How to Fix Scratched Non Stick Pan in Just 5 Quick Steps

In the last decade, there has been a revolutionary change in using nonstick pans as the cooking materials in every home.

Nonstick pans have a Teflon layer on top of the pan which prevents foods from sticking to the pan.

But using metal spatula can harm the Teflon layer and create scratch on it. So, how to fix scratched non stick pan is a common question to many.

Ther is no one who can say that I have never faced such a problem. But many of us do not know how easy it is to fix scratched nonstick pans.

It only needs to follow a set of steps. Let us take a look at the process to fix the nonstick pans at home rather than buying new ones to cook.

How to Fix Scratched Non Stick Pan in Just 5 Steps

Using a cookware repair spray will fix a scratched non stick pan. Baking the non stick pan in the oven can soften the scratch to make the cleaning process easier. While removing the spray from the pan, use lukewarm water and a sponge. This process will fix your scratched non stick pan.

Step 1: Clean the pan using a sponge

At the very first, clean the pan thoroughly. Dirty pans can not be fixed. So, make sure that you clean your pan with a soft sponge and a solution of dishwashing soap.

It is better to use warm water for cleaning. If the scratched Teflon particles get into the food we eat, can create a severe health issue for all of us.

So, it is better to fix the pans before it causes us any health issues.

After you have cleaned the pan properly, leave it to dry. Keep it open in the air to dry up all the water left on it.

Step 2: Use cookware repair spray

Next is to get a cookware repair spray for your pan. You can find the spray into the cooking materials store.

Those are not that much expensive and are easy to find. Spray your pan with the cookware repair spray from 1 foot above the pan.

This will give the pan an even coating of the spray. Continue to spray the area until it covers the whole pan in an even layer.

Step 3: Let it sit for 30 to 40 minutes

After you sprayed on to your pan with the cooking spray, let the pan sit for around 30 to 40 minutes in normal temperature.

Make sure that no dust or flies does not land on the wet sprayed pan. The dirt or fly will make the pan toxic or will not give you the expected result.

Step 4: Bake the pan in the oven for around 45 minutes on 500 degrees

Preheat your oven for about 10 minutes on 500-degree feranhight.

After you have preheated the oven correctly, put your pan in the oven on the middle rack. Close the oven and bake it for around 45 minutes.

Baking the pan will let the spray set on the surface of the pan properly and give it a nonstick surface.

When the baking is completed, let the pan sit for around one more hour in the oven to cool down.

Bring the pan out and let it sit in the average temperature until the surface cools down properly.

Step 5: Wash the pan properly

After the spray has baked on top of the pan and left to cool for a long time, lastly you need to clean and wash the pan once again.

Wash the pan using lukewarm water and sponge the pan gently to clean the spray off.

Take a look at the pan very carefully to find out if there is a proper coating of the cookware spray or not.

If yes, then your pan is ready to be used as a nonstick pan once again.

If no, then you need to redo the whole process again to make the pan nonstick and cooking friendly. Wash the pan properly before using it for cooking purpose.

Using stainless steel or metal forks or spatulas on the nonstick pans can lose its smoothness and create scratches on it.

This will end up as a bad nonstick pan which can stick the food to it.

As the Teflon layer protects the food to get stuck on the surface, so it is better to make sure that you use wood spatulas for cooking food.

The wood spoons will help you to keep your nonstick pan as good as new for a long time.

If you are using a nonstick pan as your cooking utensils, then there are some other information you need to know to utilize the cookware you use.

Knowing them will help you to use the cookware properly. The below section will help you out with that information.

How to Fix Scratched Non Stick Pan

How to Season a Nonstick Pan?

To use the nonstick pan in the best way is to season it before you use. The seasoning of the pan is very easy.

All you need to do is to clean your pan and grease your pan with canola oil or others. After greasing it, put it on the stove and heat it up for one to two minutes.

Then leave it to cool down. After the pan has cooled down, wipe away the extra oil from it and dry up once again.

And your seasoned pan is ready for the use. Do not scrub the seasoned pan while washing. Scrubbing will remove the seasoning from it.

When to Throw Away Non Stick Pans?

Every utensil has a lifetime. And the expired lifetime shows many signals to the owner that it is time to throw them away.

Even nonstick pans have that life span. If you see that the core of the pan is revealed or the handles are melted, then it is time to throw away your nonstick pans.

How to Make a Ceramic Pan Non Stick Again?

Re-seasoning your ceramic pans can help you with making your pan nonstick again. Just put an oil coat and heat it.

After cooling down, wipe away the extra oil. And your pan is nonstick again.

With these simple techniques to follow, you can make your cookwares life span enlarge and make sure of your family’s health.

Do not forget to let us know what worked best for you to keep your nonstick pans scratch-free.


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