How to Empty Dyson Vacuum – 5 Easy Steps & Tricks

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Dyson is a pioneer in vacuum cleaners and has also set the standard for many other brands that offer the same solution today. While their products are top-notch and are easy to handle, you must know how to use them best, and follow certain safe practices and guidelines for the longevity of the equipment.

Tip: Use a pipe cleaner for hard to reach debris

If you find a clog in the collection bin, Dyson extension wand, or the motor head, you can use a pipe cleaner to help unclog and remove hard-to-reach debris.

On that note, if you are wondering how to empty Dyson vacuum the right way. In this article, you will learn some useful tips and tricks on the same. Read on to know more.

How to Empty Dyson Vacuum

How to empty Dyson vacuum

Step 1

To begin with, switch off the vacuum cleaner. This is quite obviously the first step, nevertheless, it’s better to make a note of this, as you don’t want to clean or do anything impulsively while the cleaner is still on.

Step 2

The next step is to remove the bin from the vacuum for emptying. Most Dyson cleaners make this easy at the push of the button. Follow your specific product’s manual to remove the bin.

Step 3

Once you have separated the bin from the vacuum, now it’s time to get rid of the dirt and debris. Place the trash can directly below the vacuum’s bin. Point it directly in line with the trash can, press the red bin release button, and slide it all the way through until you hear a pop sound, as the bin opens to release all the dirt and debris straight into the trash can.

As you empty the bin and release all the dirt, make sure you wear some protective gear or at least a mask, to ensure that you do not end up breathing in all the dust or getting some of it on yourself.

Step 4

Once you have emptied the bin, it’s now time to clean it. Most users consider this an optional step. However, it is recommended that you clean the bin before you fit it back with the cleaner — some of the dirt and dust particles might have stuck to the surface of the container so it’s best to make sure it’s clean before your next use. Just because it collects trash, the cleaner need not be unclean, right?

Experts suggest that you remove the bin from the cyclone for this. Rinse the bin with cold water. Do not use any detergent or soap solution here. Plain cold water should do the trick.

You should also clean the filters because dirty filters can also be a direct cause of reduced suction capacity. So clean your filters with cold water and dry them completely before you can fit them back.

Step 5

The final step in this activity is to refit the bin. For this, bring the cyclone cover into the bin carefully. When you do this right, the inside silver switch clicks on its own and you know that you have done this correctly. Then you can fit the cyclone and the bin into the cleaner’s casing.

Now your Dyson vacuum cleaner is ready to be used again.

Following are some additional tips and best practices on the maintenance of a vacuum cleaner:

  • Empty your cleaner when it hits the MAX or FULL levels as indicated in the product.
  • As you clean the vacuum, you need to also clean the filters and the outside areas of the cleaner — the rollers, brush, and bristles. This will ensure that no dust particles or hair caught in them brings down the performance of the cleaner.
  • When you clean the vacuum cleaner, also make sure to disconnect and unclog the hose.
  • Whether it’s the bin, filters, or the hose, make sure you do not use detergent or chemicals of any sort to wash them. Just cold water to do the trick.
  • A good practice is to also sanitize the outer areas of the cleaner, if you so wish, with a DIY solution. Mix vinegar with water to dilute it and wipe your cleaner down with this solution.

These are some tips and guidelines on how to empty a Dyson vacuum. Follow these right away and maintain a clean vacuum cleaner, from the inside and out!

Identifying when your Dyson vacuum needs emptying

While a vacuum cleaner is designed to eat up all the dust and waste materials from your floors and furniture, the cleaner itself needs some cleaning and maintenance at regular intervals in order to prolong its life. One of the first things to know before actually going ahead and emptying your vacuum is when to do this emptying.

If you leave the dust particles in it for too long, this reduces the performance of the cleaner. So you have to watch for signs that the vacuum cleaner needs emptying and then immediately swing into action, the moment you notice any of the following factors.

Bad odor

This is a natural side effect of not cleaning your vacuum cleaner for too long. The dust and debris caught inside the cleaner would start emitting an unpleasant, offensive smell that is an indicator that it’s about time you cleaned the vacuum cleaner.

Eerie noise

When you try to operate your vacuum cleaner when it has already collected too much debris, and there’s not enough room for more, then it starts giving out a weird, eerie noise, something that is unlike the one it produces during regular cleaning sessions. When you notice this eerie sound, then it is an indicator that the cleaner might need to be emptied. If the sound continues, you will want to remove the cleaner head and tube to see if there’s anything stuck

Reduced suction power

Loss in suction power is a definite indicator that the Dyson vacuum cleaner needs emptying. When it has accumulated enough dirt, the next time you try cleaning the house, you will notice that the capacity to suck in dirt has reduced. Another contributor to the reduction in suction power is the accumulation of dirt on its rollers and bristles. So you should not only empty the bin but also clean the surface of the rollers frequently.

Now now that you understand what happens when your bin is too full, read on to learn how to empty the Dyson vacuum.

FAQs on How to Empty Dyson Vacuum

How do you release a Dyson canister?

Point the bin down in line with the trash can. Now push the red bin release button and slide it down until you hear the pop sound of the base of the bin opening. This will release the dirt and debris straight into the trash can.

How often should you clean your Dyson?

It is recommended that you clean your Dyson at least once a month or at least whenever you see that the bin has gathered debris to the MAX or FULL level as indicated in the equipment.


If you are wondering how to empty Dyson vacuum, here is a summary of a quick and easy procedure to do so. Switch off the cleaner, separate the bin from the vacuum, point the bin down, in line with a trash can and push the bin release button and slide it until it pops open, thus releasing the dirt. Now you can clean the bin with cold water before refitting it with the vacuum cleaner.

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