How to Display Potpourri – 9 Best Ideas for Your Home

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Do you have potpourri with the scent and texture that you would just love to display? If you answered yes, then you will want to get our best ideas for how to display potpourri.

Potpourri is a beautiful way to add a fragrance to a room. Potpourri is one of the oldest ways to fragrance. Even if you don’t have your favorite potpourri right now, we will also go over DIY potpourri recipes along with how to display them.

Read on to discover our favorite ways to display potpourri and how to make your own DIY potpourri.

How to Display Potpourri

Potpourri Display Container Ideas – 9 Ideas

The first step on how to display potpourri is to choose a container for it. It is no surprise that potpourri is versatile and you have plenty of options!

1. Put it in a Minimal Vase

WGVI Clear Slant Cut Bowl Glass Vase, Glass Terrarium, Candy

Minimal all the way, from your Scandinavian decor or to contrast the busy texture of potpourri, you just can’t go wrong choosing a simple display container.

2. Put it in a Rustic Wood Container

Stonebriar Count Your Blessings Rustic Rectangular Wood and Glass Tray

If you’ve got farmhouse and rustic decor, you’ll love this rectangular wood display for your potpourri. It’s got glass to show colorful potpourri, as well as a sentimental saying to complete the look.


3. Put it in a Rope and Glass Vase

Funsoba Rustic Rope Net Farmhouse Flower Glass Nautical Vase with

Rope is another way to embrace a farmhouse look.

4. Put it in a Ceramic Display Bowl

Sullivans Oval Distressed Ceramic Vase, Home Decor Accents, Modern Farmhouse

The beauty of ceramics is their handmade look that goes with any rustic colors and textures.

5. Put it in a Wood Bowl

GoCraft Wood Potpourri Bowl with Tree Bark, Small, 6" Diameter

The wood bowl brings a classic look to the nature of dried fragrant flowers.

6. Put it in a Flat Rectangular Display

WGV Rectangle Plate Vase, Length 24", Width 4", Height 4",

So you’ve got a futuristic or modern theme, what can you do with potpourri? Choose this minimal flat rectangular display.

7. Put it in a Shell themed glass

Hosley Glass Shell Vase 8 Inches Long Ideal Gift for If you’ve got the seaside or Cali comfort theme, you’ll love displaying potpourri in a shell design.

8. Put it in a Brass stand

India Overseas Trading Corporation Solid Brass Golden Potpourri Stand Container

If you’ve got an ornate theme, or want a variety in color and texture, you can draw attention to the potpourri with a brass potpourri stand.

9. Put it in a Mason Jar with a Decorative Lid

PH PandaHall 30pcs Aluminium Jar Lids Cover 3 Style Hollow

We love the versatility of mason jars, and you can even put potpourri in it for display! You can get decorative mason jar lids that lets the potpourri scent out with a tidy closed-jar look.

What are the Best Spots to Display Potpourri?

Here are our 3 top favorite potpourri display locations around the home:

1. Floating Shelves, anywhere!

You can use floating shelves in the living room or bathroom and put potpourri in a decorative jar there

2. Fireplace mantle or TV area

Fireplace mantles also make a great spot for potpourri and scent the hang out area. Check out our article on great ideas for decorating your fireplace mantle.

3. Console table, in the foyer or anywhere

You can greet guests with decorative potpourri and its scent when you place it on a console table

How to Display Potpourri

What You May Need

Well, it depends on what type of potpourri you want to display. Here’s a list of items you may use when making your own potpourri:

A container or bowl
Dried flowers (petals)
Cloves and spices
Fixing for your potpourri
Essential oils

Now that you have gathered the things needed, it is time to make and display your potpourri. Check the methods explained below. Choose one that best suits your needs and give it a little tweak to create a unique potpourri. Be creative!

Part 1: How to Display Potpourri the Classic Way

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients

Once you’ve found or purchased everything needed for a spicy classic potpourri, keep the ingredients at hand. Combine orange peels as well as other fruit peels with petals and cloves to make a mixture that smells and looks good.

Use different kinds of flower petals and woody materials you find in nature. You may also add a few cinnamon sticks. These components will look great in any space by complementing each other.

Step 2: Add More Items for a Winter-Themed Potpourri (Optional)

Potpourri will be a great addition to your home during the winter holidays. To create a specific smell while going with a holiday theme, add some pine needles and pine cones as well.

Complement it with cedar bark, rose hips, and peony petals. Experiment with a wide range of ingredients to come up with a one-of-a-kind combination.

Step 3: Dry Ingredients

Put your potpourri components in a cardboard box or baking tray. Let them dry out. It takes ingredients about 15 days to dry thoroughly. This is particularly true for petals and leaves.

Expose the ingredients to the sun if you want them to dry faster. To ensure that they don’t overlap each other, spread them in one layer.

Step 4: Pour Everything into an Appropriate Container

Now the dried items should be placed in a container. Use an airtight one that is easy to seal. For example, you may take a large plastic bowl and seal it with a lid or wrap. A mason jar with a lid could also be useful.

