How To Fix Glasses – An Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

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A bent frame, a broken glasses arm, and a scratched lens is a common nuisance for those of us who wear eyeglasses. Whether you’re traveling with eyeglasses, have pets and kids who find them enticing, or dropped them by mistake, glasses may bend or break. Bent and broken glasses are not only uncomfortable to wear, but they may also impair your vision and even harm your eyes.

For most repairs, you’ll need an eyeglasses repair kit.

Eyeglass Repair Kits, Kingsdun Eye Glasses Repairing Kit with Precision

The essential kit for eyeglass wearers, you can do most repairs when you have extra nose pieces and small screws. Most household tools don’t come this tiny, which is why you’ll want to be prepared with an eyeglass repair kit.

Spots on the lens can be hard to remove smudges, but it’s possible that you’ve got scratch marks on your lens. You may repair minor scratches or arm loss at home without the need for a trip to the optician’s office. Here are some easy methods you may try at home on how to fix glasses.

How To Fix Glasses

It’s worthy to note that if you’ve got cracks instead of tiny surface scratches, replacement of the lenses is the only way to repair a damaged lens. You can get just the lenses replaced if the frame is still in good condition.

How To Adjust The Fit Of Your Glasses

Eyeglasses may naturally bend and loosen over time due to normal use. If the glasses keep slipping off your nose, the arms may be too long. The arms of your eyeglasses might cause them to fall off your face or a wobbly nose piece can make the glasses seem insecure over the eyes. With glasses that are loose, they may cause eye strain.

Putting your eyeglasses in the wrong position may create headaches and other discomforts. A simple repair that does not risk damaging the glasses is a good thing.

In addition, you can easily adjust your spectacles at home since the procedure is so straightforward.

For the next repair steps, you need an eyeglasses repair kit. Here’s how to improve the fit of your glasses:

Method 1: Bend using the nose pads

If your eyeglasses are covering your eyes, you’ll want to lower your nose pad to make them more comfortable to use.

1. Grasp the frame with your free hand. Using your thumb, gently but firmly press one of the nasal pads out.

2. Using your spectacles, ensure that the new nose pad is the proper fit for you after you’ve pressed the button enough times.

3. Switching hands will allow you to do the same procedure on the other pads. Play around with the pads and your lenses until you feel completely at ease with the customizable fit. Play around with the pads.

4. Similarly, if your frames are too near your face, you may shift the nose pads toward the inside rather than outside to make them more comfortable.

Method 2: Adjusting the glass frames

Uncomfortable glasses might be caused by their arms being too tight or too loose on your face. This may be remedied by extending your glasses frames back to their original shape.

1. To make the frame more flexible, expose it to steam or put it in boiling water.

2. Depending on the circumstances, It’s up to you whether or not you want to bend your arms more or less. The closer the curvature, the better. You can loosen them by bending them upwards.

3. To fix a temple problem, you’ll need to put pressure on the frames.

4. Keep the frames in place with one hand and fasten them. On the other hand, you may shift the temples inside or outwards depending on the issue.

5. Take a look at your spectacles and see whether they fit as you adjust the temples. When you put your glasses on, you’ll know you’ve done it right.

Method 3: Tighten screws to the appropriate torque.

Often, drooping eyeglasses may be traced to the screws that hold the arms in place, which might cause discomfort.

1. The screws loosen with time because of their constant usage. The arms of the eyeglasses begin to wiggle. Using a screwdriver and an eyeglass repair kit is all that is required in this case.

2. Tighten the screws on the frame’s sides using an eyeglass screwdriver until your arms feel firm when you close and open them.

How To Fix Metal Glasses

For eyeglass frames, metal is a gorgeous and durable option. What is the best way to fix a piece of metal that has been bent?

Thin titanium metal frames have an ethereal elegance. However, they are also delicate frames that need to be taken care of. Frames constructed of metal are the most common cause of eye issues since they may flex out of shape.

