How to Dispose of Spray Paint Cans? Precautions & Recycling

Spray paint cans are designed in such a way that the particles in the can stay under pressure to maintain the liquid form of the paint.

So, throwing those cans in the regular garbage can make them explode due to heat and pressure.

Knowing how to dispose of spray paint cans is vital for the maintenance of safety of your surrounding.

How to Dispose of Spray Paint Cans

Suppose you have thrown your spray paint cans in your regular garbage truck.

If there are heat and pressure in the truck, then the spray paint cans might explode. And that explosion creates some severe issues like garbage explosion.

People around the place might get hurt or scared. Though the blast may not be a huge one, but it might scare everyone off.

Even a small amount left in the spray cans may create a hazardous situation for you.

Many of the countries around the world even can fine you for the regular disposal of spray paint cans.

So, it should be disposed of in a proper way to maintain the safety of the environment you live in.

How to Dispose of Spray Paint Cans

The proper way to dispose of those empty cans is very easy. But many of us do not know about that.

And that unawareness can create a big mess for us. So, maintaining the process is essential.

Check if the cans are empty

Before disposing of the cans, it should be check properly if those are empty or not. If it does not seems like empty to you then follow the further steps.

Cover the area with papers

To check if the can is empty, first cover up the whole area with papers. It is for the color safety of your home.

Because you do not want to ruin any part with random color just while checking that.

Press the nozzle to check the color

Press the nozzle of your spray can to see if any color comes out of the can or not. Try to listen if there is any “hisss” sound or not.

If not, then it means the can is empty. But if there is the sound and little amount of color came out, then try to shake the cans to empty the colors.

Spray that on the papers you have laid down. The papers will help you avoid unwanted color interaction with anything else in your home.

Shake the can

Shaking the can help you notice if anything is still in there or not. If shaking the cans feels like there is still color left in the cans, then repeat the third step to avoid any accident.

If that feels empty, then you are ready for the next step.


The disposal of empty cans in the regular garbage is not harmful.

If you find out that the cans are entirely empty, then you are easy to dispose of it in the garbage bin of your regular use.

Precautions for Disposing of a Spray Paint Can

These steps will help you ensure that you dispose of the empty cans in the garbage and you are risk-free.

But there are some other things that you need to know about the spray paint cans. These things should be known accurately to handle a spray paint can.

  • Do not get the paint cans in interaction with heat.
  • Do not place your paint cans beside the oven or stove.
  • Do not keep the paint cans close to electric devices.
  • Keep the spray paint cans out of the reach of the children.
  • Do not keep a spray paint can for a long time in your home. If it is not finished after the completion of your work, then try to empty it and dispose of that as soon as possible.

We tend to forget these simple things after the usage of the spray paint cans.

Though these things are written on the labels of the cans, but we avoid them for no reason. And avoiding them can cause severe accidents.

So, it is better to maintain them all.

Disposing spray paint cans

Recycling Spray Paint Cans

There are some questions asked very often regarding the recycling and disposing of the spray paint cans.

So here we are trying to provide you the information about those questions to help you with your spray paint cans.

  • FAQ 1: Can anyone dispose of the spray paint cans in the regular household trash?

Answer: Yes, you can dispose of your cans in the household trash. But you must empty the cans first to ensure the safety.

Otherwise, you are not allowed to dispose of cans in solid waste.

  • FAQ 2: Can spray paint cans be recycled?

Answer: The spray paint cans can be recycled.

  • FAQ 3: Where Can I recycle spray paint can?

Answer: Take the cans to your nearest recycle area to recycle them as scrap metal.

Following some simple steps can give you a safe surrounding.

So, maintain the safety measures to ensure the safety of your family along with the surroundings.


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