How To Fix A Hole In A Shirt – 8 DIY Methods

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For many of us, shirts are an essential piece of clothing. Seeing a hole in a shirt makes you wonder if there’s an alternative to throwing out a shirt that is otherwise still good.

You can use a mending glue to quickly fix small holes. This also works on well-placed large holes without having to learn to sew.

However, there are more ways to fix a hole in a shirt. So, if you’re wondering if there’s something you can do to lengthen the life of the shirt, I have collected some kickass methods on how to fix a hole in a shirt.

How To Fix A Hole In A Shirt

It can be tough to restore fabric that’s been ripped or torn. And it’s especially true for stretchy fabric. However, you can re-use it with a confidence like before with these DIY ways for how to fix a hole in a shirt.

How To Fix A Hole In A Shirt – 8 DIY Methods

Method 1: Hand stitch to fix a hole in a shirt

For long-lasting tear mending, a simple hand stitch is all you need. You may quickly mend a lengthy rip in a cloth using a matching thread and a little needle.

1. Remove any stray threads from the tear’s inside (not too much, though).

2. Sew it in with a hand needle, and we would suggest you to practice this art first, or ask a friend or relative to tutor you.

3. The rip won’t magically vanish with this method, but it does look better than a tear. It’s possible to make this seem like it’s part of the pattern on textiles with a lot of prints.

Method 2: Use a fusible web to mend a hole in a shirt

This no-sew method is perfect for those who are not familiar with the sewing needle. It’s a lightweight, flexible material, that may be used to patch up a small rip in thin textiles like knits, T-shirts, and t-shirts.

1. The cut thread will be joined to the interfacing below and used to fix the minor hole.

2. Choose fusible web or iron-on-mending materials. Both may be used for the same purpose.

3. The sticky side is on both sides of the product. Polyester, nylon, and rayon are not suitable for this procedure (or use with extreme care).

4. You must gently expand the hole while pressing it so that the threads that are free will adhere to the interfacing underneath. Prevent pressing marks by using a press cloth between your fabric and the iron.

Method 3: Use mending glue to fix holes in clothes

This is a great method to use for fixing minor rips in clothes.

1. It’s possible that a rip is placed in a position where sewing is not possible, such as a couch or car seat. An open pocket that has been torn in the seam may be repaired using a mending glue. After a thorough application of adhesive, the area must be held in place.

2. Closing a small hole in a piece of cloth may be done using mending glue for fabric. When the glue is applied to the fabric’s surface, it forms a water resistant attachment.

Method 4: Use a sewing machine to fix a hole

You can use a sewing machine to sew straight stitches on a hole without difficulty. A hole may be stitched using settings that come standard with most sewing machines. Check out the video below to see how:

Method 5: Decorate with trimmings, beading, sequins, and other embellishments

When the hole is in the right place, you may cover it up with ornamental pieces to hide it.

1. It is feasible to replicate the design on other portions of the garment in order to make it look more realistic.

2. Find lessons on how to sew Sequins, beading stitches, beaded flowers, create fabric roses or other flowers that might be used to cover fabric rips.

3. Darns are made by hand stitching little loops of fabric together.

4. The simplest and one of the best ways to weave is to use a single sewing needle to weave. The hole will be filled with straight stitches. Over or under those straight stitches, begin to weave the thread.

6. Once you’ve finished this, you’ll have the same asymmetrical appearance as the original fabric.

Method 6: Darning by hand

1. When you begin at the top, make running stitches that are in the same direction.

2. Once you’ve trimmed the borders of the hole, do your best to fill it in as much as you can.

3. Stitch a ring of stitches around the perimeter of the hole to strengthen it.

4. Carefully double-check the fabric’s thread count as well. It’s up to you how many threads you want to work with.

5. Running stitches will not be possible if you are crossing the hole. Because of this, you may simply patch the hole with a straight stitch.

6. It is essential that the rows of stitching be parallel and one thread apart from each other at all times.

7. You’ll leave a little loop at the beginning and end of each row. This aids in the shrinking of the threads and prevents puckers in the finished product.

8. Begin going the opposite direction when you’ve completed covering the length of the hole.

9. You will alternately pick up and leave the crossing threads, and the same is true for the hole. The goal is to recreate the fabric’s prior state by re-weaving it.

Method 7: Altering the hole

It’s also possible to add fabric to the hole to make it decorative, such as by sewing on bands to cover up the missing hole in the sleeve, or by cutting it out and sewing a new one in place.

Method 8: Create a distressed or peekaboo outfit

1. You can choose to create a distressed look if you’re dealing with a hole in denim

2. Do be sure to finish the hole’s edges to prevent the hole from expanding and losing its desired ragged edge appearance.

3. To do this, whip stitch the edges to create a clean look, while a run stitch inside the edge keeps the frayed hole in place.


A hole in your favorite shirt can be easily repaired using mending glue. You can choose from a variety of no-sew and sewing methods to fix the hole. Hopefully after reading this article on how to fix a hole in a shirt, you will have a better idea of whether you’d like to fix it, cover it, or decorate it.

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