How to Fix Blinds String – 7 Quick and Easy Step by Step Guide

Blinds at your home or office space make the place look more elegant than installing a curtain to it.

Blinds make the place look different, whereas the curtains make the place look ordinary.

But as you install a blind to your space, you need to keep in mind that at one point it might also get stuck or need repairing.

So it is better to know how to fix blinds string by yourself.

7 easy steps to fix blinds string

Fixing or repairing a blind string can be done easily. You can replace the string fully or just can repair your broken string.

All you need to know is how to fix it by yourself. The process given below can help you to fix a blind string easily and restore the beauty of your place with it.

How to Fix Blinds String – 7 Quick and Easy Steps

Step 1: Find out the problem of the blind string

At the very first, take a careful lookout at your blind shade. Find out how it works. Try to figure out where the problem lies.

Look for a broken or stuck string in between the blind plates. Take a look at your pull string and find out the broken or stuck thread of the blind.

If you have found the problem of the blind, then measure the intensity of the problem.

Step 2: Determine the diameter and the length of the string

You need to determine the length and the size of the diameter of the string. Different blind shades need different types of length and width for it to run.

Measuring accurate size and width is very important. Otherwise, the repair process can not be done properly.

And if you restore the blind, it will fall off in a short time.

Step 3: Get the blind shades down from the window

Now, get your blind shade down from the window. Use a chair or a ladder to reach the height of the blind shade of the window and get it down.

You need to open up the shade panel on the top of the shades and bring that downstairs.

Using a flat-head screwdriver will help to open up the top panel of it.

Do not forget to maintain the manufacturer instructions to open the blind shades.

Step 4: Remove the bottom panels and pull the broken string

Remove the bottom panels of the blind shades with your hand. You can hold the bottom panels in your hand and pull the two parts of the panel cap to open up.

The open cap panel will give you access to the strings that are connecting the panel plates of the blind.

Now find out the broken cord and try to pull that a bit. Take a look for the tied portion of the panel string.

To find that up, look for a knot in the string of the blind shade.

When you have found the knot of the blind shade, pull it towards you and cut that knot using a pair of scissors.

Step 5: Take a new cord according to the size and diameter and install

Get a new string according to the measurements you have done earlier. You can find the new strings for your blind shade from any hardware store.

You can also buy the new strings from your blind shade manufacturers. The new cord you have purchased for your blind should be strong enough to hold up your blind.

Get one corner of your new wire and burn the head of it with fire. You can use a lighter to light up the fire to it.

Blow up the fire away to melt the cords head. Now get the melted corner of the new cord to the cut old cord head.

Attach them together with the melted one. Roll the hot ends together to join strongly.

You can light up the strings one more time if the first attempt does not join the two strings properly.

Step 6: Pull the string out of the blind to replace

After you have the attached the two strings properly, all you need to do is to pull the old string out of the blind.

As the two strings are connected, while you have pulled the old string out, the new string took the place of the old one.

Which means you have successfully replaced the old strings with the new ones.

If any of the plates have been missed through the pulling, do it manually to restore the blind shade.

At the end of the process, tie a knot as it was there in the first place. This will help you to hold the blind altogether.

Step 7: Replace the tassels and other cords

Lastly, you need to replace all the tassels of the blind shade. The pull cord or the tassels sometimes become weak due to over pulling.

Replacing the cord of it can help to strengthen up the blind once again. Restoring all the strings of the blind will make it a new one.

Now clean up the blind shade thoroughly and dry it up overnight. Cleaning the blind will keep it clean and ready to be placed again.

Lastly, you need to put up your blind to its place once again. You can also replace the caps and the rails of the blind shade to give it a new life.

This way, the blind shade you have can serve you for a long time while making your home look elegant.

These simple ways can make your blind strings fixed in no time. And it can also serve you for a long time.

Besides, the shades can be cleaned at the same time. Fixing blind strings can be cheap in comparison with buying a new one or taking it to the manufactures.

So, know your little fixing secrets to keep it easy and cheap for you to make your home look fabulous.

To maintain the blind shades health to its full, there are some other things you need to know.

These things will help you to take care of your blinds more accurately than anything else. And you can forget about to take it to any repairer.

How to Fix Blinds String

How to Fix Broken Blinds Pull Cord

Fixing broken blinds pull cord is just the same way as fixing it thoroughly.

You just need to attach the old and the new cord and pull off the old cord to replace it by the new one.

And after you are finished with restoring the new one to it, tie a strong knot to finish up the fixing.

Besides, a broken string can be a major issue of the blind shades, but the fixing process is easy enough to restore and takes a minimal amount of time.

How to Fix Broken String on Honeycomb Blinds

One of the common issues of the honeycomb blinds is the broken cord of it. You can fix this problem with only a few steps.

All you need to do is to find out the broken area of the string and replace the string through the mechanism guide.

The honeycomb blinds string can be replaced by the manual or you can follow the instructions of the manufacturer to replace it.

You can also replace the cord using a restring needle. The needle helps to do the job easily and fast.

As the needles are very cheap and can be found at any hardware store, it can save a lot of time for you to fix the blind shades for your home.

How to Fix Uneven Blinds

Many time we face the problem of the uneven blind at our place. One side of the blind shade goes up easily, and the other one does not.

This is the problem of the unbalanced placement of the string in the blind shade. It can be caused due to one side broke string too.

This problem can be solved by the restoring of the new strings of the same size and diameter to the blind.

Use the old string to pull the new one to the blind and fix it no time.

How to Fix Vertical Blinds Chain

Verticle blind chains sometimes get stuck due to dirt placement in between the rails. Cleaning the rail can solve the problem easily.

But sometimes the rails dry up and needs to lubricated. Use lubricants for the blinds to make the rails smooth and easy to run through again.

You can also open the cap of the plates in the bottom of the blind to clean the rails and keep them lubricated. Do not forget to dry the plate up before restoring.

Drying up will help you to have a clean and rust-free blind shades rail.

Blind shades of any type and size need only a few steps of care to maintain its health and beauty.

So, if you take care of the shades properly, then it might not need any fixing or any type of repairing. All it will need is some enthusiast eyes to look for its beauty.


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