How to Flatten a Wine Bottle

Nowadays, a lot of people recycle wine bottles and use these as a showpiece. You should know how to flatten a wine bottle so that you can use it the way you want.

Below, we have provided a step by step guide which will help you to flatten a wine bottle successfully with a kiln.

how to flatten a wine bottle

How to Flatten a Wine Bottle

Step 1: Collect the necessary supplies

You will need a few tools and supplies to flatten a wine bottle. At first, you will need a wine bottle to flatten. Then, you will need a large bowl.

You will also need dish soap to remove the sticky label from the wine bottle. You will need a kiln to flatten the wine bottle.

If you want to hang the bottle as a showpiece, you will need a wire to place it. To cut the wire in its desired shape, you will need a wire cutter as well.

Step 2: Take safety precautions

As you will be working with a machine that delivers high temperature, you will need to take safety precautions.

Always wear a pair of gloves. Also, wear safety goggles. After you are done working with the kiln, you will need to clean it off, use a mask so that no harmful particles enter your nose.

Step 3: Get rid of the labels of the wine bottle

The first thing that you will need to do is to get rid of the labels of the wine bottles. Use your hand to peel off the label.

Use your hand to peel off the label. After peeling off the whole label, you will see that there is still some sticky part left in the glass.

Leave the sticky part, and don’t waste your time to remove it with your hand.

Step 4: Remove the sticky part with warm water

At first, you will need to fill a bowl with warm water. Then, pour around one teaspoon of dish soap in the water.

Mix the water well so that the soap gets evenly distributed. Use your hand to swirl the soapy water and make bubbles.

Now, place the bottle in the mixture of soap and water. Wait for around 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 5: Use steel wool to peel off the sticky part of the label

After you have soaked the wine bottle in the water, the sticky part will be easier to remove. You can use a sponge or steel wool to scrub the sticky part.

Make sure to be gentle while scrubbing otherwise you will put scratch in the wine bottle.

You will find that the sticky part is getting off easily, even without scrubbing hard. After peeling off the sticky part, place the wine bottle in cold water and rinse well.

Then, wait for some time so that the bottle dries off completely.

Step 6: Place a wire at the tip of the wine bottle if you want to hang the bottle later

Many people use flattened wine bottles as showpieces. Wine bottles are often hung on walls or patios to give the room a vintage look.

In that case, you will need to enter a wire in the wine bottle. Take a wire and cut the wire as much as you need.

Insert the wire in the bottle and let the other tip of the wire out from the wine bottle. It is a good idea to take a long wire so that you can cut it later if you need to.

After you have a flattened wine bottle, the wire will also melt, and you will be able to hang it anywhere you want.

Step 7: Place the wine bottle in the kiln

It is the most important step of the whole process. You will need to place the wine bottle in the kiln.

Before placing the wine bottle, make sure that the kiln is turned off. Also, the kiln needs to be cold and at room temperature.

Then, place the wine bottle in the kiln in order to flatten.

Step 8: Avoid preheating the kiln

You might be thinking of pre-heating the kiln in order to get a better result. But it is a bad idea to preheat the kiln.

If you preheat the kiln and then heat it again, the wine bottle will shatter. The temperature will make the glass shatter into pieces.

Before placing the wine bottle in the kiln, you will need to place a fiber paper on the surface.

If the surface of the kiln is made of such material which will stick the wine bottle on the surface, then you will need to place a fiber paper.

Also, if there is a manual that comes with the kiln, you can read it and see if you need a fiber paper or not.

Step 9: Turn on the heat setting at a temperature of 1450 degrees Fahrenheit

You will need to lay the wine bottle flat on the kiln. Close the door and turn on the kiln. Make sure that you set the temperature at 1450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The kiln will not reach the temperature at ones. Give it some time to gradually reach the temperature.

After the kiln has reached the desired temperature, wait for around an hour.

Step 10: Don’t open the Kiln after turning it off

After one hour, you will need to turn off the kiln. The first thing that will come to your mind is to open the kiln and see how far the bottle has flattened.

But you cannot do that. After you have turned off the kiln, you cannot open the door. Keep the wine bottle in the kiln for around 24 hours.

This step will help the wine bottle to cool down completely. If you bring out the wine bottle earlier, there will be a possibility of getting cracks in the bottle.

That is how you will be able to flatten a wine bottle. It is not a tough job to do. Make sure to take safety precautions and be careful and patient while handling the kiln.


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