How To Fix a Broken Wooden Bed Frame – 5 Methods & Steps

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Your wooden bed frame may have cracks or splits if it was worn down from a big move or simply from its age. This is a common problem, mainly because the support system on timber beds deteriorate over time. Another possibility is that it was of poor quality from the start. In any case, it’s preferable to repair them immediately to avoid further sleep problems.

The good news is that fixing this issue can be a simple task. If you set your mind to it, you can restore your bed to a decent condition in less than a day. Here’s how to fix a broken wooden bed frame so you can have a good night’s rest again.

How To Fix a Broken Wooden Bed Frame

How To Fix a Broken Wooden Bed Frame

Solution 1: Fix small cracks in a wooden bed frame

Minor splits are easily fixed with scrap wood or wood filler, clamps, and wood glue. Just follow these steps if you ever encounter a small split or crack in a bed frame.

1. Remove the mattress so that you must be able to spot cracks and splits with certainty.

2. Separate the split and clean it. All you have to do is move the split apart with a screwdriver. Use a putty knife to remove any extra wood splinters from the split to ensure a smooth opening.

3. Fill the split fully with wood filler. You may either inject it straight from the tube or apply a liberal quantity using a putty knife and scrape away the excess with a putty knife.

4. Allow it to dry overnight, leave the bed frame alone. In the morning, you’ll find a reinforced bed frame.

5. Reattach the mattress to the bed frame only when the glue has set and the bed has been properly mended.

6. Additionally, To ensure that your bed frame is sufficiently solid, you may add some extra support before laying your mattress on it.

Solution 2: Fix A Broken Wooden Frame By Adding Wood Splits

Why spend money on a new bed frame when you can easily repair your existing one? Many individuals are hesitant to utilize do-it-yourself approaches to repair their furniture out of fear of ruining it. By carefully following the instructions, you can fix your broken wooden bed frame in like-new condition.

Step 1: Get The Bed Empty

To begin, ensure that nothing is impeding your progress. Remove the bedsheet and mattress from your bed. Remove any mattress topper or box springs that may be present. Only the frame and slats are retained.

Step 2: Clearing The Splinters

Remove the splinters with pliers once all the splinters have been removed from the crack or split on the inside of the frame.

Here’s a tip: You can do this process considerably more quickly if using a utility knife.

Step 3: Glue The Split

You should not immediately distribute the wood glue down the crack’s length; instead, pop it along the crack’s length first.

Then, using a putty knife, spread the glue liberally throughout the fissure. You do not need to make it even, but the adhesive must completely cover the split.

Step 4: Mend The Crack

Open the jaws of your bar clamps to the width of your bed frame; the amount of clamps depends on the length of your split. After that, secure the clamps to your bed frame, with the divide in between.

Then, tighten the clamp jaws until you notice a little amount of wood glue seeping out. It would be best if you kept them there overnight before proceeding with the procedure.

Step 5: Strengthen The Junction

Take out your ruler and determine the width of your bed frame. Additionally, you’ll need to determine the length of the split and add six additional inches to that measurement.

Once it is complete, locate a 1/2-inch-thick plywood strip and mold it to those two specifications. You may use whatever sort of wood you currently have in your home.

Step 6: Drill holes

To proceed, place a 3/16-inch drill bit into your drill. Then, using the newly cut wood piece, pre-drill several holes in a zigzag pattern on it. Each pilot hole should be spaced approximately 2 inches apart.

Step 7: Add the wood to the frame

Apply a generous quantity of adhesive to one side of the plywood, covering all exposed surfaces. And adhere it to the inside surface of your bed frame.

Drive 1-inch screws into the bed frame via the pilot hole. Now all that is required is to let everything sit overnight and voilà! Your wood bed frame is now ready to be used.

Solution 3: Fixing Broken Bed Slats

Bed slats often get damaged. This occurs when ill-fitting bed frames lead the mattress to move more often, bending the bed slats. Over time, excessive strain causes these slats to break. You can also find out more in our article about repairing damaged bed slats.

1. Remove the broken slat. Slats may be nailed or screwed onto the frame, depending on the style and design of your bed frame. Once the broken slack is removed by unscrewing or pulling it out, it may be discarded in a garbage container.

2. Determine the length of the slats. Measure the slats’ measurements, including their width, length, and thickness, using the still intact slats.

3. Purchase replacement bed frame slats. Your primary objective is to get the proper width and thickness. Take care not to choose slats that are too short to be fastened to your bed frame.

4. Align your freshly acquired slats with the remaining slats in the empty places left by the broken ones.

5. Once the new slats are properly installed, you may either press them into place on the bed frame or fasten them with screws, depending on the form of your bed. Consider adding some glue for further security.

Method 4: Fix Broken Bed Joints

Joints may be strengthened with metal brackets or with brackets that are integrated into the bed frame. To prevent your bed from collapsing, you may fix the joint in your bed frame using the below technique.

1. Depending on the sort of bed frame you have, the metal hooks may need to be removed. They may be reattached at a later date.

2. Disconnect the frame’s joints. This step demands additional caution, and you may use a rubber mallet if required.

3. Inspect the removed joint and use a chisel to remove any dried glue.

4. Applying wood tape as the fourth step. Apply wood tape to the portion of the joint that slots into the frame to tighten it.

5. Apply adhesive. Use a putty knife to apply a generous amount of wood glue to all sides of the slots and spread it evenly.

6. Reinstall the joint into the slot with a rubber mallet. For a secure installation, hammer the joint in place.

7. Replace the metal brackets that you removed earlier. Additionally, you may purchase replacement brackets if the existing ones are broken or rusted.

8. Allow it to air dry. Allow the adhesive to dry before reattaching the mattress to the bed frame. You are now free to use the bed without fear of ruining it.

Method 5: Investing in a new bed frame

Occasionally, bed frames fail and cannot be fixed at home. This necessitates the purchase of a solid and supportive new bed frame that will enhance your overall sleep quality while also providing a long-lasting and secure investment. Before shopping for a new bed frame, it is prudent to examine many critical factors, including the amount of space available in your bedroom, the size of your mattress, and, of course, your budget.

There are several bed frames available online in a range of pricing points, and a damaged bed may indicate that it is time for an update. Consider purchasing a bed from a respected brand that will not only provide strong mattress support but will also bring beauty to your bedroom.

Additionally, it is important to ensure that your new bed does not fail you in the long term. Metal bed frames are a strong and durable alternative, and you can discover some wonderful metal bed frames that complement the decor of your room.


If you currently own a bed that requires minor repairs, you may not need to go and find a brand new one. Just follow these methods on how to fix a broken wooden bed frame, and you are good to go.

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