How to Get Blueprints of a House

Renovating your house makes your house look beautiful, and it also removes the monotonous feeling of the house.

It is a common scenario around the world of renovating your house after a decade.

Even some of the people have a tradition of renovating their house from generation to generation.

But renovating your existing house calls for the original blueprints. But the process of how to get blueprints of a house becomes the main obstacle for the house to get renovated.

Without the blueprints, the architects can not make the house renovation as they do not know anything about your house.

So it is mandatory to get the blueprints at your hand first to make the renovation start.

how to get blueprints of a house

The blueprints are a mandatory part of the house. They define every detail of your house from the inside and to the outside.

So, without the blueprints, you can not make the renovation as you may damage the house pillars or the connection wires.

If you accidentally damage the wires or the utility lines, then your whole house needs to be knocked off at first and start building it from the very beginning.

That will consume a lot of time and money for you. That is why you need to collect the blueprints of your house on time.

There are multiple ways that can help you to get your house blueprints. But none of them can assure you to get it from the first person.

You may need to approach to multiple methods or persons to get your prints at your hand.

Check out the below section to find out how to find your blueprints and collection persons to contact.

How to Get Blueprints of a House: Different Places to Approach

No one can assure you to get the blueprints of your house at the very first attempt. It all depends on luck.

But you may find the blueprints from any of the stated collection points. Just do not lose hope and try the methods one by one to collect your house blueprints.

Method 1: Consult government agencies

Start the process by consulting government agencies. The house blueprints need to be submitted to the government agencies at the very first of building any house.

So, if you file a requirement letter to the government agencies, then you may be able to get the print from them in no time.

But if you can not convince them about the requirement, they will not provide you the prints. In that case, you may need to approach different persons for the prints.

Method 2: Ask the real estate company

Contact your nearby real estate company that has been working in the field for around more than 20 years.

They can give you the identification number of your home to you.

You can use that number to search the blueprints from the city archive, or the local records of your city.

But if your house was made around 50 years ago, then you might not get the blueprints from this source.

Method 3: Approach to the local inspection office

The builder of the house had to submit a copy of the blueprint to the local inspection office while getting the permit to make the house.

So, you can apply to the inspection office to provide you the blueprint of your house to renovate.

If you can convince them, then you will get the prints right away without any hassle to face.

But convincing them can be a tough job, as you have to give them the proper information about what you are going to do with it.

And also show the cause of not having the prints collected in the first place when you bought the house.

All these need to be answered properly to get the prints from the inspection office in your city.

Method 4: Contact the realtor

You can also contact your realtor to give you the blueprints of the house if they have it.

Most of the time, the realtor collects the blueprints from the previous owner of the house to make the reading of the house.

Besides, it is in the rules of the house buying and selling to collect the blueprints to ensure the safety of the house.

You can simply contact the realtor and ask them to provide the blueprints of the house.

Method 5: Contact the architect

The architects of the houses keep a copy of the blueprints to their stock as the symbol of their work. They keep them as a portfolio of their work.

So, if you can find the name of the architect of your house, then you can contact them to give you the design of the house.

It may cost you a few amounts of money to collect the blueprint from them. But if they still have the prints, then you will be able to collect that in no time.

Method 6: Ask the builder

The architects work under the developing company or the developer. But if you find that the architect does not have the prints, then you can contact the developer.

They will surely store the master blueprint of the house. You can ask them to provide you the master print in return for some money.

But they might not have the master blueprints if your previous owner of the house or your ancestors have made a custom design for the house to be made.

In this case, only the previous owner who built the house can help you to give the blueprints of the house and help you renovate it.

You can follow the instruction given above to collect the blueprints from the different authorities.

But it is better to approach the government agencies and the local inspection offices first to avoid any hassle.

Because they have all the records of the city from the birth of it. So, it is confirmed that they have the information and all the prints for the houses made around the city.

But you need to make them understand your need and also assure them that you are not doing anything illegal in terms of renovating the house.


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