How to Fray Jeans – Follow 6 Steps For Amazing Result

Wearing the same old jeans can be pretty dull. But you can easily experiment with your jeans at any time using only a few tools.

Fraying your jeans is one of those. Know how to fray jeans to make your life a lot more exciting while you are playing with your looks.

The process of fraying jeans is given below to add that spark to your attire.

how to fray jeans

How to Fray Jeans

Gather Around The Things You Need

To start with fraying your jeans, you first need to get your pair of jeans along with some other tools to make it look exciting.

Those tools are a pair of scissors, chalk, ruler, and sandpaper. These are all that will make the change in your look.

Measure The length and Mark With Chalk

The next thing you need to do is to mark the length of your jeans. You can use the ruler and the chalk to measure and mark on the jeans you have.

Make sure that you put clear marks using the chalk on the jeans. Otherwise, you may cut the jeans in the wrong size.

So be careful while taking the measurements and marking the jeans.

Cut The Jeans

Now, as you have marked the line on the jeans, you need to cut the legs according to the line.

Make sure that you cut both of the legs at the same time to make it equal. Otherwise, your jeans will look awful.

Pull Out Threads

After you are done with cutting to the line, you will find some lose thread around the edges. Pull out the loose thread to make them visible.

Sand The Edges To Distress

Now, as you have pulled the loose thread out, now you need to distress the edges using sandpaper. This will make the edges a lot more grungy.

This will beautify the edges.

Rub The Edges With Hand

Lastly, rub the edges using both your hands to give it a natural look.

This is a simple and fast method to turn your simple pair of jeans into beautiful frayed jeans. So, try it yourself to make you look fabulous.


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