How to Determine Bolt Size from Hole

Everyone has faced the problem of getting the wrong bolt size for the hole they want to treat.

Every time the problem occurs because there is no hardware specialist near at hand. But how to determine bolt size from hole is a critical thing to know.

To know about the ratio, one must know about the different types of bolts available in the market.

And with that knowledge, one can easily determine the size of the bolt they will be needing to complete their work.

How to Determine Bolt Size from Hole

Bolts come in different shapes and sizes. Those different shapes and sizes are meant for different work patterns.

But knowing the hole size and type to determine the bolt size is important. That even helps to determine the type of bolt that is needed for the workability.

Take a look in the below section to find out the ways or methods to determine the bolt size and type by seeing and, measuring the hole only.

For that, you will not be needing any specialist or anything.

How to Determine Bolt Size from Hole: 3 Methods

Method 1: Measure bolt size using alginate to fill the hole to size the bolt ratio

Alginate is a type of powder that creates a rubbery texture when mixed with water and dried up. Alginate is used to make a mold of different shapes and objects.

It is also used to make sculptures made out of plasters.

So, if you pour down the mixture of the alginate in the hole you have, it will form a shape when it dries up.

After the alginate dries up, bring the rubbery mold towards and determine the size of the bolt by using a measurement tape.

You can get the perfect shape of the hole by using alginate. Just keep in mind that you need to keep a stick in the alginate mixture in the hole when it is still liquid.

Otherwise, you will not be able to pull that out.

Method 2: Vernier caliper measurement method

Vernier calipers are used to determine the ratio of a round object. It can also give the reading of a hole too. This is an easy method to determine the hole size.

All you need is to get a Vernier caliper and a straw to get the depth reading.

Get the Vernier caliper and place it on the hole and adjust the scale on the both side to get the reading of the diameter of the hole.

Next, place a straw in the hole and mark the straw on the point where it reaches the end.

Now take both the readings and determine how long should be the bolt and how wide it should be.

Just keep in mind that you count 1mm less than the hole diameter for the bolt to fit.

Method 3: Measure bolt size with bolt size measurement scale

There are many bolt size measurement scales available in the market. You can easily find one in the nearby hardware store.

The specialist uses it to determine the bolt size for any hole. It also indicates what type of bolt is suitable for the hole.

But the scale can be a bit expensive. So buying one can help you solve most of the problems.

To determine the bolt size with the help of the measurement scale, you have to place the scale on top of the hole you want to measure.

These scale comes up with many holes in it according to the shape and with also the number of the bolt size.

So, placing one on top of the hole can tell you the size.

You have just to make sure that you try every hole shape and find the perfect hole size that matches on the both side.

And if the size matches, that number of the bolt given on the scale is what you will be needing to finish your job.

Matching the perfect bolt is one of the most important works for any assembly of furniture.

The bolts hold up the furniture together and make it safe for us to move around. So, finding the perfect size is very important.

This way, we can keep our place safe for us and everyone else. Besides, screw sizes are also very important to determine.

Let’s take a look in the below section to find out more about the screws size and bolt fractions to the hole.

How to Determine Screw Size Needed

Screws are as much as important as the bolt is for furniture assembly. Screws are for the small areas that the bolts can not cover up or fit in.

In those places, screws play the role of merging the things and creates the shape we want it to be.

But if one uses the wrong sized screws can lead to horrible accidents. As for you are attaching a big piece of wood to another with a small screw.

What will happen? It will fall, which may cause severe injuries for anyone.

So, determining the screw size is a must in the first hand. It is very easy to determine the screw size.

All need to do is to measure the hole you are working with using a toothpick and mark on it. Then measure the length of it.

Next measure the diameter with a Vernier caliper. Combine both the measurements and choose the nearest reading screw to fit in the elements.

How Much Bigger Should a Hole be Than a Bolt

A bolt is basically a bit small than the hole it is dealing with. The reason for this is to fit the bolt into the hole and let it set properly.

Usually, the reading of the difference is around 1mm. But it may vary if you are using a clum to stick it in the hole. If the clum is 1mm.

In that case, you have to choose a bolt that is 1.5mm smaller than the hole to fit into the hole and the clum to set.

These measurements are not accurate until you know what you are dealing with and what else you will be using along with the bolts and the screws.

So, try to maintain every measurement accurate to get the perfect reading and fixture.


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