How to Get Pen out of Suede Couch

You will need to take special care while cleaning a suede couch. If you accidentally stain the couch with ink, you must remove it as soon as possible.

You should know how to get pen out of suede couch if you have kids in your house who might be the reason behind the ink stain.

how to get pen out of suede couch

Don’t panic and take the necessary action as soon as possible. You might not know that the ink will not become permanent on the couch.

Below, there is a step by step guide through which you will be able to get ink out of your couch.

How to Get Pen out of Suede Couch

Step 1: Remove the excess ink as soon as it gets in the suede couch

If you can remove the excess ink as soon as possible, then your cleaning process will be a lot easier.

Also, if you let the ink sit for a few days, then there is a possibility that it will become permanent. If you keep it with the ink to clean later, you will find a hard to clean the ink.

Take a clean cloth that will absorb liquid.

Tap the cloth against the ink so that it absorbs the excess ink on the suede couch. Don’t rub so that it spreads in other areas.

Step 2: Sand with a fine-grit sandpaper

It is one of the most effective methods to remove ink from a suede couch. An emery board will be the most effective in this case.

Also, emery boards are not that expensive, which will cost you a fortune. You can easily buy this from your nearby superstore.

Step 3: Test the fine-grit sandpaper before using on the couch

Most of the sandpapers are suitable to use on couch. But it is always better to check.

Because you cannot risk damaging your couch while removing the ink. Your suede couch might be more sensitive and as a result, cause damage.

At first, pick a spot that cannot on easily. You can choose one corner of the couch. Then use the fine-grit sandpaper and rub it against the suede.

After rubbing for a few times, if you see that it is not causing any damage to the couch, you can use it to remove ink.

There might be some fibers coming out, but it is completely fine. You can get rid of these fibers later with a razor.

On the other hand, if you see that the color of the couch has changed as a result of using the sandpaper, avoid using it for further process.

Step 4: Rub the sandpaper against the stained area

After ensuring that you can use sandpaper, rub the sandpaper against the suede. Be gentle while running otherwise, you will cause loose fibers.

Don’t push a lot of pressure while rubbing and rub in the circular motion. After rubbing the sandpaper several times, you will see that the ink is gradually going away.

Step 5: Use white vinegar in case of tough ink stain

After using the sandpaper, if you see that there is still some ink left on the couch, you will need to use white vinegar.

Take a brush with soft bristles and dip it in white vinegar. Now, scrub the ink stain with the brush.

Be careful while scrubbing so that you don’t spread the ink. As an alternative to white vinegar, you can also use rubbing alcohol.

If there are any loose fibers on the couch, use a razor to get rid of them.

Step 6: Use an eraser to get rid of the ink stain

You can use an eraser made of rubber. Always use white erasers instead of colorful ones.

Because the colorful erasers can put stain the suede couch as well as discolor the couch.

Now, take the eraser and rub it against the stain. Use the eraser normally, as you usually do.

The main reason to use an eraser is that erasers will not cause damage to the suede couch.

As it is made of rubber, you can put pressure while removing the ink, and it will not cause any damage.

This method will take a little longer than the method of using sandpaper to remove the ink stain.

An important tip for you is never to use water to clean suede couch. Suede is a type of leather that cannot stand water.

You can simply use sandpaper or an eraser to remove the ink from the couch.

If one of these methods doesn’t seem enough to you, you can always use multiple methods to remove the ink.

How Do You Get Pen Out Of Microfiber Couch?

You can easily get pen out of microfiber couch if you use the proper ingredients. You will only need rubbing alcohol.

Take a clean cloth and pour rubbing alcohol in it. As an alternative to rubbing alcohol, you can also use hand sanitizer, which will also be effective.

You can also use vodka. The main ingredient is alcohol. So anything that contains alcohol will do the magic.

After pouring rubbing alcohol in the cloth, rub it against the stained area.

If there is a lot of ink, you will need to use more rubbing alcohol. In case of strong stain, use both of these ingredients simultaneously.

Couches made with microfiber won’t make ink stain permanent. As a result, take action as soon as possible without panicking.

It is always a good idea to be careful in the first place. If you have kids in your house, keep the pens out of their reach. Never keep the pens without caps.

These are the steps through which you will be able to remove ink from your suede couch. The most effective method is to use sandpaper.

You can also use eraser and alcohol. After cleaning out the ink, remove the loose fibers with a razor.

After using these ingredients, let the couch get dried on its own. Don’t use any hard cloth against the couch, which will cause more fibers to come out.


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