How to Fix a Ripped Seam Without Sewing

Your favorite piece of clothing is torn. How would you fix it if you don’t want to use a needle and thread? In this article, I’ll show you the other methods that you can use on how to fix a ripped seam without sewing.

And you won’t have to throw away your favorite piece of clothing because of a hole. Choose one of the methods below to fix the tear without sewing.

how to fix a ripped seam without sewing

There are many ways a shirt or pants can get a tear. From wear and tear, laundry room mishaps, something sharp ripped into it, to pets and kids getting rough with it, many types of fabric have its weakness in the seams.

Whatever the reason is, you can fix it quickly if the tear is small. The methods in this article will show you the best ways for small and even long, large tears! Of course, you can fix it easily and less conspicuously if it’s a smaller tear. Leaving the tear and continuing to use that piece of clothing without fixing it will only make the tear get bigger.

The method you choose to fix torn seams also sometimes depends on the type of fabric. For example, fixing tears in jeans would be different from fixing the seam of a chiffon blouse.

Also, the seam fixing technique depends on the details. Some things to keep in mind are how long the tear is, whether it’s in one direction, the position of it (as in how visible it is), and how often you wash that fabric.

How to Fix a Ripped Seam Without Sewing: 4 Easy Methods 

Fixing a ripped seam is not that hard. The best way to do that is by sewing. But there are other methods you can try without touching the needle.

You can use garment tape, fabric glue, fabric adhesives, and so on. You can go to a sewing store near your home and find all the essential products there to fix a ripped fabric.

You can take a sample of the material to the store, and they will give you the right product.

So here are some no-stitching methods you can try to fix your clothing:

Method 1: Fabric glue

Fabric glue is like regular glue but for fabric. It helps to keep the material together without stitching or ironing.

Fabric glue is washable. You can mend a tear with it and wash the fabric. The tears will not fall apart.

Just apply the glue on one side of the tear and press the other side on top. If the hole is small, you can pinch it together. That’s it.

It will dry quickly. Make sure to dry the glue entirely before using the cloth.

Fabric glue will not leave any stains on the fabric. This is a quick and safe option to fix a ripped cloth.

You can also use this glue to attach laces, buttons, decorative pieces, and appliques on the fabric. They will stick on that fabric easily and will not come off when you wash the cloth.

You can apply this method to a lot of fabrics.

Method 2: Use patch on the tear

Using a patch on a tear is an excellent way to fit it. This will cover the tear easily. Your clothing will look different and new with patches.

It is better to try this method if the tear is big. You can attach the patch from the inside and from outside, as well.

They will both look good and fix the tear. If you are willing to stick the patch from the inside, cut the ripped area evenly.

Flip the cloth inside out. Then place the fabric which you are using as a patch on the torn area. You can either sew the sides or stick them with fabric glue.

If you want to stick the patch from outside, fold the sides of the patch and hold it over the tear with fabric glue. It is as simple as that.

Just dry the glue completely; otherwise, the patch will fall apart. You can use different colored or textured fabrics as a patch.

It will create layers on the clothing and look stylish too.

Method 3: Hemming tape

Using hemming tape to mend a tear is another go-to method you can try. This will do the work without sewing. Hemming tape works like glue.

If you heat it, the glue will melt and stick the fabrics together. Flip the cloth inside out to fix the ripped area. Take the tape long enough to cover the tear.

Then hold the tear ends together. Place the tape over the tear. Then take a piece of parchment paper and place it over the hemming tape.

This will protect your iron from sticking to the tape. Heat your iron on the lowest setting. Make sure the steaming function is turned off.

Then press the iron on the tape. Hold it there for a few seconds. The tape will melt and stick on the fabric.

Don’t move the fabric until it is dry. Then take the parchment paper off. Voila, the tears will stick together.

This method is easy and convenient to fix holes and tears. If you fix the cloth with this, it will not be visible.

As a result, your fabric will look perfect, and there will be no tears.

Method 4: Garment tape

Another useful method is fixing with garment tapes. This is a no heating method. You will only need garment tape for this.

Flip the cloth and keep the ripped ends together. Take a long piece of the tape to cover the whole tear.

Then peel off the cover of the tape and place it over both tears end. Now press the tape on the fabric. It will stick on the cloth and mend the tears.

This is a temporary method to stick fabrics. If you wash the cloth, the tape may come off. So, this is not a permanent solution for a ripped fabric.

These are some easy and useful method to repair torn clothing without sewing. Though sewing is the best option for tear fixing.

No matter how roughly you use the cloth, it will stay together longer than these methods.

But these easy no-sew methods can save you form a wardrobe malfunction without using a needle and thread. You can mend a tear easily and quickly.


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