How to Enclose a Porch Cheaply

Having a patio roof at your house makes it comfortable for the people living in. But having the enclosed porch makes it more livable for the persons, and they feel relax by sitting in the enclosed porch during their leisure. That is why many people want to know how to enclose a porch cheaply. Enclosing the porch that is covered can be easy, but the open patio porch can be a little tricky to enclose. That is why it becomes a necessity for the people to know how to enclose them easily, who are intending to enclose their patio porch at a lower price.

how to enclose a porch cheaply

Porch or patios are the places where people like to spend their leisure time and relax themselves. They are built to make extra space for the family gatherings at the outdoors. People love to use them as the place of dining, having entertainment arrangements, playing, and others. But having the exposure of the sunlight to the area can make the people uncomfortable. That is why having the patios enclosed can solve your problems for this situation. But there are certain tricks that can help you to enclose your porch at a lower price. Knowing them can help you to make your outdoors more comfortable to spend time and at a cheaper rate. Check out the below section to find out the process to make the porch enclose at a lower price.

How to Enclose a Porch Cheaply: Tricks to Enclose

There can be many ways that can help you to enclose your porch at a cheaper rate. Just make sure that you fix one method to work with and follow the given instructions according to its method. That will ensure you to have the porch enclosed very easily. So, read out the given methods properly to pick the best one for you.

Method 1: Installing storm doors

Storm doors are cheap in price in comparison to the glass windows, but they give the same look of the glass. That is why they are becoming so famous around the world. To install these to enclose your porch can be pretty cheap and easy. All you need to do is to get the measurements of the size of the patio and divide the length into the sections of the size according to the storm doors. Next, you need to attach the wooden frame from the top to cover the area of the patio. After that, you need to place the storm doors on the frames and attach hinges to one to make the door out of it. Finish it up using colors to make the glass look beautiful and eliminate the sunlight entrance. And your porch is enclosed successfully at a cheap rate.

Method 2: Installing bamboo shades

You can also install the bamboo shades to your place to enclose your patio. It is a very easy method to enclose the porch. All you need is to get the bamboo shades bought from the market and attach one by one from the top of the patio to make the covering. Then open the blinds to cover the sides to make the place enclosed. This method can serve you perfectly if you wish to have the enclosed patio for the privacy concern.

Method 3: Installing the wooden screens

Installing wooden screens can also help you to keep the place cozy and bug-free. So, you need to buy of the screens from the nearby hardware stores to install them on your porch area. They come in a particular size. So, get the measurements first to make the layout of how you are going to attach them to your porch patio. Then you need to install the wooden frames to the place and get the screens to install there. Make sure that you keep a door open with hinges to make the doorway. Otherwise, you need to remove them again to install them perfectly.

Method 4: Installing prefabricated canvas and metal frames

This is one easy and cheap method to cover the patio place. You can attach the metal frames to take place and install the canvas to the frames to enclose the porch. This method is for the uncovered patios to work with. For this, install the metal frames to the place. You can get the metal frames built or bought from the nearby hardware stores to work along. Then get the canvas to enclose the frames. Place the canvas on the top of the frame to cover permanently. And keep the sides temporary to move according to your needs at different times. Make sure to keep an opening in the canvas and frame to make it easy for the movement and getting out of the place.

Method 5: Installing the evergreen plants

Planting around the porch can also help you to enclose the porch patio. This is one refreshing method that can help you to get fresh air along with the green view. People who love plants too much can try this method to work with. For this method to work, you need to attach a netting from the top of the patio and place it to the bottom. Make a trench around the place and plant the evergreens. Add proper compost and soil to the place to make the plants grow perfectly. It will take time to grow the evergreen, but once they get covered, it will give you a soothing view and also have the porch enclosed.

Method 6: Installing fiberglass

You can also use the fiberglass to enclose the porch of your house. For this, you need to add the metal frames to the place and attach the fiberglass to them. You need to get the hinges attached to one portion of the place to make the opening. This will cost you cheap, and it would be easy for you to install them in a very short time.

These are some simple methods that can help you to install the enclosed porch to your house and make it comfortable to spend more of your leisure time. Do not forget to let us know how did you do your enclosing and share your experiences in the comment section.


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