How to Get Crayon Off Wood – 5 Easy Methods that Work

Kids will always be kids. Their artistic mind and painting ideas will never have an end to it.

But that creativity sometimes may end up ruining your beautiful wood furniture or wood floor with crayons.

That does not mean you stop them from painting. Rather, knowing how to get crayon off wood is the best thing you can do.

Getting crayons out of the wood is an easy task to do. All you need to know is the process to it.

The stains of the crayon colors can be removed with several methods.

With some simple ingredients available at home, you can easily clean the color from wood floor or furniture.

In the following section, different methods are discussed to help you out of this problem.

5 methods to remove crayon from wood

5 Easy Methods – How to Get Crayon Off Wood 

1. The dishwashing detergent method

The dishwashing detergent works great on to the wood floor to remove the crayon color. As the soap is mild, it does not harm the wood.

So, get a bowl of warm water mixed with dishwashing detergent. Dip a soft sponge in it and rub the area gently with that sponge.

Rub in a circular motion to remove the color from the wood. Keep doing it for a few moments and you will see the colors are coming off the wood.

Then clean the area with a dry cloth and leave it to dry for a few hours.

2. The mayonnaise method

Mayonnaise is rich in oil components. So, they can work easily on the crayons of the wood surface and remove them.

You just need to get some mayonnaise on the colored area and create a thin layer onto it.

Leave it on the crayon-colored area for around 10 minutes and then wipe it up with a wet cloth.

Repeat the process a few more times until the color gets away properly. Do not forget to dry the area with a dry cloth.

This process does not harm your wood floor or the furniture and the color of it.

3. The water and baking soda method

Water and baking soda help to remove the color from the wood surface.

You need to get a wet cloth wrapping around your index finger and dab that finger into baking soda.

After that, use the damp cloth finger to rub the colored area gently to remove the color from the wood.

Rubbing the baking soda onto wood for a long time can harm the wood. So, as soon as the color comes off, stop the process and clean the area with a dry cloth.

4. The white toothpaste method

White toothpaste has a cleaning agent in it. It works great on color to remove it from almost any surface.

The color stains of crayon on the wood surface can also be removed with toothpaste.

All you need to do is to put a layer of toothpaste on top of the color and leave it to sit around 5 to 6 minutes on the color.

Then using a damp cloth, wipe the toothpaste away. The toothpaste will remove all the color of the area.

But be careful as it can slightly harm the color of your wood floor. So, dry the surface properly, just right after the toothpaste is removed. 

5. The damp cloth and lubricant method

Using a lubricant such as the water displacing ones can help you to remove the color wax from the wood floor.

To do this, you need to get a towel wrapped around your fingers and dampen that up with the lubricant.

Then slightly rub the place with the lubricant. The lubricant will easily remove the color from the wood surface.

After you are done with removing the color from the wood surface, dry up the area with a dry cloth and leave it to sit for a few hours.

With these simple methods, you are ready to clean your wood floor from crayon color in no time.

It means, let your kids do their job to enhance the creative minds of them, and you know yours to keep your home look neat and tidy all the time.

Sometimes the colors can spread around your whole house, including your laminated floors.

And your kid’s experiments of melting the crayons can also create some hazardous mess.

But you do not need to be tensed about that. It is also as easy as getting crayon out of the wood furniture.

The simple instructions you need to follow to keep your home shine like a new one is given below.

how to get crayon off wood

How to Get Crayon off Laminate Wood Floor?

Removing crayons on the laminating floor is easy to do.

But you need to keep in mind that the element you are using to remove the color from your laminate floor should be very mild.

Otherwise, it will leave your floors to lose its beauty. You can use acetone, baby wipes, rubbing alcohol, citrus solution, toothpaste to rub the area and remove the color.

This will make you remove the color of the floor while keeping your floors intact.

Easy Tips to Remove Crayon from Unfinished Wood?

Scraping the crayon color with sandpaper can help you to remove them from the unfinished wood floor.

For this method, you need to be very gentle with the sandpaper and remove the color. It will help you to keep your wood intact.

Removing Melted Crayon from Wood?

Using a wax paper on top of the melted crayon and heating them can remove the crayon from the floor.

Just keep in mind that you do not overheat the area so that it does not burn the wood. And this will do your job.

Removing crayons is quite an easy task. So from now on, stop the tension and let your child grow up exploring new things.

As you can make your home look beautiful in no time.


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