How to Fill Baseboard Gaps – 10 Quick & Easy Steps

Baseboard trims are being used in the room to cover up the vacant place in between the flooring of the room and the wall.

But the baseboard trims are not always able to fill all the gaps. Those gaps can hamper the beauty of your room.

And for this reason, knowing how to fill baseboard gaps have become a necessity. The necessity of keeping your beautiful home look more beautiful than ever.

If you find a gap in between the floor and your baseboard trim, then it might mean that the level was not straight or even enough.

Or it can also mean that the trims are not correctly cut according to the floor gap. But it should not bother you. Because the problem can be solved very easily.

how to fill baseboard gaps

The baseboard corners can be easily filled up with latex caulk. The latex caulk can seal off the gap between the floor and the baseboard.

The caulks are available in many different colors. So, it is easy for you to find the perfect color for your need.

Caulk baseboard corner expands and fill-ups space to make the edges smooth.

10 Steps to Follow: How to Fill Baseboard Gaps

The process to fill up the gaps of baseboards are very easy to execute, and anyone can easily implement these process to get a beautiful looking floor.

1. Vacuum the floor

The floor gaps catch and hold more dust than any other place of the home. So, it is essential to vacuum the area or the corners first.

This will move the dust from the edges and make the place neat and clean. Use a vacuum cleaner, or you can use a brush to do it.

2. Clean the area with a dampened sponge

The area needs to be adequately cleaned. You can use a sponge and rubbing alcohol to clean the place. To do so, first, take a sponge and dip it into the rubbing alcohol.

Then sponge the corners with the dampened sponge and let it dry. The place should be left vacant for a few hours to dry up.

Otherwise, the rubbing alcohol can mix up with the latex caulk and create a severe mess.

3. Get the caulk tubes

Next, you need to find out the colored caulks, that you want to use on the corners of your floor. The caulks are available in the hardware stores.

You can easily get the different shades of the caulks to use at your home. The caulk color depends on the color of your baseboard trim corners.

You can also match the caulk color with the floor mats color. Both will look good enough to make your room look neat and tidy.

how to fix gaps in baseboard corners

4. Insert the caulk into a caulk machine

The caulks you have chosen needs to be put in the caulk machine. You just have to read the machine manual to insert the caulk into it.

But keep in mind that the caulk should be put in a proper way. Otherwise, the tube can tear apart, and that can create a mess for you.

5. Cut the caulk head

While you are inserting the caulk into the caulk machine, keep in mind that you need to trim or cut the head of the caulk tube.

Use a knife to cut the head of the tube to 45-degree angle. The cut should create a 0.25-inch hole in the tube.

This hole will help the caulk to come out of the machine.

6. Nail down the tube seal

As you have created a 0.25-inch hole in the caulk tube, now you have to break the seal inside the tube.

For this, you can use a nail to break it. Insert a 3-inch pin into the hole and force it to unseal. Be careful while you are using a nail to open the seal.

Now dampen the tube with water and clean it up with a rug. You can also use paper or cloth to do so.

7. Press the trigger

Pressing the machine trigger will release the caulk. Let the caulk come out of the cut-down head of the caulk tube.

Clean the first come out caulk with a paper or cloth. Avoiding the use of the first out caulk is better for your corners finishing.

The first came out caulk may be hard in nature. That can ruin the smoothness of the edge.

Besides, the caulks texture and color should be seen first before you use it on the floor. Because once you use it on the floor, it is hard to remove it from there.

8. Run through the corners

As you are ready with your liquid caulk, now you can cover up the area with it. To fill the baseboard gap just trigger the machine and fill up the spaces with it.

Stop the trigger while you reach any corner or any joint. This will help you to have a clean and even finishing.

Keep a consistent pressure on the trigger of the machine to get an even caulk.

9. Press the release button to stop

The release button should be pressed to stop the caulk tube to stop the running of the caulk.

The latch has to be pushed where you want the caulk to be stopped. Otherwise, the overflow of the caulk can ruin your work.

10. Press with your thumb

Get your thumb wet with water and start pressing the caulk you have put in the corner of the room.

This will make the corner smooth and neat. Stop running your thumb after some time, as it will catch extra caulk on it.

Just clean your thumb with a cloth and wet that up again to smoothen the area.

The small gaps left while installing baseboard is a very common issue. Sometimes it occurs because of an uneven floor.

This way, you can easily fill up the gaps between the floor and the baseboard and also the corners of your room.

Caulk’s use in the corner of your room makes it look cleaner and even.

Besides, usage of the caulk in the corner can stop your child from getting hurt by the edges of the mat.

This also helps to increase the beauty of your room, along with keeping that neat.


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