How to Dispose of Old Pillows – 9 Ways of Recycle

You might need to change your favorite pillow if it becomes lumpy. Instead of throwing away the pillow, you can reuse it for other purposes.

So, how to dispose of old pillows? You can make pet beds, throw pillows, and donate your old pillows.

Once you buy a pillow, it will provide you comfort for maximum two to three years. After that, it will lose its firmness and will start to become lumpy.

Pillows absorb dust, dirt, saliva, skin oil, etc. All of these results in a lumpy cushion.

However, if you replace your bed pillow every two years, there will be a lot of waste when every American will do the same thing.

There should be a proper way of throwing away pillows so that we don’t harm mother nature. What to do with old pillows?

Below, we have provided a few ways through which you can dispose of your old pillows.

9 Ways to Dispose of Old Pillows

How to Dispose of Old Pillows – 9 Creative Ways to Recycle

1. Make Pet Beds with Old Pillows

If you are spending a lot of money to create a comfortable bed for your pet, you can think about using old pillows to cut your expense.

Pet beds can be pretty expensive, and your pet won’t even bother to sleep in an expensive bed. It will create a space whether it’s your couch or dirty laundry.

If you use the old pillow as your pet’s bed, your pet will feel more comfortable.

Because the old pillow will produce a familiar smell which will give your pet a sense of security and comfort. Also, it’s a great way to recycle old pillows.

To make a pet bed with old pillows, you will need four old pillows. At first, you need to cut the pillow and pull out the stuffing.

Then make a pet bed with the filling. You can use a sewing machine, or you can sew with a needle and a thread.

2. Use as a Moving Material

You can keep the old pillows for future use. For example, if you are moving into a new house, you will need to move all the furniture and sensitive things made from glass.

Moving the fragile stuff in cartons can be risky. You will need to stuff the carton so that the materials don’t move.

You can fill the empty space with the old pillow stuffing. It will prevent glass materials from moving and breaking.

Also, the furniture will be free from any kind of scratch that can occur while moving.

3. Make Throw Pillows

If you are thinking about a lot what to do with your old couch cushions, making throw pillows is always a great way of reusing old pillows.

Throw pillows are mainly used to give your living area and bedroom an aesthetic look. You won’t be sleeping in these pillows.

All you need is to make a pillow with a designed cover which will add some extra beauty to your room.

Also You can use the stuffing from your old pillow to make throw pillows. No need to spend hundreds of dollars whereas you can make one at your home.

You can design a cover on your own or buy a cover and fill it with the stuff from your old pillow.

4. Make a Gardening Knee Pad

If you love gardening, you should know how much care it needs. Gardening knee pads help to rest your leg so that you don’t feel pain while working.

You can make a gardening knee pad with your old pillow. Take a sturdy pillowcase and double up an old pillow.

Or you can also make a cover to wrap the gardening knee pad.

5. Donate Old Pillows to Local Animal Rescue

If you are finding a place to donate the old pillows, you can always contact the local animal rescue. They sometimes take old pillows and make these into pet beds.

6. Donate Old Pillows to a Textile Factory

Manufacturers who work with different kind of fabrics often want old pillows to recycle them.

If your old pillow is made with linen or foam, they will keep these materials and throw away the waste.

Mane textile recycling services take old pillows, and they reuse the stuffing of the pillow in different ways.

how to dispose of old pillows

7. Make Floor Cushions

You can use the materials of your old pillow and make a new floor cushion. Floor cushions add a vintage look to your room.

You can add differently textured covered to these floor cushions. As you will not sleep in these cushions, they can be made with the stuffing of your old pillow.

Giving an extra height is all it needs. You can use 3 or 4 old pillows to create a new floor cushion.

You can use this floor cushion to play video games while sitting on it, or you can gather a few floor cushions while playing indoor board games.

8. Use for Toys and Halloween Costumes

You can re-stuff your child’s favorite toy with the materials from an old pillow. Toys get worn out, and the stuffing gets loosened over time.

Or the toy might have lost its texture. Your child might not want to get rid of the stuffed teddy bear which has been with him/her for a long time.

If you have a basic sewing skill, you can make your child’s favorite old teddy bear into a new one. All you will need is a few old pillows and a thread and a needle.

You can use old pillows to make your Halloween costume. There are many types of Halloween costumes that require a considerable amount of stuffing.

If you keep the old pillows, you can use them later during the time of Halloween.

Making Halloween costumes from scratch will also make your kid interested to make things on their own.

9. Stitch a Japanese Body Pillow

Have you ever heard of dakimakura? It is a kind of Japanese body pillow. Many people are used to sleeping with a body pillow.

You can use a few of your old cushions and turn it into a full-body length pillow. You will have to take out the stuffing from the old pillow and stitch with a new cover.

A body pillow can be great for people who have back pain. It supports your arm as well as leg.

If you don’t use a body pillow, you can try one. It is an excellent way of repurposing old bed pillows.

These are the ways you can dispose of your old pillows. You can always do a DIY project with your old pillows.

It will serve two purposes. At first, you will be able to make something beautiful. And also, you will be able to dispose of your old cushions correctly.

You can dispose of similar types of items like this. If you are thinking about how to get rid of duvets, we also have a few solutions for this.

You can always sell your duvet online if it is new or if you have used the duvet for several times.

Similar to old pillows, you can find a local animal rescue center which will take your old duvet.

Before donating the duvet, make sure the animal rescue center will use it. Otherwise, they will dispose of it instead of you, which will serve no purpose.


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