you can stop mold growth. To prevent mold from occurring, vacuum, and clean your car regularly.

The best suggestion is always to keep your car dry and moisture-free.


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