How to Fix a Leaky Tub Drain

A leaky tub drain must be fixed as soon as possible as it has been seen.

The leaking water from the area can damage the area around it and also dampen the wall or the floor too.

It can cause you to come up with molds, which can be very harmful to you and your family’s health.

That is why knowing how to fix a leaky tub drain is important. Because by knowing it by yourself, you can fix the leaks sooner than ever.

how to fix a leaky tub drain

The leaky tub drains is something that we tend to ignore in the first place.

We do not think about the damage it can cause to the floors, the wood and the other area around.

And that small trouble takes us to face a huge one. As a result, in most cases, we have to change the flooring or the wood furniture around it.

And the cost is huge. But fixing it in the first place is so easy that you can fix it by yourself. And that would cost a minimum amount for you.

Find out the section below to know how to fix a leaky tub drain in an easy step by step process.

How to Fix a Leaky Tub Drain: Steps to Proceed

To fix the leak in the tub drain, you will be needing putty, a screwdriver, and a wrench. With these simple tools, you can easily fix the leak in the tub in no time.

Step 1: Spot the leak in the tub drain

In the first step, you need to put the drain stopper to its place and fill the tub with around 6 to 8 inches of water in it.

The filled up water will show the leak by having small bubbles in that area. Or else you can put a piece of paper under the drain pipes and release the water-filled.

If you find out that there is water on the paper, then you can easily say that the drain pipe has leaked.

You can spot the leak on the drainpipe by spotting the dripping water from there. Grab a flashlight to make it easier for you to see under the drain pipes.

Step 2: Seal the tub

If there is a problem in the tub body, then it can be fixed with very ease. You can put putty on the leak and let it rest for a while to dry up.

It will make the tub leak free again in no time. The leak on the tub is easier to fix as it only calls for a layer of putty on it.

Step 3: Remove the tub shoe ans seal it

But if the problem is in the tub shoe, then you have to remove it. You can remove the tub shoe drain pipes with a shoe removal tool.

Then get to the leaky spot and add plumbers putty to seal the leak on it.

As you have removed the tub shoe to make it leak-free, check the washer inside it. If you find it broken, then you need to change it also.

Then reinstall the shoe to the tub drain line and make it sure that you have placed it right.

Make it tight enough to remove the extra putty to make the pipes even. Leave for some time to dry up and test the drain if it leaks again or not.

Step 4: Tight up the joints

Leakage can be caused by the weak points of the tub and the drain pipes.

So, rechecking if all the joints are in the place and are strong enough can make the leak go away.

Check if there is any weak or loose joint in the fitting. If you find one, then tighten that up to fix the leak of the tub drain.

After you have tightened all the joints again, now you can put papers under the joints to check if you have missed any spot or not.

If not, you can be assured off to have a leak-free tub drain.

Step 5: Replace the drain piping

Sometimes, the problem occurs due to the leak of the drain pipes itself.

Then it is a wise decision to replace the drainpipe once and for all to solve the leaking problem of the tub drain.

And that way, you can have a well-maintained tub drain at your home.

Maintaining the steps above can help you to fix your tub drain leak at any time and only by yourself.

You can easily fix it with a mimimal amount of cost. Which is surely a good news for you. And fix it in the first place to keep your house safe to live in.

To fix more of the leaking problems at your home, read the below section and do it yourself.

How to Know if Shower Drain is Leaking?

If the shower drain is leaking, the first thing, you will see water dripping from the showerhead.

And the most important sign of a leaking shower drain is, you will see watermarks on the floor of the leaking water out of it.

Besides, the floors will get slippery as it will cause molds to grow in that area. So, fix it before you hurt yourself.

How to Fix Bathtub Drain Leaking into Basement?

Fixing the bathtub drain leaking into the basement calls for other treatments rather than only the putty method.

It calls for to change the gasket of the tub and also apply silicone caulk under the leaky area. This helps the bathtub in the basement to be fixed in no time.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Leaking Shower Drain?

To fix a leaking shower drain, the cost deapend on how many leaks you have. If it is small, then it would cost around 45 to 150 dollars.

If the problem is big, then you need to pay 500 to 800 dollars to the plumbers to fix.

Fixing the leaks of the shower drain or the tub drain can help you to ensure the health safety of your house, and it will also prevent damping your home with dripping water.

So, always fix it in the first place to be extra sure of your health.


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