No matter what container you use, make sure it is large enough to accommodate all the ingredients. It is not supposed to appear attractive, as you won’t display potpourri in that container.

Keep in mind that dry herbs are crumbly and prone to flaking when touched. So be gentle during this step to prevent them from crumbling or crushing.

Step 5: Add Essential Oils

It’s time to spice things up! Consider adding some essential oils to dry components with an eyedropper. Three drops will be enough.

In addition to adding fragrance, essential oils will moisten dry elements. Combine different oils so that they are dispersed evenly. For instance, you may use honeysuckle, orange, lemon, barberry, cinnamon, and rose oils. They are all excellent choices.

Step 6: Seal the Container

After sealing the container, let it sit for five weeks or so. That will allow dry items to absorb the essential oils completely.

Make sure your container is stored in a dry, cool, place like a dark shed or closet. Your potpourri should sit there until it’s time to display it. Do not open it meanwhile.

Step 7: Display Your Potpourri

Finally, your DIY potpourri is ready to be displayed! Pour ingredients ​in one big bowl (if the potpourri is intended to stay at one place in your home) or several open jars – they will serve as individual gifts.

You may also use transparent containers without lids to allow the smells to spread through the air. They should be emitted for at least two months. To preserve the strong smell, put small portions of your potpourri into resealable poly bags.

How to Display Potpourri

Part 2: How to Make Potpourri with Dried Flowers

Step 1: Dry Flowers Completely

There are two ways to get your flowers dry out: hang or bake them. The former method involves tying flowers together and hanging them upside down. They will take about 20 days to dry.

If you choose the latter method, the flowers should be placed on a baking tray and baked for about two hours. Be sure to preheat the oven to 90°C (about 200°F).

Step 2: Place Flower Heads or Petals in a Container

Grab scissors and cut stems off before putting dried flowers in a sealable container – it can also be a mason jar or a bowl. You may place either full flower heads or individual petals.

Step 3: Add a Few Drops of Your Favorite Essential Oil

Essential oils can bring dried flowers to life, thereby making potpourri smell great. Add up to 10 drops by mixing different fragrances. Some good choices include lemon, honeysuckle, rose, and lavender oil.

Step 4: Let the Sealed Container Sit for Two Weeks

Once you’ve placed everything in a container and added essential oils, seal it properly. It will take about 14 days for flower petals to absorb oils and smell good. For a stronger smell, leave it sealed for 2 months. Don’t open it in the meantime.

Step 5: Mix in One Tablespoon of Orris Root Powder

Have you ever used orris root powder? Aside from being an exotic spice in Ras el Hanout and other dishes, it’s also used as a fixative with a variety of essential oils.

Orris root powder is a ‘secret ingredient’ of potpourri that is very popular thanks to its cosmetic-like smell. It features a sweet aroma. Mix in about 17 grams (one tablespoon) of this fragrant powder when making potpourri.

It will do wonders for your potpourri by ensuring that essential oils don’t evaporate. Thus, orris root powder will keep your blend smelling fresh for longer (up to 3 months). Cover your potpourri evenly by shaking it up after pouring 1 tbsp of the powder.

Step 6: Arrange Your Potpourri

Potpourri with dried flowers is usually displayed in shallow bowls or open jars. Make sure the container you use is open to allow smells to spread in the air.

Get creative with your potpourri. For example, arrange it by adding some cloves and/or decorative stones. You may also create a heart-shaped arrangement.

FAQ About How to Display Potpourri

Where Can Potpourri Be Displayed?

Potpourri is usually displayed in aesthetic containers and open bowls. We cover containers and areas around your home in this article.

They can be placed just about anywhere in your office or home. Aside from decorating your space, potpourri will make your home smell fresh.

How to Make Dry Potpourri?

Once the dried fruit has totally cooled, you will need to put it in a resealable plastic or poly bag. Then add some cloves, cinnamon sticks, and bay leaves. Sprinkle 5-6 drops of clove or orange essential oil. Then seal the bag and shake it since the ingredients should be mixed together.

What is Potpourri?

Potpourri has an ancient origin. This mixture of dried, crushed botanicals and fragrant essential oils is now mainly used as a decoration. Potpourri is still very popular thanks to its pleasing and alluring scent.

It can be made of different herbs and products. When making potpourri, botanicals often include flower petals, leaves, bark, roots, berries, fruit, seeds, and spices.

In addition, they also add a wide variety of fragrance compounds like citrus, floral, fruit, nut, and herbaceous oils. All of those ingredients can be mixed and matched to create different scents.

Most people find that potpourri has a pleasing scent and use it as a decoration or as a way to scent their homes. It is something that can be made at home. Read on to learn how to make and display potpourri.


Now you should be able to make and display potpourri yourself. This is a great way to save money on home decorations. It will scent your home and add extra beauty to your space!

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