There is a simple test before you bend your eyeglass frames back into shape. First, the glasses should be placed on a level surface like a tabletop. Then, you need to bend the one that doesn’t touch the ground.

Once you know which side of your spectacles needs to be bent, you’ll need the correct tool to repair them. We recommend nylon jaw chain pliers or plastic-coated soft pliers with plasticized ends.


1. The first step is to apply pressure to the frames to straighten them but avoid pushing them too hard.

2. The frames are fragile, so be cautious while handling them. The cost of repairs is generally rather high.

3. If the eyeglass arm is the source of the issue, try heating it. Hairdryers may be a useful tool. Please don’t put your eyeglasses in danger by exposing them to uncontained flames.

4. The nosepiece is responsible for misaligned spectacles. The nosepiece may be activated by pressing the nosepiece. You can replace the nosepiece using an eye glasses repair kit.

What are your options for repairing a rusted steel frame?

1. Visit an optician if this happens since this is the best course of action. The hinges, the front of the frame, or the temple of a metal frame may shatter.

2. Special welding procedures must be used to repair eyeglass frames made of metal that have been damaged. This is a job that is best left to the experts.

3. As a result of the lack of welding equipment, eyeglass frames cannot be attached to eyeglasses. There must be exactness in the procedure. If the frame has been welded incorrectly, the lenses will be unable to be reinstalled.

How To Repair Broken Plastic Frame Using Plastic Glue

Inexpensive, dependable, and easily accessible, plastic glue is a great option for most people. It is more common for plastic frames to break than steel ones, which may lead to various issues. Using glue to repair your plastic frames, follow these easy steps.


1. Make sure the eyeglasses you plan to attach have been thoroughly cleaned. There must be no traces of dirt or pollutants on the surface where you apply the glue.

2. To link two pieces together, apply glue to one of the edges. Make sure the two components are joined together before you try to repair them. After that, you must hold the frames in place for anywhere from 20 to 50 seconds, depending on how firm you want the adhesive to be.

3. Allow the glue to cure for a few minutes before placing your glasses on a clean, flat surface. You must not rush through the process. Please give the glue enough opportunity for curing time.

How To Fix Glasses Scratches

Step 1: Thorough Cleaning Before Fixing Scratches

Use a lens cleaning kit.

Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes for Eyeglasses, 210ct - Individually You can skip the microfiber cloth because the moistened wipes won’t leave a residue on the lenses.

1. Remove any smudges from your eyeglasses by wiping it down with a moist lens cleaner. You can also use rubbing alcohol and a lint-free wipe.

2. Clean both sides of the lenses.

It’s time to get rid of small scratches on the lens of your eyeglass once you’ve finished cleaning.

Method 1: Using toothpaste to fix minor scratches

Scratches on the lenses may be removed by applying non-abrasive toothpaste to the affected regions. In addition, a lens cleaning cloth may be used to smooth out the scratched areas.

1. Small circular motions should be used to massage the lenses for around 30 seconds.

2. Clean and dry your eyeglasses with a gentle towel after cold water to wash the frame and lenses. You should be able to see well again, and your glasses should be spotless.

3. To repeat a procedure, the size and form of your scratch will define how many times it can be done.

4. Consider getting an anti-scratch coating, you’ll have a better chance of preventing lens scratches. There is still a chance for scratches to appear.

Method 2: Dissolved baking soda in water to fix glasses

Compared to toothpaste, baking soda is a lot easier to come by and performs a great job. The following is a step-by-step guide on using baking soda to protect your glasses from scratches:

1. Two or three teaspoons of baking soda combined with water are needed to make this recipe work.

2. Combine the baking soda and water in a separate dish and whisk until the mixture forms a thick paste.

3. To apply the paste to the lenses, press the paste onto the lens. Follow the same procedure as you would for brushing your teeth.

4. Make sure to rinse and dry your glasses thoroughly with cold water.

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