How to Get Caulk Out of Clothes

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Caulk is made for sealing things around the house and you can end up getting it stuck on your clothes.

The desirable strength and flexibility of caulk then turn into a stubborn stain that makes its way into the fibers of your clothes.

With the right techniques, you can get your clothing back from these goopy stains.

Read on to find out how to get caulk out of your clothes.

There are certain methods that can help you to remove the stubborn stain out of your garments.

Here’s to having your clothes free from caulk.

How to Get Caulk Out of Clothes – 7 Methods

To get caulk out of clothes, place an ice cube in the caulked area of your garment to freeze it. Remove the excess caulk from the area using a scraper. Then, use a goo remover spray to get caulk out of the clothing fibers. Wait just a few minutes and then launder your clothes as usual, in the washer or by hand.

An alternative solution to remove caulk is rubbing baking soda and water. The abrasive baking soda will scrub the caulk out of your clothing fibers.

how to get caulk out of clothes

You can easily remove the caulk out with these simple steps.

Step 1: Scrape

Scraping with a scratch-free plastic scraper to remove the excess caulk.

Since the caulk creates a dense layer on clothes. Using a plastic scraper will make sure that you do not hurt your fingernails while scraping.

It will also make sure that you do not cut into your fabrics while scraping the caulk out.

Step 2: Ice freezing

If you’re having trouble scraping it off, you can make the caulk stick together better by freezing.

For that, put an ice cube on the caulked area to let it freeze properly. Or you can put the garment in the freezer.

It will wet the area and freeze the caulk so that it’s easier to scrape off in a chunk.

Step 3: Apply the Remover

Using a silicone remover that is safe for clothing, apply it to the area of the stain.
Let this saturate the stain and sit for 5-10 minutes.

Then, blot away the excess remover.

Step 4: Regular washing

You can now launder as usual, with the washing machine or by hand.

Regular washing can help you remove the caulk.

Use your everyday laundry detergent in the washing machine to remove the caulk out of it.

Method 2: Baking soda and Vinegar

An alternative way to remove caulk out of clothes is with 2 steps, baking soda and then vinegar.

Baking soda and water solution can help you get the caulk out of your clothes.

Just mix a concentrated solution of both and rub the solution on the caulk stain.

The abrasive particles of baking soda will break down the caulk.

Blot off the baking soda with a clean cloth.

Then apply vinegar to any leftover stain.

Leave it in the remaining stain for 3-5 minutes, making sure the vinegar does not dry out. The vinegar is acidic and will start breaking down the stain.

Launder as usual, by machine wash or by hand.

Method 3: Rubbing alcohol

You can try a damp cotton ball with rubbing alcohol to remove the caulk out.

Wet the area with a dampened ball of rubbing alcohol and let it sit for a few minutes.

Then put the fabric in the washing machine.

How to Get Silicone Sealant Out of Clothes?

Sometimes you can end up with silicone sealant on your clothes. For that, you can easily remove it with the help of your hairdryer.

Turn the hairdryer on and face it on the stain. The heat will help you remove the silicone sealant from the cloth.

Use a plastic scraper to avoid scratching the clothes and save your fingernails.

Then, apply a goo remover on the garment. Wait 5 minutes and then launder as usual.

How to Remove Flex Seal from Clothes?

Flex seals can be tough to remove. To remove them, you need a sealant remover that is safe for clothes.

Apply the sealant remover on your garment. Wait 5-10 minutes and then launder as usual, in the washing machine or by hand.

How to Remove Duct Sealer from Clothes?

Duct sealer from clothes can be removed with a sealant remover. The professional strength formula makes the glue lose from the fabric, and it can be washed off to have duct seal free clothes.


These methods ranked by effectiveness will help you remove caulk, silicone, and sealant out of your clothes easily.

You will find that knowing how to keep your clothes tidy and free of home improvement supplies to be quite useful.

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