How to Distress Jeans – Follow The 7 Step Method

Distressed jeans have been popular among millennials for many years. It can be quite expensive to purchase distressed jeans.

You can distress an old pair of jeans if you know how to distress jeans. You will only need a scissor and a razor.

The best thing about distressing your own jeans is that you get to choose the areas of the jeans you want to distress.

Below, there is a step by step guide for this process.

how to distress jeans

How to Distress Jeans

Step 1

Choose the jeans you want to distress. It is better to start experimenting with an old pair of jeans if you are new to this process.

Old jeans also look great when distressed than new jeans. These will provide you a fashionable vintage look.

Step 2

Put on the pair of jeans and mark the areas where you want to distress. You don’t need to follow any rule here.

You should feel comfortable with what you are wearing. So it depends on you where you want to distress your jeans.

Step 3

Place the pair of jeans on a flat and clean surface. You can lay it on your kitchen counter, for example.

Step 4

For the next step, you will need sandpaper. Starting sanding the jeans on the spots, you have marked.

The purpose of sanding jeans is to make the cutting process easier.

Also, when you sand the pair of jeans, it will provide a faded look which is very common in distressed jeans.

Step 5

Now, you will need to place a cupboard inside your jeans. Take the width of your jeans and cut a piece of a cupboard.

When you place the cupboard inside, it will keep you from accidentally cutting the back of the jeans.

Step 6

If you want the white threads of the jeans to show from outside, you will need a razor for distressing. If you want a large hole, you can simply use a scissor.

Step 7

At last, use a tweezer to pull the threads from the distressing part of your jeans.

Always try on your jeans several times so that you are aware of what you are doing.

This way you can get a pair of trendy looking jeans without spending much effort and money.


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