How to Fix a Scratched Mirror Back

A scratch in a mirror destroys the perfect shine of a mirror and ruins its beauty.

Mirror restoration is harder than most other repairing tasks and also very expensive if you seek help from a professional.

So, if you know how to fix a scratched mirror back, it can cost you less. Now let’s get on to it.

how to fix a scratched mirror back

A scratched mirror is not all a ruined one. Though scratches can look pretty ugly, it is possible to restore the mirror to its previous condition.

You can either use home ingredients for it or buy a resilvering kit from the market.

The materials that you need to remove scratches from a mirror at home are:

  • Soft cloth
  • White toothpaste
  • Dry mustard
  • White vinegar
  • Clear nail polish
  • Jewelry polishing compound
  • Aluminum foil
  • Clear tape
  • Hobby paint

How to Fix a Scratched Mirror Back

Method 1: Rub the mirror with toothpaste

The ingredients present in toothpaste can polish out scratches from a mirror.

Use a generous amount of toothpaste on to a soft cloth and rub it over the scratch gently. Use traditional white toothpaste instead of a clear gel.

Once the paste dries, buff the area and remove any excess toothpaste. See if the scratch is less noticeable.

Method 2: Use mustard-vinegar solution

First, remove the mirror from its place. Lay it on to the soft cloth. Mix one part of dry mustard with one part of white vinegar.

Spread the mixture over the scratch and buff it with a lint-free cloth.

Method 3: Clear nail polish trick

Sometimes, clear nail polish can reflect back. It is good for covering deeper scratches.

Add a layer and wait for it to dry. See if the scratch is less noticeable and if not then add another layer.

Method 4: Apply jewelry polishing compound

“Cerium Oxide”- this ingredient is effective in restoring a mirrors shine.

It is a polishing compound that jewelers and rock collectors use to smoothen valuable gems and stones.

Mix it with a little water, make a paste, and apply it on to the affected area. Buff the area to make it shiny again.

Method 5: Aluminum foil fix

For an easy and quick fix with the materials you already have in your home, aluminum foil fix is a smart way to repair your mirror.

This repair will not give your mirror a perfectly reflective look but surely will help to improve it.

If your mirror is held within a frame, then carefully take it out with gentle taps or unscrewing it.

Be very cautious while laying it flat onto a plain carpeted surface because just a little slip from the hand can break the corners of the glass or crack it.

Lay the mirror glass face down onto the surface.

Examine the back of your glass and measure the size of the scratch. Cut your foil paper with correct measurements.

Set the foil paper in place, reflective side down over the scratch so that it covers the entire scratched area — tape down one edge of the foil paper with the help of scotch tape.

Then smoothen out any wrinkles from the foil paper with the rounded side of a spoon.

Tape the remaining edges of the foil paper, remount the mirror in its frame and place it.

Method 6: Use hobby paint

Hobby stores sell various types of reflective paints. A touch up of reflective paint can be a budget-friendly good fix.

After placing the mirror on a soft surface, locate the scratch, and clear the area around the scratch.

After a thorough cleanup, the mirror needs to dry up for the paint to adhere. Shake the touch-up pen very well like one does with a nail polish bottle.

Paint the scratch area and cover it completely. You can add a few layers but make sure to dry the previous layer completely first.

After the layers have been dried up, put back the mirror in the frame and it is ready for placing.

Method 7: Using Re-silvering kit

These are few easy home remedies, but if you are willing to step up a little bit to cure your mirror, then you can go for purchasing a resilvering kit.

Using resilvering kit is tricky. It is also very expensive, even can cost you more than the actual price of your mirror.

But if the mirror has family value or emotional value to you, then it is worth a try. You can find a resilvering kit from online stores or a nearby store.

Before buying a resilvering kit, be sure that only the background coating of the mirror has been damaged and not the mirror itself.

Because a resilvering kit won’t correct the glass damage instead highlight it. If the mirror glass itself has been damaged, then consider replacing it.

Otherwise, if you go for the kit, then the chemicals present in it are toxic and must be handled with care. The process of using a resilvering kit looks like-

First, you need to read the label instruction thoroughly. Then you can start with a paint stripper to strip the back paint of the mirror.

Wear safety gloves before handling any chemicals. Use nitric acid to remove the silver coating from the backside of your mirror.

Clean the stripped glass carefully with deionized water and a clean, lint-free cloth. Dry the glass completely free from any surface contamination.

Mix the silver coating chemicals in the sprayer and apply it to the backside of the mirror glass.

Let the silver coating dry completely. Apply copper paint over the dried silver coating. Let the copper paint dry.

You must follow the instruction included in your resilvering kit for a proper application.

Coat the backside of the mirror with a protective backing paint, and once it is dry, the mirror is ready to be reframed and hanged.

These DIY techniques aren’t just for your household mirrors. They are also the best tips for fixing car mirror scratches as well.

Visibility through your side and rearview mirrors are essential for safe driving.

So it is useful to know how to remove scratches from car mirrors with items found effortlessly from your nearby store.


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