How to Get Crayon Off Wood – 5 Easy Methods that Work

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As you know from experience, kids enjoy the exploration of their artistic minds with crayon. Their creativity can be expressed on all kinds of canvases, and sometimes, one of these canvases is your beautiful wood furniture and wood floors.

You won’t need to let the crayon stain the wood forever. And you can shake the idea of possibly banning the source of the crayon mess from wood for good. That’s because getting crayons off wood is as simple as wetting a magic sponge and wipe.

Read on to find out how to get crayon off wood in 3 easy steps. You will find that the stains of the crayon colors can be removed in many different ways.

5 methods to remove crayon from wood and get crayon off wood for good

How to Get Crayon Off Wood 

Dampen a magic sponge with water. Then rub it on the crayon stains on the wood. The crayon should come off easily as it is attracted to the melamine in the sponge.

With sealed or painted wood, you can also use a residue wipe for a quick clean-up of tough crayon messes.

If you have unsealed wood, you will find that you will need to make a dish detergent or baking soda solution, described below, to soak for a few seconds before rubbing it off with a microfiber cloth. Some types of unsealed wood will also work with the magic sponge trick.

5 More Easy Methods – How to Get Crayon Off Wood 

With simple ingredients you may already have at home, you can easily get rid of clean the crayon from wood floors and wood furniture.

1. The dish detergent method

Using dish detergent works great on wood floors to remove the crayon color. As the soap is mild, it does not harm the wood. Dish detergent breaks up grease, like crayon.

Get a bowl of warm water mixed with dishwashing detergent, about half and half. Dip a soft cleaning cloth in it and rub the area.

Rub in a circular motion to remove the crayon from the wood. Keep doing it for a few seconds and you will see the crayon coming off the wood.

Then clean the area with a microfiber cloth and leave it to dry for a few hours.

2. The mayonnaise method

Mayonnaise is rich in oil components. They dissolve other oils like crayon easily. Only use this on sealed wood surfaces so that the oil does not soak into the wood.

Put some mayonnaise on the crayon stained area and create a thin layer with it.

Use a soft cleaning cloth, like a microfiber cloth, to buff off the crayon from the wood.

Repeat the process a few times until the crayon is completely gone. Then make the area clean and dry.

3. The baking soda method

Water and baking soda can also help get crayon off the wood surface.

You need to wet the cleaning cloth and dab on some baking soda.

After that, use the damp baking soda cloth to buff and rub the crayon-colored area of the wood.

Stop as soon as the color comes off because rubbing with baking soda for too long can harm the wood.

4. The white toothpaste method

The color stains of crayon on the wood surface can also be removed with toothpaste. White toothpaste has cleaning agents in it that work on grease like crayon to remove it from almost any surface.

Put a layer of toothpaste on top of the color. You may use a soft cloth to spread the toothpaste around.

Then using a damp cloth, wipe the toothpaste away.

Clean the toothpaste off thoroughly to prevent it from harming the color of the wood.

5. The damp cloth and petroleum jelly method

Using a lubricant such as petroleum jelly can help you remove crayon wax from sealed wooden floors and furniture.

To do this, put a dime size of petroleum jelly on a cleaning cloth.

Then rub the stain with the cloth. The petroleum jelly will attract the crayon grease from the wood surface.

After you are done with removing the crayon from the wood surface, dry up the area with a clean cloth.

With these simple methods, you are ready to get crayon off wood in no time.

That means the kids can let their creative minds run free on wood surfaces! Just kidding.

Now, you know how to tidy up when crayon accidents happen on wood.

how to get crayon off wood

How to Get Crayon off Laminate Wood Floor?

Removing crayons on the laminating floor can be an easy task. Always use mild cleaning solutions when it comes to laminate floors.

Your first defense is the melamine sponge. Wet the sponge and rub the crayon stains – they should come right off.

More mild cleaning options include using baby wipes, citrus solution wipes, and dish detergent to rub on the area and remove the crayon color.

This will help you remove the crayon color from the floor while keeping your floors intact.

Easy Tips to Remove Crayon from Unfinished Wood

The method you choose will depend on the type of unfinished wood. The first method to remove crayon from unfinished wood is by scrubbing with soapy water and steel wool. Mix a few drops of dish soap with warm water to create the soapy water.

You can also scrape the crayon color with sandpaper to help you remove them from the unfinished wood.

For this method, you need to be very gentle with the sandpaper to remove the color. It will help keep the wood intact.

For smooth unfinished wood surfaces, you can use a damp magic sponge. Rub the sponge onto the crayon stain. It will attract the crayon onto the sponge.

How to Remove Melted Crayon from Wood?

You can use a goo remover to get melted crayon off of wood.

First, test an inconspicuous area to be sure that the formula will work with your type of wood.

Then apply the goo remover. Wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Finally, clean the crayon-free area with soapy water and dry the wood immediately.

Removing crayons from wood can be an easy task. Get the wood items in your home looking good and free of crayon stains.

Also, you can divert their creativity to an easel for kids instead of your wood walls and wood furniture.

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