How To Deflate Foil Balloons – 4 Simple Methods To Try

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Maybe you didn’t realize that the foil balloons you use for your parties and birthday celebrations are reusable so you could make use of this re-usability and help save the environment at the same time.

It’s no surprise that you are popping these foil balloons and throwing them away, but now that you’ve read this article, you’ll know how to deflate foil balloons on your own and use them at your next event.

How To Deflate Foil Balloons

How To Deflate Foil Balloons

Method 1: Deflating using a straw

Step 1: Insert the Straw

Put the drinking straw inside the balloon tail valve to deflate it. By pushing the straw far enough into the balloon, only 1/2 inch of the straw will remain on the valve.

Step 2: Depress the Balloon

For the helium to be removed from the balloon, gently press the body down. As much gas as possible must be extracted from the balloon, which can be difficult.

Step 3: Fold the Balloon

Fold the balloon for storage. Take the straw out of the balloon and fold the body into itself. Most of the trapped gas will escape when you squeeze. If you fold it, you can release even more gas.

When folding the balloon, press the top down. You can fold it once more inside the balloon body if there is enough room. Smooth it out. Fold in the left and right sides of the balloon, then press the helium out as you go. Remove the straw then fold it down the rest of the way.

Tip: Leave the ribbon attached to the balloon tail. Wrap it around the folded balloon to keep the folds from coming undone.

Method 2: Using Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is very cold and has a very low temperature. The molecules of gas at low temperatures lose their energy and move closer, shrinking the volume of the container if the container is flexible.

This method won’t remove the gas inside the balloon, but shrink the size of the balloon.

Step 1: Take a container

Grab a large container and fill it with liquid nitrogen. Make sure to keep your hands safe by wearing safety gloves.

Moreover, only try this method under supervision of liquid nitrogen specialists.

Step 2: Put the balloons

This method is not recommended for one or two balloons. If you have a bunch of foil balloons with no time to deflate them separately, this method could be a quick way.

When you put an inflated balloon in a container of liquid nitrogen, the gas inside will start to contract. It will deflate as it stays in the cold temperature.

Step 3: Take the balloons out

After deflation, take the balloons out of the container. Upon reaching room temperature it will come back to its original shape and gain the previous volume as the molecules will gain back their energy and start moving again.

Tip: If you want to take dozens of balloons from one party to another, this method perfectly fits your demands.

Method 3: Use a Ballpoint 

Step 1: Find the valve

The first step is to look for a colored tab on the edges or downside of the balloon. The plastic tab is two-layered with passage for air to inflate or deflate the balloon.

Step 2: Grab a ballpoint

Take a ballpoint pen and remove its back cover. Take the refill section out and remove the writing noob.

Step 3: Insert the refill section

Now insert the refill from the backside into the opening of the foil such that the ballpoint makes its way through the passage to inside the balloon.

Step 4: Gently press

Now, once you have done it what you need to do is gently start rolling the straw and push simultaneously slowly on the straw and soon you will hear a sound just like you hear it from a tire when it leaks air. Keep repeating until the balloon is completely deflated.

Step 5: Remove

Remove the straw gently and make sure that all the air is now expelled.

Step 6: Fold and enjoy!

Finally, start to fold the balloon slowly till all the air is completely removed. Once you are done with deflating the balloon, just give it a simple fold and store it in an appropriate place to re-use it in the time it’s needed.

Method 4: Use a suction pump

Several suction pumps perfectly fit the nozzle and keep everything handy.

Step 1: Insert a pump wire

Insert a suction pump wire into the valve of the foil balloon. Keep things gentle to avoid any leakage.

Step 2: Follow the instruction

Before getting started, make sure to read the label instruction on the suction pump.

Step 3: Wait, wait, wait…

Now stay patient, and let the suction pump work wonders.

Step 4: Detach and fold

When you feel no or minimal air in the foil balloon, detach it and fold the foil balloons.

How to Seal A Foil Balloon?

Method 1: Using a heat sealer

1. Select the low-heat setting on the heat sealer.

2. Pinch the balloon’s neck closed between your fingers as you inflate it with a balloon air pump.

3. Using the heat sealer, insert the balloon neck between the jaws.

4. If there is a lever to close the jaws, press it to close the jaws. Once the heat light goes out, hold the lever or jaws closed for a few seconds.

5. Remove the balloon from the heat sealer by releasing its jaws.

Method 2: Using a Hair-Iron

With a straightening iron or curling iron, your foil balloons can be heat-sealed. A flat iron is better for those who have both since it has flat jaws. Warm up the iron while inflating the balloon with an air pump.

Be sure to hold the balloon closed. Let go of the balloon after several seconds. If the balloon does not seal the first time, hold the jaws over the neck longer, or increase the heat setting.

How to keep the air in foil balloons?

1. Grab either end of the balloon and pull it in the opposite direction before inflating it. Stretch out both ends in the same direction.

2. Tie the bottom of the balloon securely in a knot to prevent air from escaping. The knot should be tied on all balloons, regardless of whether you are planning to tie a ribbon around the bottom. This will help keep the balloons more securely shut than just using the ribbon.

3. Make sure you spray a mist of hairspray on the balloons. This will prevent air from escaping.

4. Once the party starts, place the balloons in a plastic bag. By doing so, the balloons will not deflate. Tightly tie the bag’s bottom so the balloons do not deflate.

5. You should display the balloons far from lights and sharp objects. If the balloons get too hot, they may burst. A sharp object can puncture a balloon, causing the balloon to deflate.

Cool ways to reuse deflated balloons

Do not throw away an unsuitable balloon. Now that you know how to deflate foil balloons, you can turn it into home decor. Take a look at these ideas:

Method 1: Wall decor

People who want to decorate their walls without using pictures and photographs will enjoy this foil craft. Your imagination is needed to decorate the space using home supplies, based on your taste.

Method 2: Decorate as Christmas tree ornaments

You can also make the tree more festive if you wrap an old ball in foil and hang it.

Method 3. Kids room decoration

The material is perfect for wrapping perfume bottles and other cosmetic jars. Children’s desks will be decorated with the craft, which symbolizes the ancient vials of magic kept by old wizards.

Method 4. Fancy costume

It may be possible to make a girl an interesting outfit if you have enough old foil balloons. Imagine a fairy or alien costume made of these. You can make a knight out of a boy by sewing a type of chain mail. Families can also make robot costumes by cutting cardboard boxes and pasting them with silver foil.

Method 5. A greeting card

A handmade gift is the best gift, so spend a little time creating an excellent handmade item. Make your cards with cardboard if you want to do it yourself. Just glue foil to the cardstock and let it dry. To make the card more impressive, write an inside message.

Method 6. Gift Wrappers

Gift wrapping does not need to be expensive. You can simply take out the balloons and give your friends gifts in their original packing.

Method 7. Picnic blanket

Create an outdoor blanket from balloons by stapling them together.

Method 8. Raincoat

A colorful and original raincoat can be made by someone who loves to sew. Create a nice outfit for rainy weather for your child with a bright trendy outfit.


Deflating can be a real mess, but hopefully after finding these methods on how to deflate foil balloons will surely save your time. Moreover, you can follow the methods at the end of the article to use those deflated balloons in multiple ways. Have fun with balloons this Christmas season, but remember to deflate them and use them next spring.

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