How to Get Rid of Fleas on Clothes and Bedding

Winter somehow prevents fleas from coming to your house, as the cold weather kills them.

But in the summer or the spring, they get rebirth and comes to your house by the pet animals you have or by the clothes you wear.

And after coming along, they build up their territory mostly in your clothes or the bedding.

That is why how to get rid of fleas on clothes and bedding is important to know to keep your house flea free.

how to get rid of fleas on clothes and bedding

The fleas that come along with your pets or stick to your clothes to hop in your house are the ones who infest in your clothes and beddings.

This type of fleas lives on the blood of the pets or the humans nearby. And they can spread many types of diseases along with those bites.

That is why disinfecting the house from the fleas becomes very important to ensure your family’s health.

You can call up a pest control to remove the fleas from your clothes and the bedding you have.

But that might cost you a lot. Or else you can do it yourself to be safe from the fleas. To do it yourself, you need to follow the below steps properly.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Clothes and Bedding: Steps to Kil the Fleas

The process needs to be followed properly to get the fleas out. Make sure that you continue the process for about days to have a flea-free home for yourself.

Step 1: Bath your pet if you have one

The most initial part of getting rid of the flea from your clothes and bedding is to get your pet bathed if you have one.

The pets are the main source of welcoming the fleas to your house.

They catch the fleas in their hairs, and the fleas infest in their body and then spread around the house.

A flea comb can help you to remove the fleas from your pet’s body and bath them with warm soapy water.

The warm soapy water kills the fleas and destroys their eggs. Bath them regularly to get the fleas killed in the primary stage as they roam around outside of the house.

Step 2: Wash the bedding of you and your pet along with your clothes

Next, you need to rinse the clothes and the beddings in the cold water first and then in hot water. Add a liquid detergent in the water to kill the fleas.

Bleach is also effective in killing the fleas. You can add a cup of bleach along with the things in the washing machine at high speed.

It will assure you that you have killed all the fleas and destroyed its eggs.

Step 3: Clean the whole house with an insecticide

You can buy an insecticide to clean your house with it. Use it on the bedding, the mattress, and also the carpets to kill all the fleas around the house.

Use the non-toxic ones to ensure the health safety of your family and your pets.

And place the liquid insecticide in the entrance and around your house to keep the fleas outside.

Step 4: Vacuum the house regularly for upto 10 days

After using the insecticide to your house, vacuum the whole house regularly. Do it for up to 10 days to ensure that your house is flea free.

Besides, vacuuming the house will also grab the eggs untouched and kill them. This will provide you longer protection.

You can sprinkle around table salt to keep your house flea free. The table salt helps to kill them.

You can even use the natural oils as a humidifier to keep away the fleas from your house.

You can find one of them in the nearby stores to pick one for your home. Mostly, lavender oils help to keep the fleas away from the house.

Choose according to your choice and need.

Follow the steps above in the correct sync to get the fleas out of your house within 10 days.

But keep in mind to bath your pet every other day or once in a week to keep the fleas away from your clothing and your bedding.

You can also sprinkle lavender oil on the corners of your mattress to make it smell fresh and keep the fleas away from your bedding.

Know more about the fleas life and other things about the fleas to keep them away from your house at once and for all.

What Temperature Kills Fleas in Washing?

The hot temperature kills the fleas in the washing machine. So, it is always recommended to wash your clothes in hot water to get rid of the fleas.

Setting the temperature on 140-degree Fahrenheit can kill the fleas and also their eggs.

Keep it for around 10 minutes of washing and dry them in the high heat to kill them all.

Can Fleas Live in Shoes?

The fleas can live in your shoes also. They can live in there and transport them to take them anywhere.

That is why using insecticide on the shoes are also very important to kill the fleas. Besides, your pets play with your shoes, and they can catch up to the fleas.

So, make sure you sprinkle in some tables salt in them after you return home to avoid fleas infestation.

Can Fleas Travel From House to House?

Yes, the fleas can travel house to house using you as a medium.

They get stuck to your clothes or the skin and roam around the place to travel one place to another.

And whenever they see a furry place, they hop onto that area to infest. This way, they can get shelter and choose other prey to suck blood from them.

Fleas can get really messy, in terms of the blood-sucking and the infection spreading.

So, it is best to keep your house clean from unwanted animals and fleas along with the clothes to keep a good environment for you to stay healthy and lead a happy life.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in House – 6 Step by Step Guide


  1. Most clothes must be washed in cold water, not hot, so they don’t shrink. You can’t dry them at a high temperature either, so how do you rid them of fleas and flea eggs?

    • You may want to try adding fine grained salt (french fry salt or just run table salt thru a food processor or spice blender) and add 2 cups of salt to your washing machine…even better if you have a soak function.

  2. You addressed getting rid of fleas from bedding. However, if you have fleas in your bedding, you also have fleas in your mattress. Therefore, when you put the clean bedding back on the mattress, the fleas will move to the bedding, and the problem is not solved.


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