How to Fix Blinds String – 7 Quick and Easy Step by Step Guide

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Blinds at your home or office space make the place look more elegant.

As you install blinds to your space, you know that at one point, they might also get stuck or need repairing.

You won’t need to go out and buy new blinds. You can repair old cords with easy steps for Do-it-yourself blind repair.

Read on to find out how to fix blinds string yourself.

7 easy steps to fix blinds string

Fixing or repairing a blinds string can be done easily. You can replace the string fully or only repair the broken string.

What you’ll need to repair blinds yourself are: new cord string, wire restring tool or blunt head large needle, flat head screwdriver, pliers, scissors, a tape measurer, and a lighter.

How to Fix Blinds String – 7 Quick and Easy Steps

Step 1: Find out the problem of the blind string

First, take a careful lookout at your blind shade. Observe how it works. Try to figure out where the problem is: where is the string stuck or broken?

Look between the blind plates for a broken or stuck string.

Take a look at your pull string for the broken or stuck thread of the blinds.

Frayed blind strings are easier to repair because you can use them as a guide for the new strings. If your blinds string is already broken, you will need to observe how the string is woven in another blind of the same type in your home.

Step 2: Determine the diameter and the length of the string

First, use a ruler to determine the diameter of the string.

Blinds strings generally have 4 common sizes:

  • 1.4 mm diameter string
  • 1.6mm diameter string
  • 1.8mm diameter string
  • and 2.0mm diameter string

Make sure you buy the correct one to replace it with.

Then, you need to determine the length of the string and the width of the window.

Use a tape measurer to measure up and down for the string length. Double this number (2x) to find the length you’ll need for one side of the string.

Different blind shades need different lengths and widths for them to run.

It’s better to replace all the strings in the blind at once so that they slide and work properly.

Step 3: Optional, take the blind shades down from the window

This step is optional because if your blinds string is frayed, you won’t have to take the blinds down. You can rethread it while the blinds are still installed.

First, remove the broken string. Then thread a new cord through the blinds using instructions from 2:22 of this video:

If your blinds string has broken, you will need to get your blind shade down from the window.

Use a chair or a ladder to reach the top of the blind shade of the window and get it down.

You need to remove the shade panel, also known as the valence, on the top of the shades.

Using a flat-head screwdriver will help to open up the top panel of it.

Do look up the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the blind shades.

Step 4: Remove the bottom panels and pull the broken string

Cut off the strings at the ends of the blinds string and the safety washers. Set these items aside.

Remove the bottom panels of the blind shades with your hand.

You can hold the bottom panels in your hand and pull the two caps off the panel.

The open cap panel will give you access to the strings that are connecting the panel plates of the blind.

Now find out the broken cord and try to pull that a bit. Look for the tied portion of the panel string.

To find that, look for a knot in the string of the blind shade.

When you have found the knot of the blind shade, pull it towards you and cut that knot using a pair of scissors.

Step 5: Take a new cord and attach it to the end of the old one

Get a new string according to the measurements you have done earlier.

You can take this opportunity to change up the color of your blinds string.

You buy new strings online, at your local hardware store, or from your blind shade manufacturers.

You’ll need a lighter for this part.

Hold the end of the cut string, and get one end of your new lift shade cord.

Melt both these ends with a lighter.

Now take the melted ends and attach them together. Roll the hot, melted ends together to make a secure join.

You can light up the strings one more time if the first attempt did not join the two strings properly.

Tie a knot at the other end of the new blinds string.

Step 6: Pull the string through the blinds to replace

After you have attached the two strings, all you need to do is to pull the old string through and out of the blind.

Because the two strings are connected, while you have pulled the old string out, the new string will take the place of the old one.

When you see the new string come through to the other side, cut off the old string.

This means you have successfully replaced the old string with the new one.

At the end of the process, tie a knot as it was there in the first place. This will help hold the blinds together.

Step 7: Put the tassels and washers back

Lastly, you need to put the tassels and washers back on the blind shade.

Replace the tassels if they’ve become weak due to over pulling.

Replacing and restoring all the strings of the blinds will make it like new.

Now that the blinds are uninstalled, it could be a good time to clean the blind shades thoroughly.

You can quickly put the blinds in a clean bathtub with soap and water. Scrub it with a blind cleaning tool.

Then take it out, dry it with a large towel, and let it dry overnight.

Cleaning the blinds will help you get them ready to be placed on the windows again.

Lastly, you need to install your blinds to the windows once again.

This way, the blind shades you have can serve you for a long time while making your home look elegant.

These simple DIY steps can get your blind strings fixed.

Fixing blind strings can be cheap in comparison to buying a new one or taking it to the manufacturer for repairs.

To maintain the blind shade’s condition, there are other things you need to know.

These points will help you to take care of your blinds so they won’t need to be repaired as often.

How to Fix Blinds String

How to Fix Broken Blinds Pull Cord

Fixing broken blinds pull cord is the same as fixing a broken blinds string.

First, measure the diameter of the broken string.
Next, measure the length and width of the blinds. And these numbers together.

Get a new replacement string that is the same diameter and double the length and width of the window.

Then, pull off the broken string. You will need to weave the new string through the blinds.

Once that’s weaved through the top to the bottom, uninstall the blinds from the window.

Work at the top of the mechanism of the blinds, using a threading tool, like a blunt needle. Thread the string through the opening of the mechanism.

Once the string is threaded through the holes, you can reinstall the blinds to the window.

Pull-on the strings to test your repair.

Then attach the safety washers 2 inches from the top. Cut the lifting strings to your desired length and reattach the tassels.

Although a broken string can be a major issue for the blind shades, the fixing method is easy enough to restore and takes a minimal amount of time.

How to Fix Broken String on Honeycomb Blinds

One of the common issues of honeycomb blinds is a broken cord. You can fix this problem with a few steps.

You will need a honeycomb blind repair kit.

Next, find out the broken area of the string and replace the string through the mechanism guide.

The honeycomb blinds string can be replaced by the manual or you can follow the instructions of the manufacturer to replace it.

You can replace the cord using a restring needle in the kit. The needle helps you maneuver the new string through the corners and holes to get the job done easily.

How to Fix Uneven Blinds

You’ve likely faced the problem of having uneven blinds. One side of the blind shade goes up easily, and the other one does not.

This is the problem of the unbalanced placement of the string in the blind shade. It can be caused due to one side becoming frayed or close to breaking.

This problem can be solved by replacing it with new strings of the same length and diameter as the blind.

Cut the ends of the old string and new string. Melt them together with the heat of a lighter.

Use the old string to pull the new one through the blinds. This will help you fix it quickly.

How to Fix Vertical Blinds Chain

Verticle blind chains sometimes get stuck due to dirt in between the rails. Cleaning the rail can solve the problem easily.

Other times, the rails dry up and need to be lubricated. Use lubricant on the blind mechanism to make the rails smooth and easy to run through again.

You can also open the cap of the plates in the bottom of the blinds to clean the rails and keep them lubricated.

Do not forget to dry the plate before reinstalling it.

Drying will help you have a clean and rust-free blind shades rail.

Blind shades of any type and size need a few steps of care to maintain their condition.

If you take care to fix up the blinds and shades, then they might not need replacement.

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