How to Get Gorilla Glue Off Skin – 5 Methods That work

Gorilla glue is one of the fast-drying types of glue that holds the particles together strong. And having them on the skin can be a nightmare.

Because removing them needs to have patience and proper method.

That is why how to get gorilla glue off skin is discussed below to solve your issue and save you from panicking.

Check the section below to know about those methods to work with.

how to get gorilla glue off skin

How to Get Gorilla Glue Off Skin

Exfoliation Method

Exfoliating can help you to remove the glue of the skin. You can use a knife sharpening stone to scrub the glue off your skin.

Go in a hard, slow motion to remove the glue from the skin. Continue to do it for a few minutes to scrape off the glue.

In the meanwhile, use your fingers to soothe your skin as the knife sharpening stone can be harsh for your skin.

Oil Method

Using oil on the affected area can also help you to remove the glue from the skin.

Apply oil or polyglycol body lotion to the area for a few minutes to remove the glue from the skin.

Blunt Knife Method

You can scrape off the oily glue from your skin using a blunt butter knife. Just run through the edges to remove the wet glue from your skin.

Citrus Method

Rubbing the lemon or lime or any citrus can be useful on removing the gorilla glue from the skin.

But it may cause burn on your skin if you use any citrus on the glued area that has caught torn on the skin.

Washing Soda, Liquid Detergent And Water Method

You can clean your skin using these three elements. Mix them in the same ratio to make a paste and then apply it to the affected area.

This will help you to remove the glue from the skin.

These are some methods that can help you to remove gorilla glue from the skin.

But if these do not work on your skin, then it would be better if you let it sit on your skin for 4 to 5 days.

After that time, the glue will automatically fall off the skin. Just be patient during the duration.


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