How to Fix Raised Sidewalk

Think about you are walking on the sidewalk of your house, and you end up having a small fall due to the raised sidewalk.

All of a sudden, such raising can cause accidents for many. In these cases, fixing is the only solution to make everything right again.

But how to fix raised sidewalk?

The problem of raised sidewalks is very common as it takes place due to the tree plantation in the area or even for making space for the tree roots to be healthy enough.

Whatever it is, it creates much danger for the passerby, if they do not notice it in the first place.

how to fix raised sidewalk

Fixing the raised sidewalks can be easy in the first place. But that requires to have many helping hands.

And to minimize the workload or to minimize the number of working people, there are two ways to do it.

Both the ways call for attention to the people around to work accordingly to attain the goal of having an even sidewalk for walking.

It is your choice to choose the best method for you to work as per your comfort.

Both the methods are given below to help you with the fixing of the raising sidewalks.

How to Fix Raised Sidewalk: 2 Methods to Do it

The methods of fixing the rising problem of the sidewalk are very easy. Just make sure that you follow one method at a time to achieve the goal of fixing the sidewalk.

Method 1: Raising the whole sidewalk

This method requires to have many helping hands, as you tend to work on the whole sidewalk to be lifted.

For this method to work, you will be needing a masonry drill to make the holes in the walking slabs of the path.

And also need to call for a concrete mixing company to pour in concrete onto the sidewalks to raise it.

In the first step, you need to make two inches of holes around the place with the masonry drill.

After you have covered the whole area with it, next, you to need to call for the concrete mixing to be poured under the slabs to fill up.

By filling the under of the slabs will raise the slabs to the mark of the raised one. Continue to do it for the whole sidewalk to be covered.

The concrete mixing company lays down the concrete by using the pressure nozzles. It is very important to use the pressure nozzles to lift the slabs up.

Otherwise, you will not have even sidewalks made.

Method 2: Lowering the raised one

This method requires less time and human resources as it only deals with a small area. But at the same time, this method can also harm the nature.

As it calls for to cut down the roots of the trees or to chop down the tree.

So, it is better to work with method 1 to ensure you to give a proper chance to the nature to be grown to the fullest.

This method calls for an ax, dirt, and jacks to work with.

In the first step of the method, you need to face the slab that is raising and expose the roots under it.

After you have removed the plate from on top of the roots and made is exposed to all, now take the ax and cut down the roots to make the place even.

Carefully remove the side slabs from the area to make the whole area smooth and even.

Place the dirt in the places and use a wood piece to make that level. Remove all the tree roots from the area to finish up the cleaning.

Lastly, fill the place with washed gravel and place the slabs on top of it to finish up the work.

Both the methods helps to make the raising sidewalks even for walking. But it is better not to use the second method, which can cause damage to the nature.

Do not choose it on the basis of requiring less human resources and money to work.

Rather than choose it on the basis of making the area look beautiful all the time. This will help you to have a healthy and beautiful nature to live in.

Besides, treating the sidewalks for many other problems is very common.

So the fixing process of those has been described in the below section for you deal with it.

How to Fix Uneven Sidewalk?

Fixing the uneven pathway are on the most common issues of them all. The fixing of the sidewalks is very easy.

As it only calls for a few tools to work with. But the most important thing that you need to make the sidewalks even is a circular saw, or a buffing saw.

The buffing saw can help you to buff off the uneven parts on the sidewalks to make it smooth and even.

You can also try a coat of concrete on top of the sidewalk to make it smooth and even. Using both the things can help you to get an even sidewalk.

How Do You Fix Sidewalks Lifted by Tree Roots?

Lifting sidewalks by tree roots is what we get to see on a regular basis. And these things restrict the sidewalks to be even.

For this to fix, you can easily maintain the upper steps or can add pea soil under the slabs to make room for the tree roots to roam around the slabs and make it higher for you to walk.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Sidewalk?

The cost of the repair of the sidewalk is around 650 dollars to 2100 dollars.

It depends on the place you are working on and what things you need for the repair of the sidewalks. Which depends on the method you choose to work along.

The sidewalks even level helps us to walk on it safely. But cutting down the trees to make it even is not a good idea to work with.

So, choose wisely of the methods to work with to ensure the beauty of the nature.


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