How to Fix A Sagging Couch With Attached Cushions

How to fix a sagging couch with attached cushions is a common question asked around the world.

Fixing the sagging cushions of a couch that is not attached to the sofa is easy to repair.

That part of the fixing requires only to have a plywood cut and fix it on the sofa.

But having the attached cushions can lead you to have problems in fixing, as it will require to have fixed from the inside.

The fixing is also a very expensive and time-consuming process. Most people try to avoid such arrangements and give their couches to the hands of the professionals to fix them.

But that fixing requires you to spend a lot of money by which you can buy yourself a new sofa.

how to fix a sagging couch with attached cushions

Time and use of the couch make it sagging. Which means, the cushions lose their firmness and have a very shrinky texture.

They create a feeling of unease by sitting on them. They become hard and makes the backbones hurt. But in the first place, it was comfy and fluffy.

That did not create any disturbance for you, and you loved it. You loved to spend time on the couch. But as time passes, and the couch becomes sagging.

For this reason, you tend to avoid it for enjoying leisure. And for this, it becomes a necessity to fix your sofa but spending less money on it.

Check out the below section to find out the way to fix your sofa without spending a lot.

How to Fix A Sagging Couch With Attached Cushions: Fixing to Enjoy Leisure

Screw into stucco by marking the area with a pencil. Use a driller to make a hole at a 90-degree angle on the wall. After applying the caulk in the hole, place a screw anchor in the hole. After that, insert the screw carefully in your stucco wall with a driller or screwdriver.

There can be multiple reasons to have sagging sofas at your home. You can have a broken frame for the support or have the springs broken inside the sofa.

Both can lead you to have hard sitting arrangements at your home. You may also have the foams shrunk on the sofa. That also can cause you to have the sagging couches.

Whatever the problem is, you need to be calm and spend a bit of time to fix those as taking it to the professionals can cost you a lot.

So, do it yourself with super easy tricks to fix them.

Part 1: Shrinked foams and their changing

Many times having the shrunk foams are the main reason for having sagging couches that has attached cushions.

And they have all the parts attached together; you need to open the covers of the couch to change the foams.

And to change them, first, you need to take the measures of the sofa cushions.

After you take the measurements correctly, next, you need to get them bought from the nearby market.

Ask the shopkeepers about the quality of the cushions. Take the best quality foams to install it on your sofa.

After buying the foams, ask for assistance and turn down the sofa to pick out the pins that have been holding the cover in its place.

Take out all the pins with a repairing tool and open the covers. As you have opened the covers, now you can easily change the foams of the sofa.

Take out the old one and scrape off the extra glue sticking. Paste a layer of glue on the new foams and set it on the sofa.

Keep them aside for a while to dry off properly. After they have dried up, make the cover fitting once again and attach the pins beneath the sofa to finish your work.

Part 2: Broken springs reinstallment

Having broken springs can also cause you to have sagging sofas. And as you have them built-in, you need to open the cover first to check and reinstall them.

So, make your sofa upside down and pull out the pins out of the sofa using pliers. Remove the whole covering and look for the springs.

It will be easy to identify the springs as it will not hold in the foams any more to make them squishy.

Now place a compressor tool on each of the spring and compress the tool using a wrench. Turn the tool anticlockwise to make the springs tight and firm again.

Remove the tool from the springs and check if they have set in their place or not. If they have been set in the place, then make the covering place on the sofa.

Turn down the sofa and attach all the pins to their position. And your couch will be fluffy again.

Part 3: Broken frame for the support and repairing

Sometimes, the problem may not be with the foams or the spring. The problem may be much deeper than the stated both.

And that problem is the broken frame that holds up the foams and the springs in their place.

Broken support causes the springs to settle down and lose the firmness of the couch. And to repair this, you need to open the covering of the sofa by turning it upside down.

Remove the staples and move the covering. Remove the springs and the foams and use a miter saw to cut down the broken plywood frames.

Take a measure of the cut-down plywood and buy new ones as to their measurement. Remove the wood particles from the sofa and make them clean.

After you have cleaned the area, now you can install the new board in the place. Keep it aside for a day to dry up.

Place the springs and nuts on the support board in every 6 inches. Place the foams on the place. Let them dry for a while.

After drying, adjust the cover to its place, and you have a perfectly new sofa to enjoy your leisure.

Whatever part you are changing or repairing your couch, make sure that you identify them at first and then go to buy the necessities.

Otherwise, you will need to have to spend a lot on the wrong identification. So, be sure to examine the sagging sofa well at the very beginning.

This will minimize your work area and also save you a lot of money.


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