How to Fix a Towel Rack That is Loose – 7 Easy Steps

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In addition to providing storage space for towels before and after use, a towel rack is an important bathroom accessory. Loose towel racks are not a welcoming sign of your luxurious home. It may fall out over time if it is not firmly screwed into the studs.

There have been plenty of issues with towel bars that come loose from the wall, whether it was a mistake with the anchors, a child hanging on it, or the holes that have been worn away over time and use. Being an avid DIYer and a homeowner who avoids hiring professionals for minor projects like putting up a towel rod in the bathroom, this guide is for you.

Repairing a towel bar that has fallen off the wall is simple. Follow these steps on how to fix a towel rack that is loose and you are good to enjoy your next stress-free bath.

How to Fix a Towel Rack That is Loose

How to Fix a Towel Rack That is Loose

What you will need

Drywall anchors
Allen wrench
A drill (that matches the size of the anchor used)
Safety gloves

Step 1: Choosing the right drywall anchor

The first step is to select the right anchor. Here are some to consider.

Hollow wall anchors or Molly bolts

  • Based on the thickness of the drywall, this screw is used for medium-duty applications up to 50 pounds
  • Anchors of this type add threads to a surface that expand with the screw, providing permanent threads on the surface.
  • For most applications with drywall, these anchors are an industry favorite.

Plastic Hollow Wall Plug

  • Based on the thickness of the drywall, its weight ranges from 15 to 20 pounds
  • An anchor of this type expands upon being driven into the ground and locks into place when the screw is driven into it.

Threaded Drywall Anchors or Zip-its

  • It’s suitable for lightweight applications of 15 – 25 pounds based on the thickness of the drywall.
  • Anchors of this type resemble large screws with large threads that grip firmly to drywall, provide a stronghold, and prevent the hole from being stripped out and pulled out.

Toggle bolts

  • Toggle bolts came in variety of sizes and are most widely used.
  • Use it if your drywall is thick (to make sure you purchase a long enough bolt)
  • You need to make sure that the bolt fits through the holes on your towel rack attachment plates.
  • Make sure your toggle bolts are large enough to grab onto the wall’s interior when the toggles are inserted through the holes in the drywall.

Step 2: Clean the attachment plate

Cleaning is a crucial step in the reinstallation of the towel rack. Use a dash of vinegar and warm water solution for cleaning. Ensure the plates are dry and mold free before re-installation.

Step 3: Remove the towel bar

Unscrew the towel bar. Loosen up the set screws, one on each side of the towel rack. Once you get the set screw off, go ahead and take the holder off. You will see the bracket holding the rack underneath.

Go to the second side and repeat the process. Remove the bracket. You will see the screw, anchor bolt, or toggle bolt, depending on the size of the hole. Remove the old anchor by unscrewing it so that we can use the bracket.

Step 4: Reinstall drywall anchors on the attachment plate

You can use any drywall anchor according to your wall thickness. The installation method is the same. A toggle bolt will almost always work in almost every scenario, so here’s what you need to do.

Usually, toggle bolts come in two parts – the bolt and the toggle, which is a v-shaped spring-loaded nut that provides traction against another surface. In preparation for assembling the attachment plate, you’ll want to thread the bolts through it.

To ensure satisfactory installation, the drywall thickness must be measured before installing the toggles. The toggles will need to be able to fully close before they can open within the wall since they must completely close before they can open. Our solution was to screw the bolts into the wall, keeping them secured to the attachment plate.

As you are inserting your bolts into the wall, ensure that you leave enough clearance for the toggles to close completely as well as reopen after the toggles have been twisted onto the bolt ends. In order to ensure a proper fit for the toggles, they should be tucked into the bolt heads.

Step 5: Insert anchors through the wall

Once you have inserted all the anchors into the holes in the wall, be careful not to open their buttons. Make sure you pay attention to which way the anchors open. It doesn’t matter where they are parallel to the ground as long as they have enough traction. As soon as the anchor passes through the drywall, they are ready to operate.

Step 6: Tighten attachment plate to the wall

Pulling forward on the plate will create tension on the anchor, so you will need to tighten the bolts. This will help secure the attachment plate.

Apply pressure to the bolts on your attachment plate while tightening them with a screwdriver. As you tighten one, the other, and swap between them until both are firmly attached, it will work best.

Step 7: Install the remainder of the towel rack and enjoy!

Once the attachment plate is in place, install the rest of the towel rack and then hang your towels.

FAQs on How to Fix a Towel Rack That is Loose

How to install a molly bolt to fix a loose towel rack?

1. To install a molly bolt, drill a pilot hole that is the same thickness as the anchor and tap it into place with a hammer. However, you should be sure to hammer the Molly bolts well into the drywall until they are flush with it.

2. Using the Molly bolt, attach the brackets and tighten the bolt completely after it is installed.

3. If it has been installed correctly, the Molly bolt should help last you for many remodels.

4. Consider choosing a towel bar anchor that will not rust if you will place it near the shower or where water will be splashed.

5. Plastic or products coated with a protective coating are good choices.

How to fix a loosened towel rack without drilling?

It’s amazing how well towel racks hold up! It is inevitable that a constant load of soaked towels will eventually loosen the screws in the walls. You don’t want to drill your tiles, here we got you covered. Follow these steps to fix a loosened towel rack without drilling.

1. Take out the old towel rack and unfasten any screws that remained.
2. Use the appropriate caulk to fill the holes.
3. Cover the caulk with paint (if necessary).
4. If you are installing a wall rack, measure and mark the wall.
5. Press the towel rack firmly into place after applying glue to the back.
6. Be sure that the bar has cured completely before adding any weight.


It can be a surprise to have experienced pulling the bathroom towel racks out of the wall. Towel rack brackets are sometimes not installed properly, or the installation brackets have worn down.

Some towel bar sets are delivered with wall anchors that are not designed for the type of wall, and are unable to hold enough weight.

You can easily fix it without the help of a professional. We have provided an in-depth guide on how to fix a towel rack that is loose, including information on choosing the right anchor for your wall, to fix your bathroom.

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