How to Fix A Hole in Pants Without Sewing

Wearing a beautiful pair of jeans or pants is loved and cherished by all. But having holes made on them takes away all its beauty.

So people tend to trim their beautiful pants to use them as shorts to avoid the hassle of sewing.

But many of us do not know that the holes in the pants can be fixed easily, without using the needle for once.

So now, the question arises of how to fix a hole in pants without sewing. And that concern made us find out several ways to do it.

how to fix a hole in pants without sewing

The hole on the jeans or the pants can occur due to many reasons.

The normal wear to the rough washing process, many things are there that can cause the hole to take a place on your beautiful pants.

The touch or scratch of the sharp elements can also cause you to have the holes made on your pants.

Whatever the reason it is, you can fix that in no time and with less hassle. You do not need to know any type of expertise in this work or know how to use the needles.

All you need is to know the elements that can help you to fix your favorite pants without the need to sew them.

Read out the following section to know more about the tricks to fix your pants and wear them off frequently.

How to Fix A Hole in Pants Without Sewing: 3 Tricks to Fix Pant Holes

The fixing of the pant holes can be done in many ways. But there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while fixing your pants.

Besides, not all the tricks work to fix the fabric holes. Here we will be talking about the three tricks that can assure you to have the hole fixed in no time.

Method 1: Self-sticking garment tape

There is a various range of self-sticking garment tape in the market. Your clothes also come along with such tapes, when you buy them from the big brands.

These tapes work as like the scotch tape and have a covering on one side protecting the glue on it.

You can pick the right colored or patterned garment tape from the market to choose from.

Buy yourself the self-sticking garment tape of your tone and hue and then stick it to one corner of the torn area.

Stretch the area flat and peel off the covering of the tape and stick it to the gap of the pant. Make sure that you do it while the pant is laid straight.

Otherwise, you will not have even sticking of the garment tape on your pant hole.

It is effective in the place near the bottom side of the pant. This process will not work in the area where the pant needs to fit or stretch.

Stretching will make the hole opened as it sticks with the help of glue.

Method 2: Heat-activated hemming tape

Recently the market offers you to have heat-activated hemming tapes. They come in various ranges of colors and shades.

And mostly they look exactly like fabric. There are different textures in the choosing of these tapes form the market.

You can easily buy these hemming tapes from the nearby grocery stores or the super shops.

You need to cut a thin piece of this material according to the size of the hole and place it alongside the hole on the pant.

Make the tape and the pant fabric overlap each other and place an iron on it for around 20 seconds. Make sure that you heat up the iron in the first place.

The iron needs around 5 minutes to heat up properly. So, heat it to the fullest to use it to stick the hemming tape to the pant hole.

Keep the pant aside for around 10 to 15 minutes to cool down properly. Do not overheat the tape.

Otherwise, it will melt and get stick to the back of the pant. It is better to place another cloth in the middle to avoid any unwanted sticking.

Method 3: Fabric patch

You can also use the fabric patches to fix the holes in your pants. There are plenty of varieties of the patches in the market.

They are widely available around the normal grocery or any shops that sell sewing items. So choose according to your color, hue, and texture to fix the hole in no time.

There can be two types of patches found in the market to work with.

One that comes along with the heat-activated formula and the other that does not have the formula included.

You can work with both the things according to your needs and comfort.

For the patch that does not have a heat-activated formula, first, you need to get the right hue patch from the market.

Make the cutting of the patch slightly bigger than the hole made on the pant. Place the patch on the hole and apply glue to the corners.

Let the patch dry for a few hours. Make sure that you clean up the edges first to make the pant look like a single piece and have a smooth finish.

For the patch with the heat-activated formula, just cut the size of the patch and place it on the pant hole. Give enough heat to the patch to let it stick properly.

You need to iron the patch for around 45 seconds and leave for around 5 minutes to cool.

After it cools down, it will look like one piece of fabric and eliminate the holes form the pant.

Using these methods to fix the holes on your pants can assure you to solve your problem within minutes. And you can do it with no expertise in it.

But make sure to smoothen the edges of the hole first to make the fixing look neat.

Otherwise, the torn out strings will bear the identity of it being torn and holes in it.


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