How to Get Insulation off Skin – 8 EASY Steps

Among different types of insulation, fiberglass insulation is dominating the market because of their lightweight, and you can install them quickly.

But working with fiberglass insulation can cause you irritation and itchiness.

So you should know how to get insulation off skin so that the fiberglass doesn’t create any side effect.

It is crucial to have some basic idea about the process because we find fiberglass everywhere nowadays.

People use fiberglass insulation to manufacture curtains, plastics, construction materials, buildings, planes, etc.

People who work with fiberglass insulation might find small particles and strands on their clothes and skin.

If they do not take safety precautions, these small silver particles can cause a rash on the skin, soreness in nose and throat, etc.

As these particles are tiny, you cannot see them with bare eyes. You will feel the itchiness, but you won’t be able to get rid off it just by washing your body.

So it is better to know how you can remove fiberglass insulation from skin. Below, we have explained a step by step guide to help you get rid off fiberglass insulation.

How to Get Insulation off Skin

8 Steps on How to Get Insulation off Skin

Step 1: Cover your skin

Prevention is better than cure. It is always the right decision to take safety precautions before you start working with fiberglass insulation.

If you can prevent these particles from getting under your skin, you won’t have to go through the process of removing them.

Wear a full-sleeved shirt, a long pant, goggles to protect your eyes, gloves, etc.

You can also wear a face mask which will give more protection to your face because these small silver particles can go in your nose and cause health problems.

Step 2: Apply baby powder or talcum powder on the face and the neck

While working, you cannot cover every part of your body with clothes. So cover those areas by rubbing baby powder.

If you regularly work with fiberglass insulation, you should buy products that will give you a thin layer of latex cover on your skin.

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These are unique kinds of product that you will find in the market. These products or the baby powder will ensure that fiberglass doesn’t get into your skin.

Step 3: Remove the particles from your cloth by using a vacuum cleaner

You should be very careful while removing particles from your clothes. After working with the fiberglass insulation, go outside.

Brush off the particles from your gloves and clothes. You won’t be able to get rid off all of them. As an alternative, use a vacuum cleaner.

You should be very careful because the vacuum cleaner can spread the particles in the clean air of your house.

Carefully remove the clothes and don’t shake them. Put them aside and don’t mix them with your regular cloth while washing them.

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Step 4: Don’t scratch your skin

You will feel itchy once you are done working with fiberglass insulation. You will feel like scratching the areas but don’t do it.

Scratching will only make it worse. If you scratch, the particles will go deeper into your skin, and it will be harder to remove them later.

Step 5: Take a cold shower

You should definitely take a cold shower after you are done working with fiberglass insulation. We all know that cold water helps to keep our pores closed.

If you take a hot shower, the particles will go deeper into your skin because hot water opens the pores.

Showering with cold water will help you to get rid off the particles, and they won’t affect your skin. Use soap to get rid of other dirt and wash your hair thoroughly.

After using the towel, soak the towel as well so that there are no particles on them.

Step 6: Apply body lotion or coconut oil after a shower

To save yourself from the itchiness, apply body lotion all over your skin. Gently apply moisturizer in the areas that are causing irritation.

The moisture of the cream or oil will help you to feel better.

Step 7: Use tape if washing your skin doesn’t work

Many people who regularly work with fiberglass insulation prefer to use tapes rather than washing.

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Because if you are exposed to more microscopic particles, washing the area won’t help. Buy a sticky tape that will stick the fragments on the tape.

After working with insulation, don’t wash your skin. Take the tape and press it on the skin where you feel itchy.

Press it hard and stay like this for several minutes. Then remove the tape slowly. You don’t need to be harsh and quick.

You will make it worse because your skin will hurt later.

Gently remove the tape, and you will find particles coming out with the tape. You can do this several times. But don’t use the same piece of tape every time.

Take a new one and redo the process. Take a magnifying glass to make sure that the particles are removed properly.

After you are done with this process, wash your skin thoroughly.

Step 8: Apply an antibiotic cream to prevent infection

After washing the area, dry the skin with a towel. Apply an antibiotic cream so that you are not exposed to any kind of infection causing the fiberglass particles.

You can be exposed to infection because the particles will help bacterias to get under your skin.

So this is a crucial step to prevent yourself from any kind of unwanted contamination.

These are the ways through which you can quickly get rid off fiberglass insulation.

You should always take necessary precautions so that you don’t get exposed to any kind of diseases causing fiberglass particles.

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If you are exposed to large fiberglass particles, it will cause skin and eye irritation. Your eyes might go red after you are done working.

If you inhale the fiberglass particles, your nose and throat will feel sore. People who have asthma should never work with fiberglass insulation.

However, everyone should have some basic knowledge about the health risks and the process to remove fiberglass insulation of the skin as they can cause severe harm to our health.


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