How to Get Lotion Out of Clothes – 2 Simple Methods and Tips

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Lotion is a great way to smooth and moisturize your skin. However, when coming in contact with your clothing, it becomes a sticky mess that can ruin fabrics. That’s why you should know how to get lotion out of clothes.

There is always a chance that your lotion might spill, especially when you are carrying it in a bag. As it leaves a sticky residue on clothes, getting it out can be a real challenge. Depending on the type of clothing, there are various ways to remove lotion stains.

In this step-by-step guide, you can read about different methods of getting lotion out of clothes. Or if you’re here because you want to remove Aquaphor stains from your clothes, I’ve made a whole guide just for it. Check it out!

How to Get Lotion Out of Clothes

How to Get Lotion Out of Clothes

What You Will Need

You may need a variety of tools and materials for this do-it-yourself task, depending on the type of lotion you’re dealing with. If you want to remove suntan or tanning lotion stains, use the things below:

Method 1: How to Get Lotion Out of Clothes (for Suntan Lotion Stains)

Step 1: Remove Excess Lotion and Pre-treat the Affected Area

First things first, you need to remove any waxy or oily components from the clothes by pre-treating the lotion stains. Apply an enzyme stain remover to the affected area and work it into the fabric with a laundry stain removing brush. If you do not have such a brush, use an old toothbrush or gloved fingers instead.

Alternatively, you can use liquid enzyme detergents instead of stain removing products. Sometimes a mixture of water and powdered laundry detergent can be an effective solution. After applying this paste to the fabric, allow it to sit for 20 minutes.

Step 2: Brush & Rinse

You will need a soft bristle brush for this step, too. It will help you brush the lotion stain. Scrub it lightly to avoid causing any damage to the fabric.

Start from the outside and move toward the middle of the stain to ensure that it won’t spread. Once done, the stained area should be rinsed thoroughly. Use hot water, if the fabric allows, for the best results.

Step 3: Wash the Clothes as Usual

Washing the clothes in hot water is generally recommended. Even so, check the care label to make sure the fabric will not shrink or damage. If you’re using cold water, consider using cold water laundry detergent.

Step 4: Add Oxygen Bleach if Needed (Optional)

Before you place your clothes in the dryer, inspect them carefully for any residue of the lotion. In case the stain hasn’t gone entirely, do not place the garment. That’s because it can set suntan stains for good. If you see traces of the dye, consider applying oxygen-based bleach.

Method 2: How to Remove Tinted Lotion from Clothes

Step 1: Lift Away Solids Right Away

Be sure to treat the fresh lotion stains as soon as you can to make this DIY method more successful. With that in mind, lift away excess lotion immediately after getting a spill on your clothes.

You may use a spoon or butter knife to remove excess lotion or cream. Lift it away thoroughly, but do not rub since you will make it more difficult to get the stain out of clothes by pushing it deep into the fibers.

Step 2: Apply a Stain Remover

After blotting the affected area – use white, dry paper towels – work a stain remover or powerful detergent into the tinted stain with a soft bristle brush. Use a solution with a lot of enzymes because tinted lotion stains are hard to remove.

Step 3: Scrub and Wash

Allow the stain removing solution to sit overnight. Afterward, gently scrub the stain and wash the garment in your washer as usual. Rinse it off beforehand.

If there are multiple stains, try to remove them by soaking the clothes in the solvent. The goal is to keep the stain wet. That can increase the chances of success.

Step 4: Mix a Solution

Removing tinted lotion stains often requires some additional work, which involves making a mixture of water and bleach. Make sure the water is cool. As for bleach, choose oxygen over chlorine-based products. The former doesn’t bleach dyed fabrics.

Also, oxygen bleach is safer to use on colored fabrics. To know how much to add per liter of water, check the package directions that is different for each brand.

Step 5: Soak and Wash Again

Submerge clothing in the solution you made. Let it soak totally for about 1 hour. If the stains are gone, wash your clothes as you normally would. If not, you will have to repeat the process using a fresh solution. The most stubborn stains take a few soakings to get out of clothes.

Tips on How to Get Lotion Stains Out of Clothes

Whether you’re dealing with suntan or tanning lotion stains, there are some things to consider. Follow these tips to remove lotion from your clothes effectively and quickly.

Tip 1

Try not to put the stained clothing in the dryer before the

Tip 2

Use a damp washcloth rather than putting the stained clothes under running water to get rid of excess lotion. This way you will prevent lotion from spreading and creating a new or larger stain.

Tip 3

When choosing the stain remover, you want to pick a product that is safe to use on your garment. It is a good idea to test the stain remover on a smaller area before applying a large amount. Use oil stain removers because they are effective at removing lotion stains.

Tip 4

Faint stains are hard to notice after washing when the clothing is still wet. That’s why you should dry it by exposure to air to check if the lotion is really gone.

Tip 5

Do not use chlorine bleach products on colored clothes, because you can end up with a bleach stain that you’ll have to remove from the clothes. If you need to use bleach, go for the sustainable oxygen bleach.

FAQs About How to Get Lotion Out of Clothes

Do Lotion Stains Stay on Clothes?

Lotions can stain your clothing even if there are no harsh chemicals in them. Stains cling to fabric due to the oils in these products. Luckily, standard stain removers, as well as dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent, can remove most lotions.

How Do You Remove Suntan Lotion from White Clothing?

First, try to get the stain off by flushing it under running water. If it doesn’t work, blot it with the mixture of liquid dish soap or heavy-duty detergent and warm water. The affected area should be rinsed well after laundering. For stubborn stains, combine oxygen-based bleach with cold water, soak the clothes in this solution, and let it sit overnight.


Lotion can easily turn into a stain if it spills on clothes. In the worst case, the fabric can get ruined. Now that you know how to get lotion out of clothes, you can easily remove these stains without damaging your pants and shirts.

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