How to Get Rid of Dead Skin on Feet – 4 Methods That Work

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Having dead skin cells on your feet is a natural thing. It is your skin’s ability to exfoliate the old skin. You’ll want to get rid of it because having the rough feeling on feet can far from desirable.

Wouldn’t you love to have smooth feet again?

Read on for the most effective method, with bonus tips and recipes that will get rid of the dead skin on your feet for good!
how to get rid of dead skin on feet

How to Get Rid of Dead Skin on Feet

First, soak your feet. When the dead skin starts to look white, buff the skin with a callus remover. It’s gentle on the skin and smooths out stubborn calluses in seconds. Then massage in a foot salve or oil and keep the moisturizers on your feet with a pedicure sock.

Step 1: Soak your feet

Get ready for a relaxing experience by soaking your feet. Pretend you’re doing a pedicure at home.

Any bucket large enough for your feet will do. Though, you might love a vibrating and massaging foot spa.

Fill it with hot water and your favorite essential oil. I love adding tea tree to add cooling scent and antibacterial benefits.

Epsom salts also make a relaxing soak, like a lavender bath salt.

If you don’t have the time to soak your feet, you can simply do the next step after a shower or bath.

Step 2: Using a callus shaver

You can have smooth feet again in a few seconds with this electric callus shaver from Amazon.

There’s also a waterproof version that won’t be afraid of a few splashes.

It gently exfoliates your feet, getting rid of any dead, hard, and cracked dry skin. The cordless version makes it more convenient. Some are waterproof, making them bathroom-friendly.

Use the callus remover over a tub or bucket for easy cleanup.

Or use a handheld vacuum. My current favorite is the Dyson cordless vacuum – Buy on Amazon >

At this point, the dead skin on your feet is gone! You can apply a nourishing oil (like macadamia oil) and move on with your day.
– Macadamia oil spray bottle – Buy on Amazon >

Or you can read on for more ideas for your next pamper night.

Step 3: Paraffin for Smooth and Soft Skin

If you have yet to hear about the paraffin wax treatment, this will be a total treat.

For true fans of the paraffin treatment, you can get a paraffin wax machine for your feet, elbows, and hands

You’ll want to use the High setting for quick wax melt, and then the Medium setting for dipping your feet in.

After the “dip”, you’ll put on the socks (in the kit) for about 15 minutes. This brings us to another pampering method…

Step 4: The Sock Method!

To take your feet treatment to the next level, there are many fun things you can do with the sock method. Are you ready for wondrously soft-looking and soft-feeling feet?

You can get pre-made foot mask socks with nourishing essential oils, like these ones.

An intensive foot salve will also work on dry feet using the sock method. This one is cruelty-free and smells wonderful.

Or you can make your own homemade DIY remedy for cracked heels.

The recipe:
– 1/2 cup of vaseline
– juice of 1/2 a lemon

You’ll also need:
Moisturizing socks – Buy on Amazon >

Mix this up in a bowl and apply it to your feet. You only need a thin layer. Then put on the moisturizing socks.

If it’s a hot day, only apply it on your heels and you can use heel sleeve vented socks instead.

You can do this for just a few minutes or leave them on overnight.

Believe it or not, diabetic socks work great to help moisturize your feet. They’re designed to help with circulation and have great support for tired feet.

infographic: how to get rid of dead skin on feet

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Optional: Pumice Stone

Leave a pumice stone in the shower for quick touch-ups. It is a natural stone that helps you to remove the dead skin from your feet.

For this method to work, you need to soak your feet. So, you can do this as the last thing before getting out of the shower.

Use the stone on your feet in a circular motion to remove the dead skin from your feet. Do not use a pumice stone on injured or broken skin.
– Pumice stone for feet – Buy on Amazon >

Bonus: DIY Homemade Recipes to Care for Your Feet!

These DIY recipes to healing the dry skin on your feet are super easy and you might already have everything at home.

Oatmeal And Milk Scrub Method
You can mix equal parts of oatmeal and milk to create a scrub paste for dead skin removal on your feet.

Grab a book! After you apply the scrub, wait about 10 minutes.

Then use a foot brush to scrub your feet.
– Foot brush – Buy on Amazon >

After scrubbing, wash your feet with water.

Then apply foot cream to moisturize.
– JR Watkins Salve – Buy on Amazon >

Vinegar Soak Method
Vinegar soaks can also help you to remove dead skin from your feet. Mix one part of vinegar with two-part of water to create a mix.

Then soak your feet in the mix for around 10 minutes.

Then use a foot brush to scrub your feet.

After scrubbing, wash your feet with water.

Then apply foot cream to moisturize, like JR Watkins Salve.


Here’s to fresh-feeling and soft feet!

I hope you liked the tried-and-true methods to get rid of the dead skin to make your feet feel nourished again!

They are just perfect for your next pamper night.

Check out more pampering tips with this post on How to Repair Damaged Hair.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with loved ones complaining about dry feet! Or leave a comment below on your favorite DIY dry skin healing method.


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